Episode 1: The Famous Turnabout

???: Huff....puff......

???: You see! You see what you did?!

???: No.... you don't understand.....

???: Don't understand?? Damn you, don't you see! You killed him! You stabbed him and now he's dead!

???: Huh? I didn't do that.....

???: That's it, I'm calling the police! See you in jail, Angelina Cruz!

October 29, 9:36 AM District Court Defendant Lobby No.2

Phoenix: Brrrr.... it's really cold out there!

Phoenix: Yet, I'm not sneezing. Strange.

???: Um.. are you the lawyer? What was it.... Phonix Left?

Phoenix: Hey! It's Phoenix Wright, defense attorney! Oh.. wait. You're the defendant, aren't you?

???: *Gulp* Yes...

Phoenix: Poop.

Phoenix: My name is Phoenix Wright.

Phoenix: If you haven't notice, I'm a defense attorney.   

Phoenix: That person over there is my client, Angelina Cruz.

Phoenix: She's a well known actress, starring in hit films such as Deep Waters, Volcanic Volcanoes, and recently, Car Clawz.

Phoenix: The charge against her is the murder of her director, Blake Kinney.

Phoenix: But to get a quick run-down, here's the basic facts. 

Phoenix: Two days ago, at Kinney Manor, Blake Kinney was killed with a large kitchen knife.

Phoenix: The two people at the scene were Cruz and a person named Ronald Rolox.

Phoenix: When Rolox called the police, Cruz was arrested soon after. And, now....

Phoenix: I have to defend her. Remember, Phoenix, the fate of your client's secret is on your hands!

        October 29, 10:00 AM District Court Courtroom No.8

Judge: Order! Order! Order!

Judge: Court is now in session for the trial of Angelina Cruz.

Judge: Mr. Payne, your opening statement?

Phoenix: Already the sweat is dripping down my nose.

Phoenix: Wait, that's something else.

Payne: Ahem, the crime in question occured on October 26, at precisely 6:43 PM.

Payne: During that night, several guests were invited to a party, held by the victim at Kinney Manor. 

Payne: At around 6:40 PM, most of the guests had cleared out.

Payne: Accept for Angelina Cruz and Ronald Rolox..

Payne: During the three minutes leading up to Mr. Kinney's unknowing death, the defendant had called the victim to the Kitchen.

Payne: And the defendant grabbed a knife, and plunged it into the victim's chest.

Payne: I would like to submit the Autopy Report to the Court Record.

Victim's Autopsy Report Added to the Court Record.

Phoenix: Hmm....better look at this now when I can.


Victim was stabbed with a 4 inch kitchen knife in the lower chest area. Dued to the amount of blood loss at the scene, the victim could've survived 2-4 minutes before death.

Phoenix: So the victim could've survived for a couple extra minutes? Better remember that for later.

Payne: I would also like to submit the murder weapon, as well.

Judge: Very well, Mr.Payne.

Kitchen Knife Added to the Court Record.

Phoenix: The murder weapon. I don't think I have to check that now.

Judge: Mr.Payne, anymore statements?

Payne: Yes, your Honor. The prosecution would like to called detective Dick Gumshoe to the stand.

Payne: The detective will explain the night of the murder and will also tell why the defendant is guilty.

Phoenix: This is it, Phoenix. You haven't been in courtoom since that last trial, but you can do it. After all, who's more worthy of the legendary title of "Ace Attorney"?

Gumshoe: .......Hey, pal.

Judge: Will the witness state his name and occupation for the record?

Gumshoe: My name is Shoegum Kcid. And my occupation is local police officer.

Phoenix: Um, don't you mean Dick Gumshoe, local police detective?

Gumshoe: Ah, yes, sir! My name is Dick Gumshoe! But, my occupation is officer.

Phoenix: Oh no, did the trial last year affect you, too?

Judge: Anyways, since that is cleared up, can you give the court testimony about the night of the crime?

Gumshoe: Sure thing, pal!

Witness Testmony ~Night Of The Crime ~

Gumshoe: It was on the night of the crime, pal.

Gumshoe: The victim had invited famous actors to his party to celebrate his $1,000,000 total sales in DVDs.

Gumshoe: The party started at 3:50 PM and ended at 6:40 PM.

Gumshoe: At 6:40, the defendant called the victim to the kitchen.

