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The warden's office is used by the warden of the detention center and prison for a variety of purposes, including storing evidence and interrogating prisoners. The neighboring prison courtyard is blocked off by an electrified fence.

The SupplierEdit

When an assassin named Ryōken Hōinbō was sent to prison, he blackmailed Marī Miwa, the warden at the time, telling her that he had minions and that he knew a secret that would prove devastating to her and Bansai Ichiyanagi, the chair of the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee. One of the resulting favors granted to him involved smuggling various items that he demanded for the sake of the other prisoners. To create a smuggling route, Miwa enlisted a prisoner named Frank Sahwit, giving him her key to the breaker room in the prison courtyard and telling him to cut the power to the prison at a specified time every week. This allowed her to go through the electrified fence undetected and drop the goods down a well in the courtyard, for Kuro, Hōinbō's dog, to pick up. She would later modify the timestamps of the security cameras to fill the time gap caused by the power cut. Miwa would interrogate the assassin on a regular basis to try to get him to give her more information about his henchmen, to no avail.

Driven over the edgeEdit

Main article: The Imprisoned Turnabout

The situation reached a breaking point in March 2019, with the arrest of Manosuke Naitō. While intercepting Naitō's mail, Miwa was horrified to find that he was apparently playing chess with Hōinbō through mail correspondence. She wrote to Ichiyanagi on her suspicion that Naitō was in cahoots with Hōinbō, and interrogated him two days after his initial detainment. During the interrogation, Miwa found a portable chessboard in Naitō's possession and opened it to find a small chisel hidden inside. Knowing that Hōinbō had taken up chiseling during his stay in prison, Miwa took this as a sign that Naitō was here for nefarious purposes. In a panic, she took the knife that Hōinbō had used in his assassinations, and stabbed Naitō in the neck, killing him.

Miwa planned to frame Hōinbō for the crime so that he would be transferred to a different prison. She stabbed Naitō multiple times in the fatal neck wound with the chisel, soaking it in his blood to disguise it as the murder weapon. She also took a custom-made bell that was attached to the knife and attached it to the chisel to further cast suspicion. She then disposed of the knife by feeding it to her alligator. Despite these measures, Miles Edgeworth, the prosecutor initially in charge of Naitō's case, uncovered the truth, and Miwa was arrested.

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