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Workroom A
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Workroom A is one of two workrooms in the prison. Access to these workrooms is heavily regulated through sensors that react to bracelets attached to inmates, sending an electric shock to any prisoners who try passing through without permission. The animals used in the prison's animal therapy program can freely travel past these sensors due to tags that cause the doors to open for them. Despite this security, in March 2019, Manosuke Naitō was found murdered in Workroom A mere days after being arrested and detained in a detention center holding cell.


Prisoners gain access to Workroom A through reservations, of which a list is hung on a wall. In one of the corners is an area covered in dirt. There is also a washbasin, as well as other tools. This workroom serves as part of a rehabilitation program involving animal therapy, allowing the prisoners to receive job training. Additionally, every month, the Berry Big Circus performs a show at the prison. Some of the equipment is stored in Workroom A, such as a pulley, a cage, a whip, some sheets and some ropes. Sōta Sarushiro is in charge of moving the equipment.

Security loopholesEdit

Main article: The Imprisoned Turnabout

When assassin Ryōken Hōinbō was caught and sentenced to prison, he blackmailed Marī Miwa, the warden, into arranging a smuggling route into the prison. This route would be used to deliver various goods to Hōinbō for the benefit of the other inmates, with Hōinbō's dog, Kuro, delivering them to his owner. When Frank Sahwit, another inmate, accidentally broke his bracelet, Miwa saw him as an asset due to his ability to sneak around the prison. Each week, he would cut the power to the prison, allowing the smuggling to go through undetected.

In March 2019, two days before a monthly circus show, Manosuke Naitō was arrested and detained in a holding cell. However, Miwa killed him on the night before the show and sent his body through the smuggling route, using one of the sheets from the circus in Workroom A to wrap the body so as not to leave a blood trail. Hōinbō was surprised when Kuro brought him the body, and told the dog to take it to Workroom A and pull out the murder weapon there. Sahwit looked into Workroom A as he was passing, and was terrified to see Kuro apparently biting the corpse's neck, though the dog was in fact pulling out a chisel embedded in the neck. After Kuro left, Sahwit searched the body for valuables, finding a ring with the initials "P.H." on it. However, he had no time to take it before he had to make it to a prison roll call. He "discovered" the body later on.

Hakari Mikagami and Yumihiko Ichiyanagi were placed in charge of the ensuing investigation. Sarushiro was their prime suspect due to his access to Workroom A while almost everyone else was watching the circus show, and he was detained. The theory was that Sarushiro had smuggled Naitō into Workroom A and killed him there. However, Miles Edgeworth figured out how the body had really made it into Workroom A, sealing Miwa's fate as she was arrested for the murder.

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