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  • I live in the Kingdom of Khura'in
  • My occupation is Ace Attorney
  • I am playing games and eating potatoes.
  • PotatoPlayer

    July 6, 7:03 PM

    Motor Sport Arena

    South Bleachers

    Phoenix: (I need to find Angelina!) (Where is she?)

    Phoenix: (Wait...The stage! She has to be at the stage!)

    July 6, 7:04 PM

    Motor Sport Arena


    Phoenix: (I don't see her...Maybe she got shot???)

    ???: You there! This is a crime scene!

    Phoenix: (Who's that?)

    ???: This is a direct order, from Fredrick Algent.

    Phoenix: (Fredrick Algent?)

    Algent: Hey, kid. Get out of here! This is murder scene.

    Phoenix: Murder?!

    Algent: Yeah. Murder. Vic's name is Angelina Cruz. Shot square in the forehead. Died instantly.

    Phoenix: Cruz died?

    Algent: What, you know her?

    Phoenix: Uh, yes. My name is Phoenix Wright. I was her lawyer in LA back in October. She invited me her as a guest.

    Algent: Guest? I don't believe it. Unless y…

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  • PotatoPlayer

    Are you ready, Motor City?!

    Because today is the day you've been waiting for!

    Yes, you're right! Its the Motor City Cup!

    • steel samurai theme starts playing*





    GET SET...


    • theme stops playing*



    Stop the race! Stop the race!

    He....he's been shot! He's been shot!

    July 6, 7:39 AM Detroit National Airport Gate 16

    Phoenix: *Yawn* What a long trip!

    Phoenix: To think that my client from last year would invite me to see an All-Star state broadcast race in the car capital of the world?!

    ???: Hey! You're finally here!

    Phoenix: !

    Phoenix: That voice!                       

    ???: Why are you acting so stiff? Come on, its me, Angelina Cruz!

    Phoenix: Oh! Cruz!

    Cruz: Its been a while, huh?

    Phoenix: Its been 9 mont…

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  • PotatoPlayer

    Episode 1: The Famous Turnabout

    ???: Huff....puff......

    ???: You see! You see what you did?!

    ???: No.... you don't understand.....

    ???: Don't understand?? Damn you, don't you see! You killed him! You stabbed him and now he's dead!

    ???: Huh? I didn't do that.....

    ???: That's it, I'm calling the police! See you in jail, Angelina Cruz!

    October 29, 9:36 AM District Court Defendant Lobby No.2

    Phoenix: Brrrr.... it's really cold out there!

    Phoenix: Yet, I'm not sneezing. Strange.

    ???: Um.. are you the lawyer? What was it.... Phonix Left?

    Phoenix: Hey! It's Phoenix Wright, defense attorney! Oh.. wait. You're the defendant, aren't you?

    ???: *Gulp* Yes...

    Phoenix: Poop.

    Phoenix: My name is Phoenix Wright.

    Phoenix: If you haven't notice, I'm a defense attorney.   


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