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The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro
Trial data

Feb. 21-23, 1900 (During flashback on Aug. 30, 1900)

Courtroom No.

Old Bailey

Presiding judge


Defense team leader

Ryūnosuke Naruhodō

Defense team assistants

Susato Mikotoba


Barok van Zieks


Sōseki Natsume


William Petenshy (non-lethal)
Duncan Ross

Time of attack

Feb. 21, 1900; 1:30 AM

Weapon/cause of death

Asphyxiation via natural gas (Ross)

Weapon used

Strychnine poisoning (Petenshy)


Not Guilty

Tobias Gregson
Sōseki Natsume
William Petenshy (arrested)
Decargo Mieterman
Mrs. Altamont (also Juror No. 4)
Viridian Green (arrested)
Other characters
Sherlock Holmes
Iris Watson
John Garrideb
Oscar Fairplay (Juror No. 1, also cameo during Joint Reasoning)
Cosney Megundal (allusion)
Queen Victoria (mentioned)
Holmes' Flat
Saint Bartholomew Hospital, Hospital Ward
William Petenshy's lodging
Briar Road
Landlord Garrideb's Room
Gaol Holding Cell No. 9
Old Bailey
Torn Off Piece Of Envelope
Two Teacups
Medical Report
Iris Watson
"Case of the Haunted Lodging" ...Do you want to read it, Narudy?
Episode 2: The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro is the second episode of Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Kakugo. The day after the events of The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro, Ryūnosuke Naruhodō, on a visit to a now awakened Viridian Green, ends up defending Sōseki Natsume once again for the attempted murder of William Petenshy.

Crime Edit

It was a ghastly tale of a winter's night... one of an invisible killer and their crime on a footpath along Briar Road. As the victim lay at death's door, the mystery of just who had stabbed the young lady from behind had been resolved. But no sooner had my friend saved that Eastern Exchange student from his harrowing plight, that in the dim, flickering shadows of gaslight did a second bizarre crime rend the stillness of that very night. I daresay most can still recall that sensational headlines of the day.

"Haunted Apartment of Death"
"The Condemned Criminal's Curse"
"The Dread Demon of Coal Gas"

Yet, though the Great Detective had at once discerned the truth upon his arrival at the scene, it only proved to be the overture that announced the rising of the curtains of a most tragic play.
Novel Natsume and Ross

A greater incident on Briar Road

Sōseki Natsume has just been cleared of all charges regarding the stabbing of Viridian Green. But he becomes the prime suspect once again when his fellow lodger, Mysterious Man A, is poisoned.

Before Flashback Edit

7:28 AM

Ryūnosuke Naruhodō wakes up in Sherlock Holmes' attic, his new law office, to smell of Iris Watson's bacon for his hungry stomach. Holmes suggests that they mind exercise first and deduces Naruhodō is in shock due to his hair messed up and his third button was missing. But Naruhodō says his hair is always like this and Holmes got rid of his button when he was playing the violin last night after supper.

Nonetheless, Iris is right that Naruhodō is shocked. He got a letter from Susato Mikotoba from Japan. It says she stood as an attorney and won, everyone present is so proud of her. She said Sōseki Natsume was a witness, Holmes slightly remembers him as being a defendant of two cases. The letter also says that the second incident he was involved in, "The Case of The Haunted Lodging", is what Naruhodō must look over. Apparently Susato hearing was the real reason her father called her back, as he was never sick. He talked with Natsume about it when he was coming back to Japan but Holmes forbid it from being published. Anyway, she wants them to check on the second incident, Holmes is going out so he allows Iris to get out the documents of that second incident for her and Naruhodō to read, after all he's been banned from entering the courtroom.

Investigation, Day 1 Edit

"Meeting Viridian Green" Edit

Main Article: The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro

The first incident happened half a year ago on a winter night. A young woman named Viridian Green was found collapsed with a knife in the back and on Briar road. Fortunately, she survived after a few days, but the culprit appeared to be invisible in the fog. Japanese exchange student, Sōseki Natsume, was passing by and was arrested by Sherlock Holmes for the assault. Fellow Japanese attorney, Ryūnosuke Naruhodō, defended him and revealed that the body was moved by a policeman and Natsume's landlady threw the knife accidentally hitting Green. Holmes then telegraphed Naruhodō and Susato Mikotoba to come to Saint Bartholomew Hospital to visit the recovered Green.

5:30 AM
Ross picture

Is he Green's...?