Gumshoe: It was at this moment that the defendant took a knife and pliunged it in the victim's back!

  • End of Testimony

Judge: Ah, I see! The victim had invited people to his party, where he was later killed.

Payne: And it is with this decisive testimony, that the prosecution intend to prove the defendant's guilt!

Phoenix: Objection!

Phoenix: And it is with this testimony, the defense will knock down what little scrutiny the prosecution has!

Payne: We'll see about that.

Judge: Mr.Wright, your cross-examination, please.

Phoenix: Right, your honor!

'Cross-Examination ~Night Of The Crime'~

Gumshoe: At 6:40, the defendant had called the victim to the kitchen.

Phoenix;: Hold it!

Phoenix: Are you absolutely sure?

Gumshoe: I'm Fab-ous-ly sure! I bet my bottem dollar, pal!

Phoenix: No need for references, Gumshoe.

  • Goes through all the statements

Phoenix: Ugh, I can't find the contradictions!

Phoenix: Wait.... now looking back at the testimony, I do see a contradiction!

Gumshoe: It was at this moment that the defendant took a knife and plunged it in the victim's back!

  • Presents Autopsy Report

Phoenix: Objection!

Gumshoe: What is it, pal?

Phoenix: Correct me if I'm wrong detective, but did you just say that the victim was stabbed in the back?

Payne: Objection!

Payne: What's your pppppoint?

Phoenix: I was just getting to that!

Phoenix: The Autopsy says that the victim was stabbed in the chest, but Gumshoe says he was stabbed in the back!

Phoenix: Thus, creating a contradiction!

Payne: Tsk,tsk,tsk. It seems rookies never learn.

Phoenix: ?

Payne: Its true that the victim was stabbed in the chest, but an updated autopsy report says that the knife entered the victim in the back.

Phoenix:.............DAMN YOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!

Judge: Order! Order!

Judge: What's the meaning of this, Mr.Payne?

Payne: Before the trial, I recieved an updated autopsy report going in more detail about the wound.

Payne: Take a look, if you like.

Victim's Autopsy Report updated in the Court Record

Judge: Mr.Payne, you can't conceal crucial evidence like that!

Payne: I'm sorry your honor, but I was simply testing this at attorney's skill.

Phoenix: Liar!

Payne: Anyways, the prosecution would like to call a new witness to the stand, Mr. Ronald Rolox.

Judge: Order in the Court!

Judge: Very well, Mr.Payne.

Judge: This court will take a 20 minute recess.

Judge: After this recess, we will hear the testimony from Mr.Rolox.

Judge: Court is now in recess!

To be continued...

October 29, 11:06 AM District Court Defendent Lobby No.2

Phoenix: So the victim was stabbed in the back...what could this mean?

Phoenix: *sigh* I wish the Chief was still here.

Cruz: Good job out there. I'm glad you're my lawyer!

Cruz: But.....I need to say something to you.

Phoenix: If its about the case, I'm all ears!

Cruz: I know the killer.

Phoenix: What?!

Cruz: I was right there, in the living room.

Cruz: I remember the time precisely. 5:43.

Cruz: Rolox and Kinney were talking in the kitchen.

Cruz: They chatted for 3 minutes, but then, Rolox started to sound angry.

Cruz: I heard Rolox say to Kinney "You stole my fame 4 years ago, and now, I'm going to steal yours!"

Cruz: After that, I passed out. I later woke up when the police arrived.

Phoenix: So Rolox is the killer?

Cruz: I believe so.

Phoenix: But what motive could he have?

Cruz: Um, its a long shot, but a year ago, Ronald and Kinney were close business partners. But, then...

Phoenix: But then what?

Cruz: But then, Kinney did something horrible to Rolox.

Cruz: Kinney, to save his business company from the titans of the economy of the time, MerciSho Inc., he stole all of Rolox's money and used to pay off his debts.

Phoenix: I see, but why now? Why kill Kinney now?

Cruz: October 27 was marked one year since the incident.

Phoenix: I see.

Phoenix: I better remember this.

Phoenix: I'm also wondering about the time. 5:43? The autopsy says 6:43. Better keep a note of this!

Cruz's Account added to the Court Record

It was 5:43. I hears two people arguing. Then, one of the men wanted revenge. After that, I heard a scream, and passed out.

