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Twisted Karma and His Last Bow
Trial data

November 1-2, 1900

Courtroom No.

Old Bailey

Presiding judge


Defense team leader

Ryūnosuke Naruhodō

Defense team assistants

Susato Mikotoba
Iris Watson


Kazuma Asōgi


Barok van Zieks


Tobias Gregson

Time of death

November 1, 1900; 5:00 PM (initial assumption)

Weapon/cause of death

Bullet wound from a pistol


(Continues into The Resolve of Naruhodō Ryūnosuke)

Barok van Zieks
Everyday Mittlemont (Initially under the guise of "Gossip"/"Hugh Boone")
Maurice de Quilco
Marco di Gicho
Other characters
Yūjin Mikotoba
Seishirou Jigoku
Taketsuchi Auchi (cameo)
Sherlock Holmes
Anna Mittlemont
Enoch Drebber (cameo)
Harry Barricade
Gina Lestrade
Maria Goulloyne
Bandol Hotel
Chief Justice's Office
Holmes's Room
Naruhodō Law Consultation Office
Berkly Prison
Fresno Street Apartment
Red-headed league ad
Mittlemont's photo
The professor's letter of introduction
Dismissal notice
Frame photo
Murder weapon
Policeman figure
Red wig
Candle holder
Gregson's photo
Autopsy report
Crime scene diagram
Bulletin board
Venus fireworks
Crime scene photo
Gregson's watch
Detective's ID

Episode 4: Twisted Karma and His Last Bow is the fourth episode of Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Kakugo.


Pipe in hand, Holmes looked down at the thick, rolling fog outside our window. "I wonder exactly how many mysteries are out there, hidden within this bed of fog," he said. Indeed, a most bizarre incident born of a curious advertisement ... a hell hound's mad gallop through the shadows of a serial murder, an executed man's graveyard resurrection in the dead of night ... and a commonplace killing in a small, forgotten room at the edge of town. There is, actually, always another side to every case that nobody knows of. "And it is that other side which compelled me to the scene of the crime, Watson. So, quickly now. Take your hat and let's be on our way, partner. For our adventure isn't over yet. Come! The game is afoot!"
Gregson novel

A detective's corpse

Things take a shocking turn for Ryūnosuke Naruhodō when a legendary detective is suddenly killed during an investigation of a runaway husband and a scam group of people with red hair. The one arrested for the murder is someone who was never expected to be an actual Death Bringer...

Investigation, Day 1Edit

10:24 AM

Ryūnosuke Naruhodō and Susato Mikotoba are in the lobby of London's Bandol Hotel. Susato is still sad about Asōgi's father, she wonders if her father knew about the Professor's true identity, Ryunosuke thinks he probably did since he was studying abroad with him. He also knew that Kazuma Asōgi vanished in Hong Kong, they wonder if he also knew about his survival and presence in London. Yūjin Mikotoba and Seishirou Jigoku are in the lobby, though Naruhodō has no idea who Jigoku is, until he produces his gavel and says "I find the defendant, Ryūnosuke Naruhodō... guilty!" Jigoku says he's been receiving reports of his adventures and it's his first time in London in ten years due to the national symposium, they're just in time.

Naruhodō remembers that three people took part in the Japan-England exchange program sixteen years ago: Yūjin, Asōgi's father, and judge Jigoku. He is also the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs. Yūjin received a telegram from Hart Vortex about Naruhodō and Susato hearing the Professor Killings from the trial eight days ago. It took them fifty days by ship for the two of them to get here. They took the same route the younger orientals took to avoid harsh seas like last time, they stopped by Paris, France for a night. Yūjin says that sixteen years ago, Jigoku managed to gain the trust of the English Attorney General, he was just an afterthought but Jigoku says the forensic people loved him. But they're sad about losing their friend, that's when Naruhodō brings up how they now know Asōgi's father was the serial killer, the Professor. His full name was Genshin Asōgi and he was studying at Scotland Yard to be a detective. Naruhodō asks if Kazuma ever knew what happened to his father at the time. Jigoku says he couldn't have because Genshin's official cause of death was "illness". However, Kazuma probably suspected something, as he was pretty adamant about wanting to study in Great Britain, he had no other relatives so Yūjin looked after him as his own son. One day, at the professor's lounge of Yuumei University, he said he needed to study in Great Britain no matter what. Perhaps the real reason for that was to investigate his father's death.

