For the full version of this episode, see Turnabout Countdown.
Turnabout Countdown (demo)
Trial data

December 18, 2027

Courtroom No.


Presiding judge


Defense team leader

Phoenix Wright

Defense team assistants

Athena Cykes (co-counsel)


Gaspen Payne


Juniper Woods


Courtroom No. 4

Time of death

December 16, around 10 AM (time of the courtroom bombing)

Weapon/cause of death

Explosion caused by a planted HH-3000 bomb



Ted Tonate
Juniper Woods
Other characters
Apollo Justice
Defendant Lobby No. 5
Attorney's badge
Stuffed Animal Bomb
Bombing Incident Report
Phony Phanty Tail
Hmm. A quick verdict might not be such a bad thing. There isn't much time in a demo, after all!

The demo of Episode 1: Turnabout Countdown is a demo version of the first episode of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. An initial demo was made playable at Tokyo Game Show 2012, along with the introduction of the character Athena Cykes and the "Mood Matrix" game mechanic. On April 2013, Capcom showed the full version of the demo at the Nico Nico Cho Kaigi 2 event. A month later, this demo was made available on the official Japanese website. An English version of the demo was playable at E3 2013, before finally being made available on the Nintendo eShop on October 1, 2013, weeks before the official release of Dual Destinies.

The full version of Turnabout Countdown differs considerably from the demo. The script is drastically changed, and the evidence "Bombing Incident Report" did not make it to the full version. In particular, the remote detonator, which is found in Juniper Woods's possession in the demo, is nowhere to be found in the full version, and this connects Turnabout Countdown to later episodes of the game. However, much of the overall theme is the same.


A man with strange goggles smiled menacingly down at the small metal box in his hands. Wires stuck out from one side of the box, and on another side was a timer readout. The top of the box had a bright red light on it.

Heh heh heh! The best thing about bombs is how they erase and destroy... without discretion.

Suddenly, an explosion reduced a courtroom to rubble.

Now all I have to do is pin everything on that little girl!


9:22 a.m.

It was Phoenix Wright's first time in a defendant lobby as a lawyer in a long time. He was trying to hide his nervousness while chatting with Athena Cykes, a lawyer he had recently hired, and Juniper Woods, his client. Also in the room was Apollo Justice, Wright's other employee, who had been in the courtroom when it was bombed. Although he had been injured in the incident, he insisted that he was fine. Cykes enthusiastically assured the group that Wright would win easily.


9:46 a.m.

The judge remarked nostalgically on seeing Wright at the defense's bench again. The prosecutor, Gaspen Payne, immediately had a verbal row with Cykes, calling Wright "Phoenix Van Winkle", to which Cykes retorted that Payne would lose within ten minutes. The judge said that this was just as well, since there was only so much time available in a demo. Payne followed with his opening statement: During a trial in Courtroom No. 4, a time bomb, hidden inside an elephant doll named "Phony Phanty" that had been presented as evidence, had suddenly detonated. The remote trigger for the bomb had been found on the defendant. The burnt tail of the doll had been recovered, and the defendant's fingerprints had been found on it.


The "Phony Phanty" Doll.

Payne called his first witness: Ted Tonate, a member of the bomb disposal squad. He testified that he had deactivated the bomb before it went into evidence. From the gallery, he claimed to have seen the bomb's timer reactivate. Wright pointed out that this was impossible, since the entire bomb had been hidden inside the doll. Tonate replied that he had heard the timer make a beeping sound to indicate that it had been activated.

Payne then called Woods to the stand. Cykes sensed Woods's fear as she testified about the explosion and the rubble that had fallen on her. Wright knew that he needed to borrow Cykes's ability to hear the emotions of other people. Cykes turned on her Mood Matrix and went through Woods's testimony to find a feeling of happiness at the point at which Woods talked about the rubble. Wright asked Woods about this, and Woods remembered that Apollo Justice had protected her from the rubble, explaining his injuries.

Woods elaborated that she had tried to escape the courtroom, but the bomb had gone off, flinging rubble her way, which was when Justice rescued her. Using the Mood Matrix again, Wright found it odd that, in addition to happiness and shock, Woods also felt grief. Woods explained that she had a "Bum Rap Rhiny" doll with her, but she had realized during the explosion that she had lost it. When she showed a picture of the doll, Wright realized that the tail that had been presented earlier was not the elephant's but the rhino's!

Phoenix Wright
Let's get Ms. Woods that not guilty verdict together, you and me! (And reclaim the legendary title of "Ace Attorney"!)

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