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Winfred Kitaki
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Winfred "Big Wins" Kitaki
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Winfred Kitaki Portrait


"Big Wins" Kitaki
Occupation Crime boss (lapsed)
Muffin business owner
Names in other languages
Japanese (romanization written with the given name first) 北木常勝 (Tsunekatsu Kitaki)
French Ken "Gros Gains" Kitaki
German Winfred "Big Wins" Kitaki
Spanish Winfred "Big Wins" Kitaki
Italian Malloppo Kitaki
Biological information
(this is for age comparison purposes, and so may look odd; click on the question mark for details)? 1970
(as recorded in court record profiles and case files) 56 (Turnabout Corner)
Status (last known) Alive
Eye color Black
Hair color Black with gray streaks
Height (from official guidebooks) ??? cm
Family Plum Kitaki (wife)
Wocky Kitaki (son)
Kitaki family
Friends None mentioned
Affiliates Pal Meraktis (family doctor; deceased)
Alita Tiala (son's ex-fiancée)
Debut episode Turnabout Corner
Leitmotif "Kitaki Family"
Winfred Kitaki
You gotta do more than just understand to make it. You'll learn, though. Even if the lesson comes at the end of your short life.

Winfred "Big Wins" Kitaki is the father of Wocky Kitaki and the fourth and current leader of the Kitaki family. Recently, he has had a change of heart, and instead aims to run an honest business for his son's sake.

A family manEdit

Main article: Turnabout Corner

"Big Wins" used to be a notorious crime boss who kept his family wealthy and powerful. All this changed when his only son, Wocky, was shot in an altercation with the Rivales family and almost died. This served as a wake-up call for the worried father, who decided to try and go straight by opening a muffin bakery. He did this because he wanted to remove his family from the criminal world, since it was that life that had almost killed his son. His first task was to pay for the operation to remove the bullet in his son with legally-earned money, hence the bakery. Wocky, not knowing his father's motives, was aghast at this "betrayal" of his family traditions. However, after finding out the truth, he joined his father's bakery, with a few ideas of his own.


Winfred is a stern, but level-headed man who is very protective of his family. He and Wocky often don't get along.


  • The surname "Kitaki" (北木) literally means "north tree", but the family is also visually linked to "kitsune", the Japanese word for fox and a common subject of Japanese folklore.
  • His Japanese given name, "Tsunekatsu" (常勝), possibly comes from the phrase "tsune ni katsu" meaning "always wins". The kanji 常勝 means "invincible".
  • "Winfred" was likely chosen in order to give him the nickname "Big Wins", which in turn comes from his Japanese given name.
  • His French nickname, "Gros Gains", has roughly the same meaning as his English one.
  • "Malloppo" means "loot" or "load" in Italian.


  • He at first appears to have very menacing, deep-set eyes, but later in the game it is revealed that these are just extremely thick eyebrows. This may be a reference to Don Vito Corleone from The Godfather, whose eyes were very shaded in many promotional images.
  • Winfred Kitaki's apron sports a cartoon fox's head wearing a leaf. Along with the surname Kitaki, this is a reference to "kitsune", the Japanese word for fox and a common subject of Japanese folklore. In such tales, the foxes are able to take on human shape (usually beautiful women) by placing reeds, a broad leaf, or a skull over its head. The fox on the apron even seems to have long eyelashes, indicating that it is supposed to be female.

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