The Turnabout Last Number
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Edgeworth Manga 1
Case data
Date Unknown
Victim Holland
Time of death Between 9:00 and 9:10
Murder weapon/
cause of death
Cranial contusion after being hit with a bowling ball
Miles Edgeworth
Dick Gumshoe
Questioned witnesses
Clemmy Carmody
Clemmy Carmody
Bird Wing concert
Bowling ball
Stage controls
Holland's hat

The Turnabout Last Number is the second case in the Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth manga.

A murder occurs during the final live concert of a famous rock band called "Bird Wing", and it is up to Miles Edgeworth and Detective Dick Gumshoe to solve it.


Miles Edgeworth and Dick Gumshoe attend the final concert of a band called "Bird Wing". While Gumshoe was very enthusiastic about the event, owing to his deep emotional bond to the band, Edgeworth was less than pleased to have been dragged along. The band's last song before a break and the encore was "Baby Chick Ballad", which goes ostensibly without a hitch, aside from a peculiar guitar solo from the guitarist. After the song is finished, the band took a short break before beginning the encore.

After the break, the guitarist, bassist, and drummer all return to the stage without knowing where the singer was, although they all presumed that he'd make some sort of flashy appearance. However, as the understage rises, the singer, Holland, was found dead. The crowd panicked, but Edgeworth and Gumshoe headed directly for the crime scene. They lowered the understage once again and Edgeworth, accompanied by the remaining three band members, headed for the basement. There they examined the body more thoroughly and found a bloodied bowling ball, which was soon determined to have been the murder weapon that caused the major cranial contusion to Holland that had killed him. Edgeworth narrowed down the time of the murder to between 9:00 to 9:10 and reasoned that the murderer could only be someone in the staff or one of the band members. Edgeworth and Gumshoe therefore began to interview them all for alibis.

First the bassist, and Holland's recent ex-girlfriend, Hiedei, claimed she was with the guitarist the entire time, and had even checked the control panel for the stage with him. Next they interviewed Byran, Bird Wing's guitarist, who claimed he was with Hiedei the entire time. Tannyn the drummer was next and was an obvious suspect; he didn't have a solid alibi, the bowling ball belonged to him, he openly spewed his hatred for Holland, and he often resorted to violence. Finally, after interviewing all the other staff, they interviewed Clemmy Carmody who, due to his hiding in the storeroom and refusing to give an alibi, quickly became the prime suspect. However, although Carmody was in charge of the control panel, he later admitted that his refusal to provide an alibi was because he didn't want to get in trouble for mistakenly ordering ten times as many bento boxes as needed. With Carmody now less suspicious than before, the investigation focused onto Tannyn once again.

Edgeworth eventually proved that no one went to the understage, therefore removing the blame from Tannyn, but making the murder seem impossible in the process. After looking at the control panel and investigating the stage (finding a hollow amp in the process), Edgeworth determined that they needed to recreate the scene before the murder. Gumshoe stood in as Holland as "Baby Chick Ballad" was once again performed. Near the end of the performance, the understage lowered, resulting in Gumshoe nearly falling in. It was discovered that the labels for the stage controls had been swapped, seemingly in order to frame Carmody for Holland's murder. Edgeworth accused Byran of the murder, on the basis that, during the performance, he had been standing next to the empty amp that the murder weapon had potentially been hidden within and because the labels on the control panel had Byran's fingerprints on them.

Byran admitted that all of what Edgeworth had said was true. He had swapped the labels, hid the bowling ball in the amp, sprayed Holland's hat with luminous paint so that he could aim for him in the dark, and tried to cover his tracks during the short break they had. His reason for killing his fellow band member was because he was upset that Holland was abandoning them as soon as they had gotten big in order to pursue a solo career. The awful solo Byran had performed during the concert was not an attempt to hide the noise of the understage lowering (although it effectively done just that), but a piece he had personally composed as a "requiem for Holland".

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