Wild, Wild West
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Wild West
People to meet Dick Gumshoe
Kay Faraday
Mike Meekins
Shi-Long Lang
Ernest Amano
Lauren Paups
Linked locations Gatewater Land main gate
Isolation Room
Kidnappers' hideout
Locations in Gatewater Land
Gatewater Land main gateHaunted houseStadiumWild, Wild WestGatewater
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The Wild, Wild West is a wild west themed area of the Gatewater Land theme park.

Kidnapping plotEdit

Main article: The Kidnapped Turnabout

While Miles Edgeworth was trying to resolve Lance Amano's kidnapping by delivering requested ransom money, he was kidnapped himself and held in a costume room in the Wild, Wild West area. He later escaped and found the corpse of one of kidnappers. Because the kidnappers all wore spare mascot Badger costumes, Mike Meekins, who was later loitering in the area despite being told to guard another area of the park, was accused of the crime due to the Blue Badger costume he was wearing.

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