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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Lost Memories Fan-Written Game Episode 2: Turnabout 500 Investigation 1-2

July 6, 7:03 PM

Motor Sport Arena

South Bleachers

Phoenix: (I need to find Angelina!) (Where is she?)

Phoenix: (Wait...The stage! She has to be at the stage!)

July 6, 7:04 PM

Motor Sport Arena


Phoenix: (I don't see her...Maybe she got shot???)

???: You there! This is a crime scene!

Phoenix: (Who's that?)

???: This is a direct order, from Fredrick Algent.

Phoenix: (Fredrick Algent?)

Algent: Hey, kid. Get out of here! This is murder scene.

Phoenix: Murder?!

Algent: Yeah. Murder. Vic's name is Angelina Cruz. Shot square in the forehead. Died instantly.

Phoenix: Cruz died?

Algent: What, you know her?

Phoenix: Uh, yes. My name is Phoenix Wright. I was her lawyer in LA back in October. She invited me her as a guest.

Algent: Guest? I don't believe it. Unless you have hard proof that you were her guest, get loss.

Phoenix: (Get loss? Geez, talk about bad attitude!) OK. I'll leave.

Algent: Good.

Phoenix: (Maybe I have something back at the hotel room.)

July 6, 7:47 PM

Ford Class Hotel

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