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Aeliren June 10, 2016 User blog:Aeliren

After the last fan translation I made, I decided to continue on with Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and its sequel.


  • Raymond "Ray" Shields
    • René Boqulet ("René" - Comes from the first name of the French dub voice actor for Perry Mason. "Boqulet" - Warped version of "bouclier", which means "shield".)
  • Sebastian Debeste
    • Sébastien Lemieux ("Lemieux" - Translation of "the best"; Though it should be said that the proper way to say that a person is the best in French is "Le meilleur".)

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth

Turnabout Visitor

Turnabout Visitor: Visiteur du Volte-face

  • Jacques Portsman
    • Athel Portif ("Athlète Sportif", a play on "sportive athlete".)
  • Buddy Faith
    • Fidrel Porthos ("Fidrel" - Warped version of "fidel", meaning "loyal" or to have faith in someone. "Porthos" - Reference to the Three Musketeers character Porthos, who in Alexandre Dumas' story is a loyal companion to his friends.)

Turnabout Airlines

Turnabout Airlines: Air Volte-face

  • Zinc Lablanc II
    • Zinc Blanca II ("Lablanc" already seems very French, so changing it to another language.)

The Kidnapped Turnabout

The Kidnapped Turnabout: Le Volte-face Kidnappé

  • Ernest Amano
    • François Amano ("François" - Often shortened to "Frank", referring to the word "franc" that is translated to "earnest".)
  • Colin Devorae/Oliver Deacon
    • Martin Lebouc/Rinel Majotun ("Lebouc" - Comes from the French term for a scapegoat, which is "bouc émissaire". "Majotun" - Derived from "majordome", reflecting his position as a butler.)

Turnabout Reminiscence

Turnabout Reminiscence: Réminiscence du Volte-face

  • Deid Mann
    • Sétun Homard ("C'est un home mort"/"It's a dead man".)
  • Mack Rell
    • Marc Réau ("Marquereau", translation of mackerel. Derived from the English and Japanese names.)

Turnabout Ablaze

Turnabout Ablaze: Volte-face En Flammes

Ace Attorney Investigations: Prosecutor's Path

Turnabout Target

Turnabout Target: Volte-face Ciblé

  • Horace Knightley
    • Castil Lecavalier ("Castil" - Refers to a type of French horse breed, the "Castillonais". "Lecavalier" - Comparison to the knight.)
  • Nicole Swift
    • Nicole Cendelai ("Cendelai" - Derived from "Sans délais", which means "without delay".)
  • Ethan Rooke
    • Étienne Latour ("Latour" - Comparison to the rook, known as "la tour" (the tower) in French.)

The Imprisoned Turnabout

The Imprisoned Turnabout: Le Volte-face Emprisonné

  • Simon Keyes
    • Jean Singerie ("Jean" - Refers to the "Simon says" game, known as "Jean dit" in French. "Singerie" - Translates to "clowning around", and contains the word "singe" in it, which means monkey.)
  • Jay Elbird
    • Régis Cidives (A play on "récidiviste", which translates to "jailbird".)

The Inherited Turnabout

The Inherited Turnabout: Le Volte-face Hérité

  • Jeff Master
    • Jeff Cussin ("Cussin" - A warped version of "cuisine". Is a play on "chef de cuisine", which translates to "master chef".)

The Forgotten Turnabout

The Forgotten Turnabout: L'Oubli du Volte-face

  • Karin Jenson
    • Médis Seine (A play on "médecin", since she's a nurse. "Seine" could also come from "saine", which means healthy. Finally, la Seine is a river in France that flows through Paris.)
  • Bonnie Young
    • Jolicoeur Labelle ("Jolicoeur" - Translation of "pretty heart", the first part of which contrasts with her age. "Labelle" - Literal translation of "the attractive", another contrast with her age.)
  • Blaise Debeste
    • Boyer Lemieux ("Boyer" - Taken from "flamboyer", the French translation of "blaze". "Lemieux" - Translation of "the best"; Though it should be said that the proper way to say that a person is the best in French is "Le meilleur". Put together may give "voyez le mieux", or "see the best".)

The Grand Turnabout

The Grand Turnabout: Le Volte-face Grandiose

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