In the hospital ward, Holmes chews them out for making him wait. Viridian Green is there on the bed for them to greet. She is a budding painter and rather gloomy, she immediately wonders if the group was the one who stabbed her. Green is a student at Thorndike Arts School and lives in a flat on Brixton Street which is ten stops away via the tube from the hospital yet the school is only a minute away. Briar Road is filled with poor people, Holmes wonders what she was doing there in the first place. During the stabbing incident four days ago it was freezing and Green couldn't see through the fog, someone from Scotland Yard was going to explain it to her. Green blames herself for all the trouble she caused. Naruhodō finds a photo of a young man in the ward and wonders if he's Green's "fated other". Suddenly, a policeman comes in to deliver a note to Naruhodō, it's from Sōseki Natsume, Holmes snatches it, it says someone was killed in his house! Susato calls for a carriage.

"Sōseki Natsume accused again" Edit

7:18 AM
Unconscious petenshy

He does matter!

In the first floor of the Garrideb complex, the wigged, fancily dressed man from the other day is dead at the table. Natsume can't believe this after he just got acquitted and he still hates Holmes. Inspector Tobias Gregson arrives, he reveals the victim's name to be William Petenshy and doesn't want anyone touching the crime scene. Natsume and John Garrideb first discovered the "actor's" body, Petenshy lived a life of extreme poverty and had been in jail for fraud. Natsume was acting stranger than usual, the victim lives on floor down from him so they're basically neighbors, yet Natsume nervously said he didn't know him. Holmes gets an idea of what exactly happened, the victim tried to protect himself and was ingested with the scent of surrounding poison, Natsume gets really nervous so it must be true. Sherlock Holmes will now commence his Joint Reasoning!

Holmes says Petenshy choked on bubbles of poison from the bubbles in his mouth. There is half a large bar of soap on a plate. The fork is his hand tells us he ate it for supper, which is not surprisingly considering he's poor. But since London soap is poor in quality, it resulted in the victim's death. However, was this really suicide? A single tea cup sits on the table. The lock on the door to the room is broken, so it was locked at the time of Petenshy's death, the only key was in the victim's pocket. So the victim was completely alone at the time of his death. Everyone is confused, but Holmes admits he also ate soap once to clean his stomach, he threw up, but since then he knew soap was dangerous if swallowed. It's time for the examination!

The other half of the soap is on the floor meaning it wasn't eaten. The teacup is empty so it's more likely that Petenshy drank the poison in red tea. But, there is another teacup in his hand, there is also a candle nearby meaning someone else was here. On another table, there are the three same books Sōseki Natsume had in the previous incident. This means only one thing, Natsume visited here right after his trial! Natsume can't believe Naruhodō and Holmes just accused him of being the culprit after he just got free . Nonetheless, Tobias Gregson takes him to Scotland Yard, Naruhodō promises to defend him again and feed his cat. He and Susato decide to investigate the scene while Gregson was gone and talk to John Garrideb later.

When regarding where Petenshy's soul will go, Naruhodō and Susato talk about the prayings between Japan and England. They find a torn piece of an envelope and a gas meter which gives people gas for coins so they can use gas lamps and stoves for two hours. The window is blocked by bricks to escape tax but it has a small opening with two aligned soap bars, one of them has something on it. There were two tea cups with red tea, but Sōseki Natsume didn't drink the poison. Tobias Gregson returns to cordon off the crime scene in five minutes. When Naruhodō suggests they see Natsume is his cell, William Petenshy suddenly gets up, he's not dead! He quotes Macbeth, with the help of Gregson, before passing out again.

Some time later on Briar Road, Naruhodō and Susato wonder what to do. They see the other mysterious man with the yellow clothes and huge chin peeking into Petenshy's flat. When Naruhodō tries to ask him something he just runs away.

"Interviewing John Garrideb" Edit

"Some time later"

The two meet up with John Garrideb in his flat who thanks them for yesterday's trial. He says Petenshy wakes up every morning at five but he didn't light his candles today until a half hour after. That's when Garrideb knocked on the door with no response, Natsume begged him to break it down, that's when they found Petenshy unconscious. The victim was staying there for three months, he was poor just like everyone in Garrideb's complex. He was researching William Shakespeare, Britain's greatest classical playwright whose Japanese adaptions are called "Shao", this explains all the stage costumes in the flat. Anyway, Garrideb returned home around 6 PM but Petenshy wasn't there. He says that "joke of an actor" was surely alive until 1 AM as he returned around 8 PM, he knows because of the gas. This complex's gas is supplied through the pipes, meaning the flats of Garrideb, Natsume, and Petenshy all share the same pipe. If Garrideb turns on his gas lamp, the lamps in the other flats will dim for a moment. If his lamp is turned off, the others will turn on. Naruhodō wonders why John Garrideb is so fixated on watching his tenants lives.