Naruhodō then tells them that Kazuma Asōgi is alive, was working as Barok van Zieks' "disciple", and originally had amnesia. Neither of them knew this, so Naruhodō suspects Hart Vortex didn't include that in his telegram. As far as they both knew, Asōgi "disappeared" on the ship a year ago. Yūjin reveals they sent an agent to search for him in Hong Kong but there were no leads, he wonders why Vortex didn't tell them.

Group photo

Japanese people visiting England.

Yūjin, Genshin, and Jigoku were the first Japanese exchange students of England, sea travel was more difficult back then. Yūjin was the top student of forensic pathology at Yuumei University at the time. In order to study British forensic pathology, he stayed at a big hospital located just beyond a common graveyard which is behind a prison. Those corpses used in autopsy research were often unclaimed, so at that time Yūjin received quite a lot of assistance from Mr. Barricade, the prison warden. Six years, Genshin was arrested for those serial murders. Jigoku stood as a witness in Genshin's secret trial, hoping to help him somehow. According to Yūjin, he overdid it to the point where it was almost like Jigoku himself was the defendant. After the trial ended both of them had to return home to Japan, leaving Genshin Asōgi behind. Yūjin will become Japanese ambassador soon, he wants Naruhodō to look after Susato. He is very grateful, she was born right when he left for Great Britain. But he was in great despair, that's why Jigoku forced him to come along. Then says he has "one request" of him, but Susato interrupts by bringing the bellboy to do a group photo of all four of them.

"Back at Sherlock Holmes'"Edit

In Sherlock Holmes' flat, two red-headed people are screaming and sobbing. The short, plump promises to never do something again, and the one with glasses tells the other two stop looking pathetic. Gina Lestrade says she'll lead them both to the police station. The short, crying one doesn't want to go due to the cramp dark cells, but the one with glasses says that darkness is a welcoming friend, but the other one knows he's scared. Lestrade says she'll to their story on the way, Iris Watson thanks he for coming. Iris wishes she can meet her own papa, Naruhodō remembers him as Dr. John H. Watson. Sherlock Holmes comes in with red hair, he offers some tea and their about to have a guest. The two gentlemen were petty crooks, when tried to con Holmes he handed them over to Lestrade when they got home, he couldn't get a hold on Tobias Gregson. He says life's biggest question is the theory of evolution. It states that humans evolved from monkeys, Holmes' is talking about how to pay the rent. The money Connette Rozaic gave him was spent all in one place, but Holmes found a new way to pay the month's rent two days ago, that's why his hair is red. Regarding the lie about Kazuma Asōgi's false death, Holmes reveals that he was unconscious, amnesia was a side effect. The crew of the S.S. Alaclaire knew about this as well, Holmes made them promise to say he was a murder victim and to leave his body in Hong Kong. He doesn't want to talk about it anymore now, but even he didn't expect Asōgi to vanish at Hong Kong, he knows there is no excuse for what he's done.

On the couch is a copy of last week's newspaper. A want ad is circled in red ink, it's an invitation to the red-headed league. When presented to Holmes, he is impressed with Naruhodō's observation. The red-headed league was supposed to help pay the rent, it is an impressive organization run by a certain group. People have to have red hair to join, they get a salary of four pounds a week. But Holmes says one of the members died recently, he tried apply but they immediately recognized the great detective after he waited eight hours in line, they he was there in disguise under investigation. His hair was changed drinking medicine, he whispered not to tell anyone there and left. He is also expecting a guest today, not the two red-headed crooks, an actual client for a case.

"Meeting with Vortex, Part 1"Edit

At Hart Vortex's office, Naruhodō and Susato see Barok van Zieks giving the Chief Justice the manuscript for an opening address of numerical values tomorrow. Vortex notices the two, he heard about Yūjin arrival and sends van Zieks to the meeting hall and he'll catch up later. Naruhodō apologizes for exposing Courtney Sithe but Vortex says she committed her crime and it wasn't Naruhodō's fault, Kazuma Asōgi went away. The London's World's Fair had thirty million visitors, the international scientific investigation symposium will held at the central hall on those grounds. Vortex wants Scotland Yard to be the best police force in the world. The scientific investigation unit was going to be a department of the yard, but now it will be a while before another consideration due to Dr. Sithe's arrest, the public now hates the unit. Vortex is destined to be Attorney General and fix the police force. Naruhodō asks Vortex why Asōgi was chosen to be van Zieks' supporter despite being a foreigner. Vortex explains happened three months ago when an unknown oriental person appeared. He didn't have a passport, memories, or any clues as to his identity. He was given a mask because it would be "troublesome" if people found out van Zieks as working with an Asian. Currently, Vortex has no idea where Asōgi is. His father, Genshin Asōgi, was one they'd never expect to use a hound to kill people. The public of London and Japan never found out about the incident, there couldn't be any distrust between them. However, Vortex said some supported the Professor, most of the nobles he killed were corrupted, after their deaths society has improved. Susato finds the Professor similar to the Grim Reaper of the Old Bailey.

