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This article contains information about Ace Attorney media that has been released only in Japan.
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The following article is a timeline of the Ace Attorney universe.

Basic reckoningEdit

It is important to note that the years used in this timeline are mostly based on the full date given on a DL-6 Incident case summary file, with all other events being portrayed as relative to other dates as opposed to having a definite point of occurrence. The murder of Gregory Edgeworth is recorded as having occurred on December 28, 2001. By the statute of limitations an unsolved case is closed permanently 15 years after its opening, putting the final resolution of the incident at December 28, 2016. From this, it is possible to construct a timeline of the Ace Attorney universe.


The developers of the Ace Attorney games, in particular the people in charge of putting down the ages of characters in the court record, have not paid much attention to any absolute timeline. This is evident in the fact that characters' ages do not change within a game (except during "flashback" cases), even when a new year passes by. This has led to some inconsistencies in character birthdates. The timeline for this page treats the "present" timeline of an individual game as a "year" (much like school terms that straddle the new year), which resolves some of these issues. More information on this can be found here.

Since the organizer profiles in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and Gyakuten Kenji 2 fit with corresponding court record profiles in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations, the 2018-2019 "year" used in Trials and Tribulations is used for the purpose of birth years in these games.

The timeline itself follows. Please note that some of these dates are extrapolations (e.g., "two weeks after Phoenix Wright's disbarment" becomes "May 13") and may not be exactly correct. Nonetheless, it's unlikely that the "true" dates will ever be pinned down.























  • April: Phoenix Wright travels to the Kingdom of Khura'in.
  • April 23: Paht Rohl is killed by Potdino Nikawas.
  • April 27: Naohito Fushigi is killed by Kanenari Shinoyama.
    • April 28: Trial of Trucy Wright for the murder of Naohito Fushigi. Nayuta Sadmadhi travels from Khura'in to prosecute the trial.
  • May 9: Fon Myou is killed by Saara Aatam in self-defense. Malmel Aatam commits suicide to cover for her. Dats Dinighel escapes from prison.
    • May 10-12: Trial of Maya Fey for the murder of Malmel Aatam and Fon Myou. Nayuta Sadmadhi returns to Khura'in to prosecute the trial, and Ema Skye travels to the country as well.
  • May 12: Bakufuu Senpuutei dies.
  • Fumiaki Sanagi dies.
  • May 16: Phoenix Wright returns from Khura'in.
    • May 17: Apollo Justice and Phoenix Wright hold a civil trial.
  • May 18: Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, Athena Cykes, Trucy Wright, and Miles Edgeworth travel to Khura'in.
    • May 19: A trial is held to find the truth about Inga Karukul Khura'in's death.
    • May 20: Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, Athena Cykes, Trucy Wright, and Miles Edgeworth return from Khura'in. Apollo Justice stays behind.


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