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William Petenshy
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William Petenshy
"What a piece of work is a man."

William Petenshy was a fancily-dressed man who, despite his appearance, was actually an escaped prisoner. He was first seen having a dispute with a mysterious man near the flats owned by the Garrideb's, and later became heavily involved in an incident the day after.

An escaped criminalEdit

Petenshy was a prisoner who looked after one of his fellow inmates named Selden, who was to be executed. Wanting to reward his loyalty, Selden told Petenshy that he had hidden a treasure in his old flat at John Garrideb's complex and
Petenshy's lodging

His flat

gave him the key with which to open the treasure. Petenshy later somehow escaped and went to the complex, but the flat on the second floor was already occupied by Duncan Ross. Thus, Petenshy, desperate to obtain the treasure, settled in the flat on the first floor.

Petenshy plotted to force Ross to leave his flat by putting gasoline in the lamp line. Unfortunately, Ross died of gasoline-induced asphyxiation instead of fleeing his room, so this led people to believe the flat was haunted and that Ross's death was an accident. Petenshy could not enter the flat, however, because of the investigation of Ross's death, and Garrideb would not let him move into Ross's flat, for he, being quite poor, had not paid his rent for three months. By the time the investigation was done, Sōseki Natsume had moved into the flat. Petenshy then became acquainted with Natsume, frequently debating with him on topics such as Shakespeare.

A fiancée's revengeEdit

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Ross's fiancée, Viridian Green, heard about his death and became depressed. Seeking revenge, Green bought strychnine off the black market and sent a letter to Petenshy to meet her at a nearby pub, saying that she knew vital information about Ross's death in order to lure him out of his bedroom. He followed the instructions of the note, which allowed Green to put the strychnine in the same lamp line, but not long after, she was accidentally stabbed by Joan Garrideb. An investigation was thus commenced regarding the stabbing, Sōseki Natsume being the prime suspect, so Petenshy was barred from entering Natsume's flat and thus had no reason to fiddle with his gas.


The mysterious arguing men.

During the investigation of said stabbing, Petenshy got into an argument with Decargo Mieterman, who was sent by his boss's wife, Mrs. Altamont, regarding Petenshy's gas payments.

The truth of the poisoningEdit

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Unconscious petenshy

Did he eat soap?

William Petenshy was thinking about using the same trick that had accidentally caused Ross's death on Natsume, but after Natsume returned to his flat, it was not he but Petenshy who was poisoned, for Petenshy fell victim to the poison planted by Green.

Although he survived, Petenshy sued Natsume for trying to kill him.


William Petenshy wore flashy pink clothing that looks remarkably out of place when compared to those around him. Being a fan of William Shakespeare, he seemed to have a very high sense of self and frequently references the playwright in his speech, as evinced by his calling others "Horatio" and reciting the "sound and fury" soliloquy after being awakened from his poisoning. But underneath his polite exterior is a mad man of a criminal. Petenshy acted very antagonistically toward Mieterman, Altamont, Garrideb, and Green. Although he never intended to kill anybody, he was willing to go with his same original plan with Ross to get rid of Natsume despite knowing what happened the first time.


  • The names of Petenshy and Decargo Mieterman are not given during Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken. However, the title of "Mysterious Man A" is given to Petenshy in the game's artbook, while Mieterman is referred to as "Mysterious Man B".[1]
  • His surname comes from a Japanese word meaning "crook" (ペテン師), which hints at his criminal background.
  • "William" is a reference to William Shakespeare, whom he often quotes.


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