The Vigilantes
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Organization type Law enforcement
Headquarters Labyrinthia
Leader Boistrum (Captain)
Hierarchical structure Boistrum (Captain and Vigilante #1)
Lottalance (Vigilante #2)
Balmung (Vigilante #3)
Lyewood (Vigilante #4)
Shakey (Vigilante #5)
Servius (Vigilante #6)
Foxy (Vigilante #7)
Treddon (Vigilante #8)
Dzibilchaltunchunchucmil (Vigilante #9)
Wordsmith (Vigilante #10)
Status Presumably disbanded
Judge (Labyrinthia)
............ Well, I suppose that can be summed up as all did the best you could.

The Vigilantes are guards in Labyrinthia tasked with preventing people from accessing the Bell Tower that mysteriously appeared in the town one night.

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