October 29, 11:28 AM District Court Courtroom No.8

Judge: Court is now back in session for the trial of Angelina Cruz.

Judge: Mr.Payne, is the witness ready?

Payne: Yes, your honor.

Judge: Good. Will the witness be escorted to the stand?

Rolox: ......

Payne: Will the witness state his name and occupation?

Rolox: ....♫My name is Ronald Rolox!

Rolox:♫My occupation is actorrrr!!

Judge: ....Quite the musical voice!

Gallery: *clap*clap*

Man: Beautiful!

Woman: Amazing!

Child: Do it again, do it again!

Phoenix: Ahem....

Judge: Encore!

Phoenix: AHEM! Judge, shouldn't we be continuing the trial?

Phoenix: Also, Mr Payne, I don't believe the motive wasn't explained yet.

Payne: Motive? Well, there isn't one. But, we dont need one!

Payne: Cruz was the only one at the crime scene at the time if the murder.

Cruz: Objection!

Cruz: Hey! That's not true! I swear.....

Payne: Objection!

Payne: You're were the only person at the crime scene.

Rolox: Hey... what about me.....

Cruz: Why I oughta.....aagghhhh!!!!!!!!

Payne: EEEEKKKKK!!!!!!!


Judge: Bailiff! Get Cruz off of Mr.Payne immediately! 

Payne: Oogg....

Judge: Don't worry Mr.Payne. Angelina Cruz is currently in the lobby, being watched by the guards.

Phoenix: From motive to assault. I hate this trial.

Judge: Anyways, where were we?

Rolox: I believe I was to give testimony.

Judge: Very well. Please give your account on the night of the crime.

Rolox: Gladly.

Witness Testimony ~The Day of the Murder~

Rolox: It was about 6:43.

Rolox: I was getting ready to leave as I was by the foyer.

Rolox: I later started to hear visious arguing.

Rolox: I peared into the kitchen and saw something horrible!

Rolox: Ms.Cruz took a knife and plunged it into the back of Kinney's body!

*End of Testimony

Phoenix: So you weren't in the kitchen?

Rolox: That is correct.

Phoenix: Because I think otherwise.

Judge: Very well. Will the defense proceed to do their Cross-Examination?

Cross Examination ~The Day of the Murder~

Rolox: It was about 6:43.

Phoenix: Hold it!

Phoenix: Are you sure it was 6:43?

Rolox: Yes, I believe it was.

Phoenix: Are you sure?

Payne: Objection!

Payne: Your honor, the defense is badgering the witness.

Judge: Mr.Wright, please stop badgering.

Phoenix: ! Uhh, yes your honor. Darn you, Payne!

Rolox: I was getting ready to leave as I was by the foyer.

Phoenix: Hold it!

Phoenix: Where is the foyer?

Rolox: It is down the hall, by the bathroom.

Payne: Your honor, the prosecution would like to submit a map of the mansion.

Mansion Map added to the Court Record

Payne: As you can see, the foyer is down the hall, south of the kitchen.

Phoenix: Interesting.

Rolox: So you can see clearly, where I was.

Phoenix: No further questions.

Rolox: It was about 6:43.

Presents Cruz's Account

Phoenix: Objection!

Rolox: Hmm?

Phoenix: You say that it was 6:43, but I have evidence that says otherwise.

Phoenix: Please look at this.

Payne: What's that?

Phoenix: This is Angelina Cruz's witness account of the events that day.

Payne: Objection!

Payne: Ha! That evidence is 100% total lie.

Payne: She's playing you! Playing you like a fool!

Judge: Now, Mr.Payne. Evidence is evidence. Let's read it before we make our judgements!

Payne: Oogh!

Phoenix: The account says that Cruz was outside the kitchen when she heard arguing.

Phoenix: She peered in, and saw Ronald Rolox stab Kinney.

Phoenix: After that, she passed out.

Phoenix: All of this happening at5:43.

Judge: Wait, doesn't the autopsy report says that he was killed at 6:43?

Payne: Precisely! This statment is burnt toast!

Phoenix: Objection! This statement isn't burnt toast!

Phoenix: Lies or not, this proves a contradiction!

Phoenix: We now must question ourselves...why are there two differnt accounts of time?

