Matt Engarde wins the FA nominee poll with 55.61% of the vote. The result is again a majority, and there are a few possible reasons for this. For one thing, the results are displayed prior to voting, which may result in a bias toward the article that is "winning". I don't know of any way to hide the results; it would have been interesting to see how this affected the vote. For another thing, case articles and gameplay articles seem to tend to do poorly in these polls, with the votes heavily favouring character articles, with more major characters taking prominence. This is why I don't really expect to see anything upset a certain option on the next FA poll... Regardless, Matt Engarde does deserve the title, though I can't help but feel that something's off with the formatting presentation.

The next poll features Phoenix Wright. I will never cease to wonder how the article of the most iconic character in the series was left incomplete for so long until I finally put my effort into it. Regardless, this is one article I'm pretty proud of now that it is complete. It has an abundance of pictures without going overboard within the bio, and it says pretty much all that it needs to, summarizing the cases that Phoenix has handled and leaving it to the case articles to describe the cases in more detail. There are also copious amounts of "trivia" info sprinkled throughout each section, without needing a trivia section (development sections have turned out to be a perfect alternative to trivia sections). I hope that other character articles, particularly Judge, get the same treatment.

That said, there are other poll options! The case articles offer up two of their articles, Turnabout Samurai and Turnabout Memories, in full force. I don't know why case articles don't do very well because they describe events in greater detail than other plot-related articles do. Then again, maybe they're just a pain to read through. Feedback is always appreciated on this as well as other aspects of the wiki. The other nominee is Damon Gant, which has had a strange history of neglect right at near-completion. It provides a decently long villain's account of the SL-9 Incident and its follow-up, and people should really consider it.

capefeather 20:16, July 1, 2010 (UTC)

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