"Holmes' new client"Edit

Mittlemont photograph

Everyday Mittlemont, Anna's missing husband

Returning to Holmes' flat, the doorbell rings. Sherlock Holmes it will be an interesting one, the client burst into the door. She wants her to find her runaway husband, Holmes doesn't really like those kind of case but doesn't want her to know that. Her name is Anna Mittlemont, Holmes doesn't care about being paid. She notices Naruhodō and Susato, she originally wanted this to be alone. Naruhodō remembers her as the same romantic woman who was Juror No. 2 from Benjamin Dobinbough's trial, Mittlemont remembers him as well. Her husband's full name is Everyday Mittlemont, she shows them a photograph of him. They have been married for fifteen years, he makes a decent income, Holmes can tell that by her clothes and lively eyes. Everyday loves Anna dearly, Holmes thinks he must've gotten in some sort of incident. Everyday is chief jailer of the Berkly Prison, he is in charge of the execution of the criminals, sometimes he has to lodge for two days. There's a cemetery behind it named Lowgate cemetery, much to Naruhodō's shock. Everyday has been missing since yesterday, it's not unusually for him to leave for a few days but this time he never told Anna about leaving. The police just told her to wait longer since it was just a day. Despite agreeing with the police, Holmes agrees to find Everyday Mittlemont, he wants to make Anna happy.

Holmes promises to give more information for her tomorrow and borrows the photo, Anna is counting on him and leaves. But Holmes was just hoping for it, tomorrow the rent is due. Naruhodō remembers Lowgate and Berkly from Enoch Drebber, they held the Professor. It's really curious that the chief jailer has vanished, Holmes tells them to go to the chief officer, he needs to get rid of his red hair.

"Berkly Prison"Edit

Berkley Prison

Berkly Prison

Berkly Prison was outside of London, Lowgate cemetery was back-to-back. It was surrounded by four high walls, Naruhodō and Susato requested a meeting with the chief officer, they were let into his office in the watch tower. The a big, burly guy inside, he doesn't get many interview requests. His name is Harry Barricade and he is surprised that the two of them are Japanese. He refuses to tell them anything about prison matters due to them being suspicious, he wants them to leave, this is probably because of Genshin Asōgi. Barricade thinks the two are the Professor's spies, he threatens to lock them up if they don't leave. Susato remembers that her father said the name Barricade

At the Bandol hotel, Yūjin Mikotoba is reading a newspaper. Seishirou Jigoku went to exchange greeting with the department of justice. Naruhodō and Susato tell them about what happened with Barricade, Yūjin can't come with them since he has things to prepare for tomorrow. But he writes a letter of introduction for Barricade to talk to them.

When Barricade sees the letter, he recognizes Yūjin and is surprised that Susato is his daughter. He even offers them some coffee and biscuits. They mention Everyday Mittlemont missing, but Barricade doesn't know about that. He says Mittlemont retired from his job about a decade ago, it was when the Professor was held here! Anna wasn't aware about this, where could he be getting all his money. Mittlemont was actually fired, his duty is to prepare the cells and matters of the executions. But Barricade can't say what caused him to lose his job. Susato asks if the Professor's execution is the last one Mittlemont checked over but Barricade refuses to say anything. Regarding Yūjin, Barricade says that St. Entre-Deux Hospital is located near the cemetery, he always came to the prison to get pick ups for his forensic studies. Barricade can't understand Japanese despite Yūjin, that is all he can say. He gives them a copy of Mittlemont's decade old dismissal notice as a souvenir. He doens't want them to come back, they decide to return to Baker Street

"A Very Shocking Victim and Culprit"Edit

Iris Watson greets the two back with scones, Sherlock Holmes' hair is now blue, splashing chemicals was not a good idea. Before the two can say anything about what they found out, Gina Lestrade comes in for help. Her shoulders are shaking and she doesn't know what to do anymore, she reveals that Tobias Gregson was shot and killed! Everyone is utterly shocked, the crime scene was a small room for rent just off Fresno Street. The police say the didn't know, Lestrade can't really do anything by himself and she couldn't show him how she became a proper detective. They arrested a suspect from an eyewitness report. Susato demands to know who this murderer is, Lestrade can't believe it but it's the Death Bringer, Barok van Zieks! That's is even more shocking but all the witnesses say it was him. The witness heard a gunshot, and when the police arrived only Gregson and van Zieks were in the room. Holmes understands that is awful news, Lestrade will send a carriage to the crime scene, Holmes can't believe Gregson's death either, he's going on ahead to investigate and he'll leave van Zieks to Naruhodō and Susato. Iris will call them a carriage.

