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The Return of the Great Departed Soul
Trial data

October 22-24, 1900

Courtroom No.

Old Bailey

Presiding judge


Defense team leader

Ryūnosuke Naruhodō

Defense team assistants

Iris Watson
Susato Mikotoba


Barok van Zieks
Masked Disciple (Barok van Zieks' assistant)


Benjamin Dobinbough


Elyder Meningen

Time of death

October 21, 1900; 2:20 PM

Weapon/cause of death

Stabbed with a screwdriver


Not Guilty

Benjamin Dobinbough
Tobias Gregson
Rumba Marmatch
Gina Lestrade
Enoch Drebber (arrested)
Connette Rozaic
Courtney Sithe (arrested)
Other characters
Sherlock Holmes
Hart Vortex
Anna Mittlemont (Juror No. 2)
Maria Goulloyne
World Fair
Wax Museum

Episode 3: The Return of the Great Departed Soul is the third episode of Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Kakugo.

Crime Edit

The grand, end-of-the-creativity Great Exhibition of London -- surely, there is not a soul who had not heard of it. Wonderful new worlds of culture and industry from every country of the globe had conversed on Hyde Park then. Welcoming over fifty million visitors, the last great launch of this century, astonished and delighted people of all nations, and ended on a note of astounding success. But, as regards to the terrible catastrophe that occurred luring the festivities, very few are yet sure that my friend, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, had a hand in unraveling the whole matter. For from the shadows, it was he who earnestly unearthed the facts of the case. And like the so called symbol of The Great Exhibition which rose high into the sheik of Hyde Park, Holmes brilliant deductions -- as clear and lofty as the Crystal Tower itself -- brought the truth to light.
World's fair

The "supposed" invention of the century.

The time has come for the London World's fair. German scientist, Benjamin Dobinbough, is there giving a speech about the transportation of the twentieth century and is going to do something spectacular. He says he created an invention that will break down a human being's molecules and reassemble them in a completely different location! His volunteer steps into a large cage underneath the device, his destination will be the Crystal Tower. The excited scientist starts pulling levers causing the invention to spark and sputter smoke. But suddenly the smoke gets really large and grey and the sparks get out of control like the device is going to explode. Was that supposed to happen?

Investigation, Day 1 Edit

9:36 AM
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Aftermath Edit

Van Zieks decided the the time has come to reveal the Professor's face. He reveals that he borrowed the key to the mask from Connette Rozaic, he unlocks it and Naruhodō and Susato are surprised to find out that the man responsible for the worst incident in British history was Japanese. What's more, Susato says the man's face looks familiar. Suddenly, the Masked Disciple screams clutching his head. He removes his cloak, calls the man his father, and removes his mask revealing himself to be Kazuma Asōgi! Naruhodō knew that his best friend was alive and Susato cries tears of joy. Asōgi thanks them for guiding him and Naruhodō gives him his "Karuma" sword which he received after his friend's "death". But Naruhodō can't believe that the Professor was actually Asōgi's father, Asōgi takes "Karuma" and slices the wax sculpture. Then he says he was a lot to tell Naruhodō but he will do so another time.

References to other cases Edit

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