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Fey & Co. Law Offices ( - 2016)
Wright & Co. Law Offices (2016 - 2019)
Wright Talent Agency (2019 - 2026)
Wright Anything Agency (2026 - Present)
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Organization info
Organization type Law firm
Talent agency
Leader Mia Fey (founder) ( - 2016)
Phoenix Wright (2016 - 2019)
Trucy Wright (talent agency leader) (2019 - 2027)
Phoenix Wright (2027 - )
Hierarchical structure Legal team:

Talent branch:

  • Trucy Wright

Former members:

Notable dates September 5, 2016 - Mia Fey is murdered
September 9, 2016 - Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey inherit Mia's firm
April 19, 2019 - Phoenix Wright presents forged evidence during a trial and is subsequently disbarred
May 3, 2019 - Phoenix Wright adopts Trucy Enigmar, who retools the law office into a talent agency
June 15, 2026 - Apollo Justice joins the agency
April 17, 2027 - Athena Cykes joins the agency
July 20, 2027 - Phoenix Wright is reinstated as an attorney
December 19, 2027 - Apollo Justice takes a leave of absence
December 20, 2027 - Apollo Justice returns to the agency
May 20, 2028 - Apollo Justice leaves the agency to stay in the Kingdom of Khura'in
Status Active (Sep. 2028)
Location info
People to meet Maya Fey
Dick Gumshoe
Mia Fey
Larry Butz
Ema Skye
Turner Grey
Pearl Fey
Phoenix Wright
Trucy Wright
Guy Eldoon
Alita Tiala
Valant Gramarye
Athena Cykes
Apollo Justice
Sasha Buckler
Roger Retinz
Dhurke Sahdmadhi
Ellen Wyatt
Available evidence The Thinker
Glass Shards
Newspaper Clipping 1
Fingerprint Powder
Linked locations Detention center
Gatewater Hotel
Grossberg Law Offices
Phoenix Wright's bedroom (automatic only)
Gourd Lake Entrance
Criminal Affairs Department
Underground parking lot
Kurain Village
Hotti Clinic
Circus Entrance
Hotel Lobby
Main Exhibition Hall
Mask☆DeMasque's Hideout
Atmey Detective Agency
Main Gate (Hazakura Temple) (automatic only)
Hickfield Clinic
Eldoon's house
Kitaki Mansion
Defendant Lobby No. 2
Drew Studio
Borscht Bowl Club
Solitary Cell 13
Sunshine Coliseum
Locations in People Park area
Kitaki MansionPeople ParkWright Anything AgencyEldoon's houseGatewater HotelMeraktis ClinicPeople Park Area
About this image

The Wright Anything Agency is a law office and talent agency specializing in criminal law located near People Park in Los Angeles, with the nearest medical facility being the Hickfield Clinic. The office consists of renowned defense attorney Phoenix Wright, teenage magician Trucy Wright, and rookie defense attorney Athena Cykes.

Founded as Fey & Co. Law Offices by Mia Fey, Phoenix inherited the firm upon her death, running it for three years as Wright & Co. Law Offices alongside Mia's sister Maya. In 2019, Phoenix was disbarred while Maya had returned to Kurain Village to take over her duty as Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique. The firm was subsequently converted into the Wright Talent Agency under Trucy's supervision. Seven years later, defense attorney Apollo Justice joined the agency, and the office was given its current name. A year later, once Phoenix regained his attorney's badge, he recruited Athena Cykes, forming a formidable trio of lawyers. However, the team would be broken up the following year, when Justice left the agency in order to stay in the Kingdom of Khura'in and run his own law office.

Known clientsEdit

Fey & Co. Law OfficesEdit


Wright & Co. Law OfficesEdit





Wright Anything AgencyEdit




Fey & Co. Law OfficesEdit

Phoenix Wright
The chief had a very particular policy about office décor: "Spend big on stuff the clients use, but keep your own stuff simple."

Floor plan of Fey & Co. Law Offices immediately after Mia Fey's murder.

During her career as a defense attorney, Mia Fey established a small law firm called Fey & Co. Law Offices. In these offices, she stored records of her investigations of Redd White, among other files. Fey also bought an old model PC, but she only used it for e-mail and nothing else. According to Phoenix Wright, who became employed as a trainee there, the firm made "a good bit of money" despite its size. In 2016, Mia Fey was murdered, and when Mia's sister Maya Fey stood trial for the murder, Wright took her case and cleared the charges against Maya and then himself. Wright then assumed control of the offices by Mia Fey's wishes, and the firm became known as "Wright & Co. Law Offices".

Wright & Co. Law OfficesEdit

Phoenix Wright
Difficult-looking legal books stand in a formidable row. They mock me.

Wright & Co. Law Offices served as the base of operations for Phoenix Wright and his assistant, Maya Fey. Their investigations would usually start in these offices, with Wright bouncing ideas off of Maya and her providing little, if any, input that was not nonsense.

Objects of note in the office include Charley the plant, which serves as a memento of Wright's old boss Mia. A film poster usually resided on the wall, of a film that was the first to make Mia cry. Wright intended to watch the movie himself, only to realise that the poster did not mention the movie's title and even Mia could not remember the title. Just before Maya left for Kurain Village at the end of the Hammond murder case, she put up a poster of the Steel Samurai and threatened to curse Wright if he took it down, although the movie poster did reappear to take its place later.

Other items included Wright's desk, which was usually very dusty and Mia's legal books, which sat in a bookcase although Wright did not have the courage to properly read any of them as they "made [his] head hurt".

The Gatewater Hotel could be seen from the window and usually the busy (and, to Wright, creepy) bellboy could be seen there as well.

Wright Talent/Anything AgencyEdit

AJAA - AnythingAgency

The Wright Anything Agency in 2026.


The agency covered in stickers for repossession.

After Phoenix Wright was disbarred for unknowingly presenting forged evidence, he adopted Trucy, who re-established the offices as the Wright Talent Agency and supported herself and Wright using her talents as a professional magician. Wright became a pianist at the Borscht Bowl Club, but was a terrible player. However, his real purpose at the restaurant was as an undefeated poker player in its basement. The agency was renamed as the Wright Anything Agency when the agency took up law again with Wright hiring Apollo Justice as the agency's lawyer. At this point, only Mia Fey's law books and her plant Charley gave any hint as to the agency's original purpose.

A year later, Wright regained his attorney's badge and started practicing law again. Athena Cykes joined the firm as a junior partner, while Apollo Justice and Trucy Wright continued working in their respective roles. Wright retired the beanie he had worn during his disbarment to a place on top of a trophy.

The next year, the agency underwent a crisis after Trucy Wright was arrested for murder and the agency was almost repossessed due to a contract Trucy supposedly signed for Roger Retinz. However, Justice proved that the contract had been forged and that Retinz had been trying to frame Trucy for the murder he had committed, thereby allowing the agency to continue to run as normal.

MASON System
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