"Fresno Street Apartment"Edit

The crime scene is a cheap, dusty room in a lodging house outside of London, the back alley had little foot trapping. The police investigation has begun but Holmes isn't here, Gina Lestrade is angry the they aren't investigating hard enough. They three just arrived, she says Holmes appeared, messed up the crime scene, and left like the wind. Lestrade doesn't think Naruhodō should defend van Zieks, but Susato assures her that the judicial system will just him, so Lestrade allows them to investigate.

Younger Anna

What's she doing here?

The fireplace has a lot of dust, maybe nobody lived here. On the desk is a picture of a younger Anna Mittlemont, the woman from earlier. What a photo of her doing here is the most baffling part of the crime scene. There is a large partitioning board with papers all over it, one of them says "Everyday Mittlemont", others are autopsy reports and inmates in prison, only a detective could get their hands on this stuff. There are newspapers as well, one of them has an ad for the red-headed league. The officers are so sad that Gregson died they can't investigate properly. A real pistol is on the floor, it's probably the murder weapon. There is also a little figurine of a police officer and a bright red wig. Apparently, Gregson died curled up due to the outline and blood. One of the candles on the holder nearby looks like it burst open, the windows were boarded up after windows broke. The candle was black like it was blown off with gunpowder. When the somehow warm and damaged head of the policeman figurine is twisted, a key like rod comes out of its foot.

Gina Lestrade says that Detective Gregson was legendary for solving incredible cases like nothing all by himself. Gregson respected Barok van Zieks because everyone fears him as the Death Bringer, he only goes after bad guys so Lestrade can relax. This room is rented by someone named Hugh Boone but no one knows who he is. Susato thinks Boone may be Gregson because of his private investigations, this might be his secret base, the Yard is actually assuming that too. Gregson was only show once with the pistol, it went threw the candle. Everyone says the pistol belongs to van Zieks, some vendors outdoor heard the gunshot, they were taken to the Yard for questioning.

"Interviewing a Death God, Part 1"Edit

Barok van Zieks is reading something in the Gaol, he didn't want to see Naruhodō and wants them to go home. Susato says they owe a lot to Gregson and wants the prosecutor to cooperate. Van Zieks was reading a letter from Benjamin Dobinbough. After hearing what the two already know he refuses to give any information, he doesn't really know what happened because the police already arrived. He won't tell what he was doing in the room in the first place because they aren't his lawyer, but a decision hasn't been made for the Grim Reaper. He prosecuted nineteen trials and sixteen of the defendants died, it's been ten years but he says he'll die before the truth of his curse is revealed. Dobinbough safely arrived at Germany from the railroad, he should be out of reach of the Death Bringer, it doesn't extend overseas like Sōseki Natsume in Tokyo. Van Zieks will be going now, Naruhodō know that he wouldn't kill anyone but he doesn't believe in anyone, especially Japanese.

"The Prosecutor"Edit

Back in Hart Vortex's office, the Chief justice is talking to someone who just arrived on the train, it's Kazuma Asōgi. Vortex knows that the two heard about van Zieks killing Gregson, he just believes in the facts which point towards the prosecutor. The scientific investigation symposium starts tomorrow, Vortex wants a swift and fair trial that day. He also introduces them to Asōgi but they already know who he is, he is the prosecutor! Everyone in Great Britain wants to know the outcome of this trial and the secret about the Death Bringer curse. Asōgi is a skilled lawyer on both defense and prosecution sides, he'll just use his defending skills on the opposite bench. He request the prosecution himself, Naruhodō will understand why tomorrow. But van Zieks has rejected all defense attorney, but since he is the pride of the whole empire the public shouldn't witness his judgement. The pistol that killed Gregson is issued to those involved with the police, including the prosecutors. Van Zieks lost his pistol, he is suspicious but there is no proof.

Prosecutor van Zieks

Barok, Klimt, and Gregson

Kazuma Asōgi has regained all his memories, including his mission in London. He's been hearing a voice all year to go to the empire. He was guided by the voice and ended up here. But Asōgi has lost other things, he can't be on close terms with Naruhodō anymore due to being a prosecutor. Vortex is sure tomorrow's trial will go down in history. Before the leave, Asōgi says he is grateful to Naruhodō for taking his mission to heart and fulfilled his role splendidly. Asōgi wants Naruhodō to be the defense, he gives him an old photo of Barok, Klimt, and Gregson all happy, it was in Gregson's office. They have to hurry before the visiting hours end.

