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The Magical Turnabout
Trial data

April 27-28, 2028

Courtroom No.


Presiding judge


Defense team leader

Apollo Justice

Defense team assistants

Athena Cykes (co-counsel)


Nahyuta Sahdmadhi


Trucy Wright


Manov Mistree

Time of death

April 27, 2028; approx. 10:30 a.m.

Weapon/cause of death

Impaled in the back with a sword


Not Guilty

Ema Skye
Betty de Famme
Bonny de Famme
Trucy Wright
Roger Retinz
Other characters
Phoenix Wright
Wright Anything Agency
Penrose Theater
  • Dressing Room
  • Stage
  • Understage

Detention center
Take-2 TV

Attorney's badge
Stage Diagram
Crime Photo
Fingerprinting Results
Fire Bucket
Gramarye Notebook
Thirteen-Year-Old Poster
Show Script
Trucy's Statement
Sword Stand
Stage Lift #2
Show Footage
Autopsy Report
Prank Plan Script
Trucy's Note
Apollo Justice
Trucy's under arrest?! She can't be!

Episode 2: The Magical Turnabout is the second episode of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice. When a fellow performer dies during a magic show at the Penrose Theater, Trucy Wright becomes the prime suspect. With Phoenix Wright out of the country, it is up to Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes to clear Trucy's name.

This case introduces Prosecutor Nahyuta Sahdmadhi and reintroduces Ema Skye, now as a forensics investigator instead of a detective, although she is still called as such during the trial and is in charge of the case.

April 27Edit

Trucy´s Magic Show

A promotional poster for "Trucy in Gramarye-Land".

Trucy Wright was finally set to make her big debut at the Penrose Theater with the magic show "Trucy in Gramarye-Land", after years of performing magic shows at small venues. With Phoenix Wright abroad in the Kingdom of Khura'in, she invited Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes to a dress rehearsal of the show in his place, two days before the actual debut. After the end of the first act – in which Trucy's co-star, a masked magician clad in green and purple, had performed a trick in which he turned into a dragon, only to be trapped under a giant top hat by her – Justice and Cykes went to see Trucy in her dressing room during the 20-minute break.

Justice and Cykes came inside just as Trucy was finishing signing a document for a member of the staff. Trucy told them that the document was a contract with Take-2 TV, a television company that was interested in broadcasting her show nationwide. Trucy was enthusiastic about the show, which she said was very important to her because it was a revival of the magic of Troupe Gramarye, the group founded by her late grandfather Magnifi Gramarye. Mr. Reus, the magician who had performed the dragon trick earlier, had also been a member of Troupe Gramarye many years before. During the second act, Trucy would be performing a never-before-seen trick from Troupe Gramarye's repertoire. She appeared to be somewhat nervous, but Justice assured her that she would be fine. Trucy was then called back to the stage by her assistant, Bonny de Famme, as the show was about to resume.


Trucy thrusting the sword into the coffin.

The second act opened with Bonny, who was playing one of the villains, knocking Trucy into a green and purple coffin on the center of the stage and closing the lid. She then charmed Trucy's puppet Mr. Hat with a kiss, telling him to sacrifice Trucy to Mr. Reus and bring him back to life. A hypnotized Mr. Hat then prepared to thrust a sword into the coffin through the hole in the right, only to be engulfed in a cloud of smoke. The smoke dissipated to reveal Trucy standing where Mr. Hat had been with the sword in her hand, having escaped from the trap. After a round of applause from the audience, Trucy thrust the sword into Mr. Reus' coffin.


Standing in shock over Mr. Reus' motionless body.

As the final part of the trick, Trucy announced that she would open the coffin to reveal what was inside. When she removed the lid, however, Mr. Reus' body fell out and lay motionless on the floor. Not understanding what had happened, Trucy stood over the body in confusion for a few moments before letting out a scream. Just as the audience realized that what had happened was not supposed to be part of the show, the dragon set piece hung over the stage came crashing down. The audience flew into a panic over Mr. Reus' apparent death, and was told by a staff member to evacuate the theater. Worried about Trucy, Justice tried to ask if she was all right, but was thrown out along with Cykes.

After waiting outside the theater for several minutes, Justice was informed by the staff member that the show had been canceled and the theater had been locked down so the police could investigate the incident. He was unable to find out what had happened to Mr. Reus, but was informed that at least Trucy was unhurt. A man in a white hat, whom the staff addressed as "Mr. Retinz", then arrived at the scene, asking what had happened. He was annoyed upon learning of the accident, saying he had sunk a lot of money into the show, and insisted that the staff let him in. Cykes then suggested that she and Justice go back to the Wright Anything Agency and wait for Trucy to call.

