Are you ready, Motor City?!

Because today is the day you've been waiting for!

Yes, you're right! Its the Motor City Cup!

  • steel samurai theme starts playing*







  • theme stops playing*



Stop the race! Stop the race!

He....he's been shot! He's been shot!

July 6, 7:39 AM Detroit National Airport Gate 16

Phoenix: *Yawn* What a long trip!

Phoenix: To think that my client from last year would invite me to see an All-Star state broadcast race in the car capital of the world?!

???: Hey! You're finally here!

Phoenix: !

Phoenix: That voice!                       

???: Why are you acting so stiff? Come on, its me, Angelina Cruz!

Phoenix: Oh! Cruz!

Cruz: Its been a while, huh?

Phoenix: Its been 9 months.

Cruz: So, how was your flight?

Phoenix: Uh, fine. (Except for a slight incident.)

Cruz: That's great! 

Phoenix: (In a perfect world, yes.)

Cruz: Well, I prepared in advance for you, so I rented a first-class hotel room at a five star hotel.

Phoenix: Really? What hotel?

Cruz: I got a cab waiting outside the airport.

Cruz: We'll take you there and make it a surprise.

July 6, 8:02 AM

Ford Class Hotel

Front Entrance

Cruz: So here it is, the Ford Class Hotel!

Phoenix: Sure is fancy. (Too fancy for my wallet.)

Cruz: Well, let's get inside. Today is super chilly!

Phoenix: (Really? Last time I checked it was 89°)

July 6, 8:05 AM

Ford Class Hotel

Hotel Lobby

Cruz: Why don't you look around? I'm going to check you in.

Phoenix: OK.

  • Examines Clock

Phoenix: A fine looking, gold plated, clock.

Phoenix: It looks broken, though. The hands aren't moving.

  • Examines Doorman

Phoenix: The doorman, in a red and yellow suit. I can see him opening the door for the hotel visitors. 

Phoenix: (Come to think of it, I don't think he opened the door for us.)

Cruz: Phoenix! I got the room keys. And this also where I leave.

Phoenix: Already?

Cruz: Yeah, I got to go down to the racing arena to set up the special performance.

Phoenix: Special performance? What's that?

Cruz: Oh, you don't know? Well, basically I'm going to play "Burning Fever" at the race before it starts.

Phoenix: (Hmm, "Burning Fever"?)

Cruz: Well, see you at 7!

Phoenix: See you!

Phoenix: (Well, I guess I'll go to the room.)

July 6, 8:17 AM 

Ford Class Hotel

Room 56A

Phoenix: Finally, I can get some rest! Today has been a long day, so I derserve this.

  • Several Zzz's later....

July 6, 6:21 PM

Ford Class Hotel

Room 56A

Phoenix: *Yawn* What a nap!

Phoenix: Now I feel relaxed!

Phoenix: Wait...what time is it?

Phoenix: 6:21?! I need to get down to the racing arena fast!

July 6, 6:55 PM

Motor Sport Arena

Front Gate

Phoenix: Wow, this place is more packed than I'd imagine. 

Phoenix: Hey, the line is short. Maybe I should ask the ticket man...

  • Examines Ticketman

Phoenix: Sir, could I please enter?

Ticketman: Only people with tickets may enter.

Phoenix: (Ticket? Perhaps I should check the hotel room once more...)

July 6

Ford Class Hotel

Hotel Lobby

Phoenix: Huh, the doorman is gone.

Phoenix: Maybe he's on break?

July 6

Ford Class Hotel

Room 56A

Phoenix: Okay, the ticket should be here some where.

  • Examines Desk

Phoenix: keys, "Do not Disturb" sign, and ah! The ticket!

Ticket added to the Court Record

Phoenix: OK, now I gotta get back to the arena.

July 6, 6:49 PM

Motor Sport Arena

Front Gate

Phoenix: Now I got to show the ticketman my ticket.

Phoenix: Hey, ticket man, I have my ticket.

Ticketman: Good, please go this way, mister.

July 6, 6:51 PM

Motor Sport Arena

South Bleachers

Phoenix: Seat 17A. Where is it? Oh, there it is!

Phoenix: Now I have to wait until the show starts.

July 6, 7:00 PM

Motor Sport Arena 

South Bleachers

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I welcome you the 34th annual Motor City Cup!

Crowd: Yeah! I can't wait! 

Crowd: I wanna see the race, Daddy! Please, please, please!!!!

Phoenix: (Loud crowd.)

Announcer: Okay, before we start the race, we have special guess star, Angelina Cruz here, to perform the song "Burning Fever"!

Announcer: And here she is! 

Announcer: Shhh! Shhh! Shhhhhh!!! Everyone, quiet please.

Announcer: Angelina, if you please?

Cruz: Ok.

Cruz: Ahem, " Burn, burn, burrnnnnn the fever...".

Cruz: "Ignite the blaze, shrouded in dar-" BANG

Cruz: Aaahhhh!!!

Crowd: Aieeeeeeeee!!!!! Gunshot!!!!!!!!! Run for your lives!!!!!

Announcer: Hold It! You damn people settle down! As of this moment, the show is post-poned for one hour.

Phoenix: (What happened? Who got shot?)

Phoenix: (Well, whatever happened....)

Phoenix: (I need to find Angelina!)

To be continued... In PWAA: Lost Memories Episode 2 Turnabout 500 Investigation 1-2!

Link to be posted soon 

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