"Interviewing a Death God, Part 2"Edit

Barok van Zieks is now reading case files, he is insulted by Naruhodō's comment. He is surprised that Asōgi is the prosecutor, he allows the two to speak to him. Barok's brother, Klimt, was killed ten years ago by Asōgi's father, Genshin. Now he thinks he son will pull off a Kangaroo court. Susato wonders about Vortex's intentions where Asōgi just got his memories back. Van Zieks became a prosecutor around Klimt's death, he was the Chief prosecutor at the time on the trail of the Professor. Genshin was working with him, he was hiding behind nobility. Van Zieks was robbed of his brother, his old friend, and his belief in justice. He begged to be the prosecutor in charge to avenge to his brother. The original prosecutor was Hart Vortex who was outstanding, he was the only one van Zieks could call a benefactor. But then Naruhodō and Susato came along and pull of their defending skills. Naruhodō knew about his hatred towards Japanese since their first trial, he can't blame that emotion for the reason. Kazuma Asōgi probably wants revenge on van Zieks for what he did to his father. He also doesn't understand why English Tobias Gregson would be transferred to the police of France at all. He's legendary because he figured out the Professor's identity by discovering evidence after he insisted an autopsy report on Klimt. Back then, autopsies were rarely performed due to being considered discretion to the dead, and Klimt was an aristocrat. But Gregson swayed the house of lords and van Zieks avenged his brother, but the prosecutor doesn't trust anyone. The pistol was not his, van Zieks doesn't know when he lost it. He got it when he was a prosecutor but when he put it away somewhere it vanished. When showed the photograph, van Zieks reveals that it was taken he received his letter of appointment as a prosecutor, the person on the left is indeed Klimt van Zieks. He is surprised that Gregson may have actually respected him. Now van Zieks remembers that the photo was when they were happier together back then. He says Naruhodō's name for the first time and actually accepts him as a defense attorney seeing him as someone he can actually trust.


"Before the Trial"Edit

8:56 AM

Ryūnosuke Naruhodō is feeling more overwhelmed then usual, probably from Barok van Zieks. Today's trial will be different from normal, there won't be a Jury, just like the Professor's trial. Sherlock Holmes arrived with his hair back to normal, but it was really hard for him to do that. He has a conversation with van Zieks, he says the prosecutor has a taste in defense attorneys and he'd better be prepared. Gina Lestrade and Yūjin Mikotoba suddenly arrive, the symposium has postponed so they came to watch the trial. Lestrade holds a grudge against van Zieks but Naruhodō doesn't think that's what happened, she wants to know who really killed Gregson. It's time for the trial to start, so many people lost their loved ones, Naruhodō must bring light to this darkness.


9:20 AM

The judge announces the opening of the trial, Naruhodō and Kazuma Asōgi are ready, they are both Japanese in the English court. Death Bringer Barok van Zieks is the defendant, so maybe he'll curse will finally be revealed. The trial is top secret by orders of the queen, all the people in the gallery are members of the nation's judicial system. Asōgi gives the opening statement, he says he's here in London to prosecute this trial. On the first of November after 5 PM, on the back alley of Fresno street outside of London, Tobias Gregson was found in the room of an old apartment building. The witnesses who heard the gunshot all agree that it was the defendant. Asōgi shows the court a diagram of the crime scene, the bullet seemed to kill him instantly, it was a point blank range of a few inches. He not making assumptions with evidence. The crime scene was desolate, maybe Gregson was investigating a case. The witnesses saw the defendant holding the gun and he was arrested. Asōgi is calling van Zieks to the stand as the first witness.

"Cross-examining the Defendant"Edit

Barok van Zieks takes the stand, he agrees that what was said is true. He will now testify why he was there and what he was doing. The judge expected him to be the defendant ever since he became the Grim Reaper. Van Zieks says he discovered the room when he was investigating Gregson. It was dark and he couldn't see, he turned around when he heard a gunshot and noticed the pistol. When he picked it up the door burst open and he heard a man scream, they he found Gregson's corpse before him. Asōgi doesn't believe that testimony despite being his former apprentice, he seems off today.