Phoenix: Your honor, I request that this trial be ajourned till tommorrow.

Phoenix: It seems the police have more work to do, as do I.

Judge: I believe the defense is correct.

Judge: It seems that testimony won't be able to prove an answer to this case.

Judge: As of now, the trial of Angelina Cruz will resume tomorrow.

Judge: By that time, I expect both sides to find answers to the unsolved questions in this trial.

Judge: Court is now adjourned!

October 29, 2:06 PM District Court Defendent Lobby No.2

Phoenix: By the end of today's trial, the police had already taken Angelina Cruz back to the detention center.

Phoenix: But, I still had a few more questions for Cruz in mind...

To be countinued...

October 29 2:33 PM Detention Center Visitor's Room

Phoenix: I huffed and puffed all the way here as fast as I could.

Phoenix: I need to ask her two more questions!

Cruz: ...

Phoenix: I guess I should start talking.

Talk The Time Your relationship with the victim

Your relationship with the victim

Phoenix: What was your relationship with the victim?

Cruz: He was my friend, and a director in three of my movies.

Cruz: But, now that he's dead...

Phoenix: I see. Better not bother here on that one.

The Time

Phoenix: Do you know how or why there are two different times? 5:43 and 6:43?

Cruz: Now that you mention it, I do have one idea.

Phoenix: Really? What is it?!

Cruz: At the party, around 6:00, there was a power outage.

Cruz: We had to reset all the clocks around the mansion.

Cruz: But I think, instead of 6:00, we set them 5:00 instead.

Phoenix: So that's why the times are wrong!

Cruz: I believe so.

Phoenix: Better make note of this!

Power Outage Statement added to the Court Record

Power Outage Statement

Around 6:00, a power outage happened. We had to reset all the clocks back to 6:00, but we setted them at 5:00 instead.

To be countinued...

October 30 9:46 AM District Court Defendant Lobby No.2

Phoenix: So, are nervous?

Cruz: I know I a good lawyer when I see one, espicially after that incident.

Phoenix: Tell me about it.

Cruz: So whats your strategy?

Phoenix: Hmm?

Cruz: Like, whats your plan?

Phoenix: My plan?! Oh yes, my plan! Think Phoenix, think!

Phoenix: My uh...plan is to, um...prove your innocence and get an aquital by today!

Cruz: Today? That's great!

Phoenix: Phoenix, what did you do? Now you gotta win a trial by the end of today! Why, oh why!?

October 30 10:00 AM Ditrict Court Courtroom No.8

Judge: Order! Order! Order!

Judge: Court will now resume for the trial of Angelina Cruz.

Judge: But first, I'd like to hear any statments about any investigation that occured.

Payne: I'd be honored. Yesterday, the Police interviewed both Ronald Rolox and Angelina Cruz about the time.

Payne: Sadly, the interrogations did not come up with any new findings.

Judge: I see. Did the defense come up with anything?

Phoenix: Think, Phoenix. Should I present the evidence or not?

Yes No


Phoenix: Play it safe, for now. The evidence needs to be my trump card later.

Phoenix: The defense did not come up with anything in their investigation.

Phoenix: Ack! I see Angelina glaring at me at the defendant's chair!

Judge: So, it seems that neither sides have any conclusive evidence.

Judge: In so, will the prosecution call it's first witness?

Payne: Gladly. We would like to call Ronald Rolox to the stand.

Payne: We have further things we would like him to testify about.

Ronald: It seems that my adoring Gallery friends want a musical encore!

Phoenix: God forbid, no.

Phoenix: Uh, can the witness just get on with the testimony?

Ro!ox: Hmph. If you say please!

Phoenix: *rolls eyes* Please?

Rolox: Ok!

Witness Testimony ~Night of the Crime pt.2

Rolox: So, I guess I'll talk about what happened after.

Rolox: After I heard Kinney's scream, I ran into the kitchen.

Rolox: I saw Cruz on the ground, smiling.

Rolox: I went up to her and she said, "He's dead. Thank God, he's dead".

Rolox: When she said that, I looked over and saw Kinney's body, with the knife stabbed into his front side.

*End of Testimony

Judge: So Cruz is the killer?

Rolox: In my eyes.

Judge: Well, will the defence begin their Cross-Examination?

Phoenix: Gladly.

