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Viridian Green
I am truly... so sorry. Of course I'd get stabbed in the back with a knife.
Viridian Green was the victim of an attempted murder in Ryūnosuke Naruhodō's second case during his time in London.

Revenge for a deceased lover Edit

Prior to Sōseki Natsume moving into the Garrideb's flat, Viridian Green was engaged to the previous owner of that flat, art student Duncan Ross. However, Ross ended up dying due to gasoline asphyxiation while living there, leaving Green overcome with grief.

Initially thinking it was an accident, Green became suspicious of tenant William Petenshy after overhearing Natsume speak about the "hauntings" in his flat. After purchasing a bottle of strychnine black market, she put her plan into action. Sending Petenshy a letter about knowing vital information about Ross's death, she asked him to meet her at a nearby pub to lure him out of his bedroom. Once he left, she snuck into his room, and coated the lamp line used to kill Ross with the strychnine.

Victim by chance Edit

Main article: The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro
Green Stab Photo

Collapsed on Briar Road.

However, on her way out, a book entitled The Adventure of the Lion's Mane landed in front of her. Curious, she bent over to pick it up, but was then struck in the back by a knife thrown by Joan Garrideb during a fight with John Garrideb. Policeman Patrick O'Malley found the body in his patrolling area, he moved it across the street so he could go his wedding anniversary with his wife. Because of this incident, she was placed in a coma for several days, not waking up until the case's end.

Facing the truth Edit

Main article: The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro

Personality Edit

Green has a very gloomy outlook on life, more than likely induced by the death of her fiancé, Duncan Ross. She is very apologetic for things that are not her fault, and is a bit of a nervous wreck.


  • Both "Viridian" (a shade of green) and "Green" are likely references to the color of her attire.

Development Edit

References Edit

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