Van Zieks can't say why he was investigating Gregson, but he says he might have participated in a certain incident. He looked into his plans ahead of time at his yard at the office, the time he was killed and the location are marked. Infiltrating the office is a crime itself, Asōgi isn't buying it. This is the first time he was ever there, the windows were boarded up preventing light barring a lamp of the desk, he couldn't search it because of the gunshot. Naruhodō suggests that the gunshot was outside but van Zieks smelled the gunpowder inside. The gun was stone cold when he picked it up and it didn't smell. The man who screamed was one of the Fresno street vendors who selling their wares when they heard the gunshot, they were a match seller, an intelligence vendor, and an advertiser. They nearly broke down the door when they arrived, the man went to get the patrolman on Fresno street. Gregson just suddenly appeared in front of van Zieks, all he heard was the sound of the door bursting and that man's scream. He examined the body and it was definitely Gregson, but he doesn't know how he was killed. Asōgi says that the testimony is a big contradiction, one of the candles is longer meaning the other two were lit. Plus, the board at the crime scene had case records with the oldest one being ten years old, they were all cases lost by van Zieks where the defendants died. It must have been the Death Bringers hideout, Gregson must have been investigating the hideout, that's a motive. Van Zieks says that they are the fact, Asōgi submits the board as evidence. Now, he will call new witnesses who saw the murder occur.

"Cross-examining the Fresno Street vendors"Edit

Three people in strange clothes take the stand, one of them looks familiar. They are only called by nicknames, the one with the weird lip is "Gossip" who sells amusing topics to people along the street. Naruhodō is forced to buy a story regarding the birth of twins. The girl with the red hood is nicknamed "Venus", she sells fireworks recently to the school students. Naruhodō is forced to buy the Venus special fireworks as well. The last vendor is called "Sandwich", he doesn't really sell anything. Instead, he gives people information and directions. These three work together all day right outside the apartment building, they all saw the murder.

Dead Gregoson

Tobias Gregson's corpse

They say they saw the two enter the apartment building then heard a bang a minute later. "Sandwich" says loose limbed people are light on their feet, "Gossip" arrived and found van Zieks holding the pistol and Gregson's corpse lying next to him, "Venus" ran to get an officer. "Gossip" knew van Zieks from the newspaper sketches, the apartment building is in bad shape and expensive so most of the rooms were vacant. The crime scene was the only room with a tenant: "Hugh Boone". During the cross-examination, "Gossip" says van Zieks entered after Gregson, the detective came fifteen minutes before the gunshot. The peddlers comment of his red hair, Asōgi submits a photo of Gregson's corpse as evidence, it shows him wearing a red wig. The trunk he was carrying wasn't found at the crime scene. The candles lit the whole room, "Gossip" suddenly noticed van Zieks. When he says he glared at the Grim Reaper, "Sandwich" turns his sign around very slowly. He says "Gossip" really fell on his hands and knees fear, "Gossip" reluctantly adds that he put his hand in a puddle of blood then smeared on the floor all by accident. Naruhodō and Susato find a bloody handprint on the bulletin board, Asōgi says there were know handprints on the floor. When Naruhodō presents the bulletin board, "Gossip" reconizes it as his right hand. Naruhodō suggests that the board was tipped over, but Asōgi says that it was by the door instead of near the body. Naruhodō admits that there is a contradiction in his claims, he says the hand is upside down meaning the board was moved after the murder when the police arrived.

Asōgi demands to know who moved it, despite not knowing Naruhodō says the testimonies say the board was right next to the door on the other side. That explains how Gregson and the candles suddenly appeared, the door knocked the board down, van Zieks must be telling the truth. The judge asks for testimonies of what the witnesses did at the crime scene.

"The Moving Bulletin Board"Edit

They don't know anything about the board. "Gossip" says it must have been van Zieks', "Sandwich" adds that the fact that the gunshot killed Gregson doesn't change anything. Asōgi thinks they aren't so sure what happened at the crime scene, he also says only the defendant could've moved the board. "Venus" mentions a school named Priory Military Preparatory and all the little ones want to blow it up. So she tattles on them to the teachers regarding their fireworks, so the kids come back to her to buy more, sometimes the teachers give her reward money. When she says she is good at lying, "Sandwich" strokes his mustache. He says a lying paradox regarding "Venus", he reveals she ran up the stairs after "Gossip".

The judge will decide a punishment for her later, "Venus" says she just poked her head into the crime scene but then says she turned the place over a little and she moved the board! She found an old watch, Gina Lestrade suddenly takes the stand. She says it was a memorial present for Gregson from solving the Professor's killings, he had a habit of winding it every day. Lestrade tried to pickpocket it but Gregson says only his life is more valuable that the watch. A second-hand shop wouldn't buy it from "Venus" due to it being broken, but the watch is submitted as evidence. The glass inside is broken and the hands have stopped at five o'clock, when the gunshot rang out the crime scene. The moving board mystery was solved but there wasn't really any significance.

