Franziska von Karma
Ignorance is to be whipped.

Franziska von Karma's trademark single-tail whip.

A whip is a tool generally used by humans to exert control over animals and other people via pain compliance or the threat of pain. Prosecutor Franziska von Karma uses a whip as her trademark weapon, and will often use it on others for very little provocation. Although she initially used a riding crop when she was younger, she eventually replaced it with her more familiar single-tail whip.

Riding cropEdit

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As early as 13 years old, Von Karma owned a riding crop that she would use on others if she was angry, insulted, or annoyed by them. If her intended target was not present, she would instead strike a suitable nearby substitute (normally Miles Edgeworth).

Detective Tyrell Badd was the only person known to have avoided the young von Karma's riding crop by dodging out of the way in time. Although she later had the urge again to hit him, she instead targeted Edgeworth, as the detective threatened to have her arrested for obstruction of justice if she tried (although he admitted that he was only joking seconds later).

Single-tail whipEdit

By the time that she was 18, von Karma had replaced her riding crop with a single-tail whip, and would once again use it on others with very little provocation, with even two judges falling victim.

The only known time that she was parted from her whip was after the trial of Matt Engarde, when she became emotionally confused and stressed by a combination of Phoenix Wright's previous wins against her, Wright's joy despite losing the Engarde case, and Edgeworth questioning her motives for winning court cases. Faced with these bewildering events that shook her to her very core, she quickly left the District Court to return to Germany. However, Edgeworth caught up with her at the airport and, after returning her whip, the pair reached an understanding before she left.

Known victimsEdit

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