Cross-Examination ~Night of the Crime pt.2~

Rolox: When she said that, I looked over and saw Kinney's body, with the knife stabbed into his front side.

Phoenix: Hold It!

Phoenix: So Kinney was stabbed in his front side?

Rolox: Is that a problem?

Phoenix: No. Yes!

Payne: Will the defence get on with the Cross-Examination?

Rolox: When she said that, I looked over and saw Kinney's body, with the knife stabbed into his front side.

Phoenix: Objection!

Presents Victim's Autopsy Report

Phoenix: So you say that Kinney was stabbed in the front side, well I say you're wrong.

Phoenix: Look at the Autopsy Report.

Phoenix: It states that the victim was stabbed in their back side.

Rolox: Whaaaattttt??????

Phoenix: Seems you've made a slip up.

Payne: Objection!

Payne: The defence is making baseless conjecture!

Payne: Yes, it seems the witness has made a slip up, but why?

Payne: The defence hasn't proven that yet!

Phoenix: Gak!

Judge: Mr.Payne is right.

Judge: The defence has to show why the witness has made this error.

Phoenix: Come on, Phoenix! Think, why would Rolox say this?.....! Wait, I know!

Phoenix: I believe I know a way.

Payne: Hmm, let's all hear this!

Payne: I doubt It'll be worth listening to, though.

Phoenix: I hate Payne.

Phoenix: Ahem, I think that an illusion is what made Mr.Rolox to make this error.

Phoenix: Think, if a body was facing down, with the knife on their back, you'd know that the body was stabbed in the back.

Payne: What's your point?

Phoenix: My point is, there is one factor that could change this. If the head was facing left or right, and you were facing the side part of the body, the power of illusion could make you think that the chest is the back, and the back is the chest.

Payne: !

Judge: !

Rolox: ! So you're saying.....what?

Phoenix: I'm saying that you're saying the truth, in a way.

Phoenix: I'd also like to ask Rolox, which direction was the head facing?


Phoenix: Good. Now, which side of the kitchen where you?

Rolox: The right side...

Phoenix: Now, where was Angelina Cruz?

Phoenix: I presume the left side. Am I right?

Rolox: Er...yes.

Phoenix: Okay. Now, if the victim was stabbed, the victim would most likely turn their head towards the killer.

Phoenix: And since the victim was facing the right side, and Rolox was also on the right side, that would mean...

Payne: You.

Judge: Can't.

Rolox: Mean.

Phoenix: Yes, I mean that.

Phoenix: The defense would like to indict Ronald Rolox as the real killer!

Gallery: *grumble* *grumble*

Man: He did it? That man?

Woman: I can't belive it!

Child: Daddy, I saw that man on a TV show once!

  • Judge Bangs Gavel

Judge: Order! Order! Order!

Judge: Mr.Wright, you're saying Mr.Rolox is the killer?

Pheonix: Yes.

Payne: Objection!

Payne: Ha! But you lack one thing! Motive! You need motive!

Judge: I belive Payne is correct. What motive does Rolox have?

Phoenix: I know.

Payne: Ha! You don-, wait, what!?

Phoenix: About a year ago, Rolox once worked with the victim as business partners. But, one fateful day, Kinny stole Rolox's money to pay off his debt. All of this happening last year on October 27, which happens to be the day the victim died on. Giving Rolox perfect motive to kill.

Payne: Oof!

Rolox: ...

Phoenix: You can't run away Mr.Rolox!

Rolox: ...

Phoenix: You vocal skills can't sing you out of this!

Rolox: ...

Phoenix: Your burnt toast!

Rolox:♫ Ti do!♫

Rolox: Were my skils impresive? Wanna to see me do it again???!!??!



Rolox: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha ha!

Rolox: Look at me! Seems I'm in a tough jam that I can't get out of!!

Rolox: Bwahahahhahhhahahahahah!!!!!!BWAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • Screen Fades

Judge: Mr.Payne, how is Mr.Rolox doing?

Payne: He haa been arrested and taken away, your honor.

Judge: Very well.

  • Bangs gavel

Judge: It seems it is time to announce my verdict. Will the defendent please go to the stand?


Judge: Ahem, this court finds the defendant, Angelina Cruz, Not Guilty!

Judge: Court is adjourned!