Upon closely inspecting the watch, Naruhodō and Susato find a unique key hole at the bottom. The key in the policeman figurine matches it, but the watch starts working again after being wound, meaning it wasn't broken. Naruhodō presents it to "Sandwich" and Asōgi, that doesn't mean the gunshot broke it at the time of the murder, Gregson must've wound it the day before the murder and wouldn't have needed to do it again. The victim perished when the watch needed to be wound again! But Asōgi says the coroner wouldn't have missed that, Susato reveals that the autopsy report doesn't actually say the estimated time of death. Yet, the victim's blood wasn't dry yet, Susato suggests that it wasn't blood of a human. Naruhodō suggests that the witnesses might not have heard an actual gunshot. Remembering the fireworks "Venus" sold to her, he says that they sound exactly like a gunshot and that a timer was used. One of the candles had gunpowder on them, so Naruhodō concludes that the fireworks were tied to it from the real culprit, when the flames melted through the wax they eventually lit the fuse. The say witnesses saw Gregson's red hair but Naruhodō says it was just a wig.

Kazuma Asōgi finds this amusing despite being impressed with the defense, he doesn't trust the English justice system. He says the pocket watch theory needs more investigating, what was Gregson doing the day before he was murdered? But the detective always works alone and his case are confidential. Susato and Naruhodō believes he was trying to track down the Red-Headed League, the wig is for undercover work. It's currently being investigated as a fraud operation, stealing the cash of all the London people with red hair, the two criminals were arrested yesterday. Naruhodō wants them to testify as the should've encountered Gregson and there may be many more unknown incidents. Asōgi will bring the masterminds of the league and there will be a half hour intermission.


12:33 PM

Gina Lestrade and Sherlock Holmes are in the defendant lobby. They were quite surprised that Tobias Gregson died earlier than expected. They wonder why the time was left out on the autopsy report. Holmes denies being gullible about the league, the two masterminds were the two red heads that were in Holmes' room. They wonder if Asōgi anticipated all this.

"Cross-examining the Red-Headed League"Edit

1:00 PM

The two Red-Headed League leaders take the stand. The one with glasses is Maurice de Quilco, he says he's a descendant of a powerful aristocratic family called the Quilcos from Nice, France. The short, plump one is Marco di Gicho, he claims he's the third son of the Gichos family from Naples, Italy. Asōgi says they met at a boarding school for the offspring of European aristocrats. They admit the have great ideas but use bad ways, fraud being one of them, di Gicho calls it a charming paradox. Apparently they were made fun of in school due to their red hair, that's why they made the league, the interview fee was five shillings. They will now testify about what they know about Tobias Gregson.

Red Headed League novel

The Red-Headed League

In the Lime Street park the other day, there were a thousand redheads, but the two don't remember seeing Gregson. So they have no connection to the victim but wouldn't have been caught if it wasn't for di Gicho. The judge starts to already doubt their testimony. Asōgi says that Gregson definitely had his notebook plans for the day before the incident, it says it was an undercover investigation for the league, maybe something happened during it. The two interview all the people that came, they were told their name and address and received the payments, it took a whole day. But unless they had more specific information they couldn't remember Gregson like his mustache being a different color. Upon finding out he was a detective, de Quilco still won't change his answer but di Gicho goes deep in thought. Despite de Quilco persistant of silence, di Gicho says that someone there was a detective! De Quilco tries to lie and have di Gicho shut up but he keeps telling the truth. De Quilco is forced to admit it, but the detective's face didn't look anything like Gregson's, he had a younger face with sad eyes and a splendid jaw. He demanded proof of being a detective and he showed them his ID, the judge finds that strange as there is no way a detective undercover would show that, so it must've been fake. But that man kept saying he was a detective so he was thrown out, de Quilco has the fake ID now and presents it to the court.

When Naruhodō and Susato look at it, it seems like a very legit ID. In fact, it even has the symbol of the Scotland Yard, apparently it belongs to Tobias Gregson! Gina Lestrade confirms this to indeed be the real deal from her late boss, he must've really been there undercover. Maybe there were some circumstances that kept him from reporting that it was stolen, like being murdered by that time, there's a chance he was murdered somewhere else. The two start crying, Lestrade demands them to knock it off. They need to tell the truth or there will be punishments.

