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The Turnabout Bullet
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Edgeworth Manga 2
Case data
Date [Please fill in!]
Victim Hobart Tarkinton
Time of death ~10:00 p.m.
Murder weapon/
cause of death
Shot in the forehead
Miles Edgeworth
Dick Gumshoe
Questioned witnesses
Nathan Thompkins
Chancey Laboni
Chancey Laboni
[Please fill in!]
[Please fill in!]
[Please fill in!]

The Turnabout Bullet is the third case in the Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth manga.

A police officer pursues an armed jewellery store robber who has a hostage. The chase ends in the criminal being shot dead and the police officer being badly wounded after being shot himself. Although the thief is dead, there is one mystery remaining that Miles Edgeworth wishes to solve: what happened to the stolen jewels?

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