"Interviewing Sōseki Natsume" Edit

"Some time later"

In the Gaol, Sōseki Natsume is extremely upset with Sherlock Holmes for putting him in jail again. Naruhodō and Susato tell him about the victim briefly coming back to life but it doesn't cheer him up much. He reveals that he met with Petenshy the night before, after the trial regarding Viridian Green's stabbing, he visited Petenshy's flat for the first time around 9. After a discussion about Shakespeare, he had to go out, but before that Natsume served tea for them. But he didn't leave any poison and Petenshy was alive when he left.

Natsume says his life is cursed, he could never adjust to Great Britain. Garrideb's flat was cheap so he moved in, yet he says it's cursed because the previous owner died recently under mysterious circumstances. But, Natsume wanted to save all his money for his books. Then when he moved in he felt like he was being watched. He had nightmare about the ex-resident ghost strangling him. Regarding what happened when Petenshy was poisoned, Susato suggests Natsume moves out of the flat as soon as possible.

Natsume then says that Garrideb might be interested in the cursed flat as well, he was probably using the gas lamp to make sure his tenants are safe. Suddenly, Tobias Gregson appears with good news and bad news. The good news is William Petenshy is expected to make a full recovery. The bad news is he is now suing Sōseki Natsume for trying to poison him. Naruhodō is determined to defend him is court and remove his curse.

Trial, Day 2 Edit

Before the Trial Edit

9:23 AM

The next day, in the defendant's lobby of Old Bailey, Ryūnosuke Naruhodō nor Sōseki Natsume expected to come back to court in just two days. Susato arrives, after a conversation and hesitation, she announces that Barok van Zieks is the prosecutor for the trial. He's the prosecutor known as a Reaper, that's because all of his defendants who get Not Guilty verdicts somehow die, Cosney Megundal being one of them. In the last trial where Viridian Green was stabbed, Naruhodō got Natsume acquitted and he hasn't died yet. But today, it seems like the curse of van Zieks and Natsume is going to come into effect, yet Natsume assures that he is innocent which Naruhodō believes. Susato wonders where Sherlock Holmes is, but Naruhodō says it's best if he doesn't come since then they'll need to rely on his help.

Opening Edit

9:40 AM

As the trial starts, Barok van Zieks, who took a leave of absence from prosecuting, immediately insults the Japanese. The jury is the exact same group from Natsume's previous trial as he just got acquitted, except that Garrideb is replaced with a woman in fancy yellow clothes. Juror 1, Oscar Fairplay, knew Natsume was never innocent, 2 says this is worse than her decisions pf straitening her hat, 3 wishes he was to be killed by people like the defendant, new 4 wants this trial to end quickly because she has an executive meeting at ten, 5 says he'll be dead meat if he doesn't prepare fifteen shillings by today, and 6 prays that the "lost lambs" get their proper verdict.

Van Zieks gives the opening statement. Two after Sōseki Natsume was found innocent for stabbing Viridian Green, he tried to kill his fellow lodger, William Petenshy. The prosecutor removes his cape and demands the defendant and detective in charge to testify. Tobias Gregson takes the stand with Natsume. The judge is very disappointed that he didn't keep his oath in becoming accused again.

"Cross-Examining the Defendant and Detective" Edit

Garrideb Boarding House

The "cursed" complex

Gregson then explains the case. On the first floor of John Garrideb's complex, the man living there, William Petenshy, was found poisoned by strychnine and unconscious. Natsume admitted that he visited his room, the next morning Garrideb broke down Petenshy's locked door and discovered the crime scene. Gregson admits that he was present at the incident and submits a photo of Petenshy unconscious to the court as evidence. Natsume says the boarding house is cursed because the previous owner of his flat died, Green was stabbed just outside, Petenshy was poisoned, and he is the defendant twice. He claims the heat extinguisher died, van Zieks then announces Petenshy's recovery and accusation towards Natsume putting the poison in the red tea. Naruhodō wonders why Petenshy is accusing Natsume if he is really innocent, Natsume says he served tea because the water service was frozen.

Gregson and Natsume begin their testimony about the incident. Natsume visited Petenshy's room around 9 PM and left for his own room at 11. He says the tea was harmless and Petenshy gave up the key to his door. Gregson adds that strychnine will have a delayed effect of killing people and Petenshy was able to lock the key. Susato correctly guesses that the inspection is not done, but van Zieks and Gregson say there was no tea left at the crime scene, besides England doesn't have the technology to detect poison yet. Alas, nothing else was cut but the tea, the jury is already thinking about voting Guilty. But Naruhodō is not giving up.