"The Detective and his ID"Edit

They actually locked that "fake" detective in their hideout for the night. It was in the room next to theirs, they confiscated the ID. He was released he next morning, the two just had to hang out in that room for the night. But this wasn't part of their plan, they really thought he was a fake. Gregson tried to sneak out during the middle of the night through the vent, so they had to chase him down and catch him. But when de Quilco said it was peacefully, di Gicho acts pretty strange. He tried to escape through the inn window the day before the league, de Quilco caught him and threw him back in their room, this gave him a large mark on his neck. Naruhodō requests more testimony about that detail, Gregson does not have that mark on his neck! The two remind the court that they said the man was a completely different person, but then the genuine ID wouldn't make any sense. The facts don't lie even if they are hard to believe, that Gregson must have been an imposter. "Gossip" had a mark on his neck, he must've been the imposter! Naruhodō wants him back on the stand and the judge has the bailiff bring him.

"Cross-examining "Hugh Boone", with de Quilco and di Gicho"Edit

He shows him the same mark on Marco di Gicho's neck, they're exactly the same. But "Gossip" says he was born with that mark and he has no idea about any of this. Yet the defense and prosecution want one final testimony from him and the red headed league. The two say the fake detective looked nothing like "Gossip", he never even left Frezno street. He's all alone with no family and can't hide his face with a disguise. Maurice de Quilco didn't think the testimony was necessary, "Gossip" wants the cross-examination to be brief.

"Gossip" knew about the league, he gave information about to "Sandwich", he had a red nose. But when he says he wouldn't go to other streets, de Quilco goes deep into thought. He says he thought about renting a house of Lime street for their hideout, that's where he saw him in a real estate office paying the agent with a contract. "Gossip" denies this but then Marco di Gicho remembers that he had a thick roll of cash and saw his name of the contract, it's Hugh Boone! The judge agrees that the court is not for revealing people's personal lives, but Naruhodō says that the name is significant. Everyone remembers that's the name of the tenant who rented out the crime scene. Boone agrees about all that, being a peddler he could afford the ramshackle room. He remembers the two red heads there the day he was paying the rent, but he just wanted to make a quiet living.

Then Naruhodō presents the picture of Anna Mittlemont that was found in the room. Yet Asōgi assures him that he couldn't possibly pose as Detective Gregson due to his unique appearence, but Naruhodō says those lips might be the disguise. Naruhodō says that this peddler is actually Everyday Mittlemont, Anna's missing husband. He couldn't return home because of this case. Per Naruhodō's request, Maurice de Quilco and Marco di Gicho shake "Hugh Boone" until his hat, wig, and lip come off revealing him to be indeed Everyday Mittlemont.

"Meeting Everyday Mittlemont"Edit

Working Boone

"Hugh Boone" working

With his disguise removed, the two league members remember him as the detective they saw that day. Mittlemont was once nominated for the chief officer of Berkly Prison, but he stopped being the head jailer a decade ago. He admits his identity and apologizes for everything, "Hugh Boone" was a name he created for his peddler ego. After he retired from the prison, but London was at a major recession at the time and he couldn't find another job. His wife didn't know about this, Mittlemont didn't tell her, he made an account at the London bank using his "Boone" name and rented the Frezno flat. He reports to that room for work at about 8:30 AM everyday, at 5 PM he goes back the room, goes back to being Everyday Mittlemont and goes home.

Boone and Gregson

Gregson finding Mittlemont

He couldn't betray his respecting family, but regarding the salary and coverup, he says it was thanks to Tobias Gregson! A few years after becoming "Hugh Boone", he somehow managed to find him. Back when he was the head jailer, Gregson visited him. When he noticed him on Frezno Street he was concerned and starting visiting routinely since. He entrusted Mittlemont with secret missions, he would pose as him and perform interviews and stakeouts. He would always meet him in the same apartment and give him his ID. Gregson always told him never to tell anyone about this, even if he died. He had police records and used the flat as like a second office. The red headed league was another assignment.

Investigation, Day 2Edit

Back at Holmes' FlatEdit

"Meeting with Vortex, Part 2"Edit

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"John Watson isn't that important?!"Edit

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References to Other CasesEdit

  • Juror No. 5 from Cosney Megundal's trial appears as the Bandol Hotel's bellboy to take a group photo of Naruhodō, Susato, Yūjin and Jigoku.
  • "Sandwich" looks a lot like Beppo, but it isn't clear that they are one and the same.
  • Naruhodō recalls his experiences with a time bomb.

References to Popular CultureEdit

  • This case references Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.
  • "Venus" mentions trying to sell Gregson's watch to someone named Jabez.