In the cross-examination, Gregson says that strychnine takes a half hour to kick in and paralysis will occur. With Petenshy unable to lock the door after Natsume left, it's possible for him to do it. The detective presents the diagnosis record from the doctor who worked on Petenshy as evidence. Naruhodō presents the medical report that says the victim ingested the poison at 1:30 AM, two and a half hours later after Natsume. If the prosecution is claiming he is guilty, then that's a contradiction. But Barok van Zieks says the victim simply drank the tea alone after the defendant left. Naruhodō says there's another possibility but it looks like he's got nothing. He nervously says maybe another guest came after Natsume or Petenshy poisoned himself. Van Zieks dismisses the suicide theory because the victim said he didn't try to kill himself, Naruhodō responds that he could've been lying. Van Zieks decides they will ask him themselves because the "principal" has arrived...

Suddenly, Macbeth is heard again, the victim William Petenshy has entered the courtroom! Van Zieks has invited him as a witness much to Natsume's anger and the judge's excitement. He allows the "victim's" testimony to the court.

"Cross-Examining the Mysterious Men" Edit

Petenshy is now at the stand with the mysterious man who Naruhodō and Susato encountered yesterday, they wonder who he is. After Petenshy poetically announces he will be the next William Shakespeare, Mysterious Man B's name is revealed to be Decargo Mieterman, and he is an employee of the Altamont Gas Company at the East End Sales Office. Van Zieks got permission from the doctor for the victim to give testimony. Susato notes that the jury may have that "angel's taste of east". Van Zieks brought Mieterman to crush Naruhodō's other theories. The judge offers a testimony to the two formerly mysterious men about the winter night tragedy to which they agree to do.

Petenshy says Natsume visited his room with red tea. When the latter left the former fell on his desk after drinking the bad tea, which was the only thing he drank that evening. Mieterman was watching through the semi-bricked window and assured the court that Natsume was the only person that night. Mieterman has some "circumstances" with Petenshy, who simply dismisses it by saying it's not relevant to the case. This leads to a small argument for van Zieks to break up. He and the judge agree that all that matters is what happened that evening.

During their tea, Natsume thought Romeo was stronger in Jujutsu, while Petenshy went with Juliet. As to explain the medical report contradiction, Petenshy says he didn't drink the tea until 1 AM due to all the talking they did. Petenshy reveals in pressing that he only eats a single meal each day, so only the tea could've been poisoned. What's weird is that the window was supposed to be open only a little, Mieterman says Petenshy didn't leave the room, he only peeked because he had a "mission". The police investigated the flat and found no poisonous containers, so Natsume must have taken it, the suicide theory is crushed. Mieterman couldn't see the dark room clearly but Juror No. 1 has heard quite enough, he and the rest of the jury are ready toss fireballs in the scale above for the verdict: Guilty! It seems like it's all over for Natsume but Susato encourages Naruhodō to do a closing argument, find contradictions in their thoughts and make the jury change their verdicts.

Closing Argument Edit

Natsume Jury3

The jury.

Juror 1 sees victims as good, believable people, 2 thinks that the attractive Petenshy wouldn't lie, 3 says Natsume did because he's Japanese and has a mustache, 4 points out the evidence point to Natsume and not Petenshy, 5 isn't deciding on another thing sooner, and 6 doesn't know what's blank in three hours. Apparently, the jury is voting Guilty just because they like William Petenshy. Nonetheless, Naruhodō proceeds with his closing argument.

Naruhodō says that poor people can still lie, but Oscar Fairplay says Sōseki Natsume is one of them since the tea was Japanese, Decargo Mieterman doesn't seem to be lying. Unless Petenshy is proved to be lying, Fairplay won't change his verdict, Juror 3 agrees but 6 can't hear and 5 just wants this trial to end. Juror 4 isn't speaking much sense to Naruhodō, she reveals herself to be the wife of Valve Altamont, president of the Altamont Gas Company, much to the judge's surprise. She and Mieterman say their gas is the best in the world, he was sent by her to seeing if Petenshy was stealing gas. Petenshy assures Mrs. Altamont he is innocent, to which she reluctantly admits that there isn't any evidence yet. However, Naruhodō presents being a gas thief as a reason to lie for Mr. Fairplay. A promise is a promise, the honest gentlemen jurors toss fireballs into the white scale to vote Not Guilty, except 5 because he's in a hurry so 4 does it for him to continue the trial.

Petenshy just calls gas awkward angering Mieterman again. The judge seems to think Natsume is the culprit, but he takes side with the jury with the theory that Petenshy might be a gas thief.

"Cross-Examining the Altamont Gas Company" Edit

Investigation, Day 2 Edit

1:11 PM
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References to Other CasesEdit

References to Popular CultureEdit

  • Here are all the William Shakespeare quotes in the case.
    • Macbeth, Act 5, Scene 5: "Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more."
    • Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 5: "One may smile, and smile, and be a villain."
    • Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2: "What a piece of work is a man."
    • Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 2: "Frailty, thy name is woman."
  • Petenshy also quotes verses from Bible:
    • "They have eyes but see not, they have ears but hear not."
    • "Because we are human, God gives us disadvantages"

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