At the office, Justice tried to call Phoenix in Khura'in to inform him of the incident, but to no avail. His name came up on the news at that very moment, however, with Justice and Cykes both suprised to hear that Phoenix had won a trial in Khura'in, resulting in the first "not guilty" verdict the country had seen in twenty-three years. The news report then gave an update on the Penrose Theater incident: Mr. Reus had, in fact, been killed, as a result of being stabbed with a sword. Furthermore, Trucy was being held responsible and had been arrested on the charge of involuntary manslaughter. The footage taken by a reporter of the incident showed Trucy thrusting her sword into the coffin, which appeared to be the moment when Mr. Reus had been stabbed. Upon learning of this, Justice and Cykes immediately left for the detention center to see Trucy.

Interview with TrucyEdit

Trucy was upset about the accident, saying the police had already decided she was responsible for everything and were refusing to listen to her. Her magic trick had gone as planned, but both Mr. Reus' appearance from inside the coffin and the dragon set piece collapsing had not been part of the show, and she was not sure how either of those things had happened; the coffin had been supposed to be empty when she opened it. Hoping to shed some light on the situation, Justice asked her to explain how the magic trick worked.

Trucy said that, as a magician, she was not supposed to reveal her secrets, but that she would make an exception this time. After entering the coffin, she had exited it through a trapdoor at the bottom, which led to the understage area. From there, she had used a stage lift placed under Mr. Hat to pop back up to the stage, while, at the same time, Mr. Hat was quickly pulled to the catwalk above the stage by wire. She explained that this was something called "misdirection" – keeping the audience focused on something to distract them from what was actually happening.

Justice continued by asking Trucy her how she knew Mr. Reus. She said that the TV station had chosen him to appear in the show because of his connection to Troupe Gramarye – he had been a protégé of Trucy's grandfather Magnifi, but had left the Troupe thirteen years previously after being injured while practicing. After taking a long break from magic, he had made his comeback sometime around the past year. Trucy was noticeably shaken by his death, but told Justice not to worry, as she had to stay strong for her fans. However, he sensed that she was hiding something, and urged her to tell him what it was.

Knowing she could not hide anything from Justice, Trucy dropped her façade, and, on the verge of tears, admitted that the accident might have been her fault after all. A part of her trick was switching the real steel sword for a fake rubber one before stabbing it into the coffin, meaning it shouldn't have hurt Mr. Reus even if he was inside. However, even though she had practiced this trick hundreds of times and remembered doing it during the show as well, she was now wondering whether she might have made a mistake and stabbed Mr. Reus by accident. Justice thought about the possibility, but was not convinced. He believed that Mr. Reus' death had been caused by something else, as he had seen how much time Trucy had put into practicing for her show and did not believe she would make a mistake like that. Trucy, now crying openly, thanked Justice for believing in her and formally asked him to be her lawyer.

Once Trucy calmed down, Justice and Cykes decided to start their investigation of the scene with the stage where the murder had occurred. Upon hearing that they were going to the crime scene, Trucy asked them to bring her the black notebook she had left in her dressing room, as it was private and she did not want anyone else reading it.


After another failed attempt to contact Phoenix, Justice was greeted at the Penrose Theater entrance by Ema Skye, the detective who had been in charge of investigating three cases he had handled in his first year as a lawyer. Remembering Skye's unfriendly attitude in the past, Justice was surprised to find her much more cheerful and agreeable, which he soon learnt was because she had finally become a forensic investigator as she had always dreamed. To the shock of both Justice and Cykes, Skye said that the current incident was no longer being treated as an accident. Apparently, the prosecutor in charge of the case, a Khura'inist monk who had been traveling the world to further his studies, had been unconviced by the idea of involuntary manslaughter and seen evidence that Trucy had killed Mr. Reus in a premeditated murder. When Skye said that the prosecutor's name was Nahyuta Sahdmadhi, Justice recognized the name from his past, hardly able to believe that he would have to face Sahdmadhi in court. Skye promised she would try to convince Sahdmadhi of Trucy's innocence.

Accompanied by Skye, Justice and Cykes moved to the stage to investigate. The murder weapon, a sword covered in the victim's blood, was inside the sword stand at the back of the stage. According to Skye, no fingerprints had been lifted, although she said the culprit could have wiped them off, and Trucy would not have left fingerprints, as she had been wearing gloves during the show. Justice wondered whether there had been an opportunity for someone to switch the steel sword with the rubber one, and concluded that, if someone had done so, it would have to have been after the audience evacuated the theater. Justice also checked the footage recorded by the camera, which was the same that had been shown on television. Cykes pointed out that a strange-looking shadow could be seen going upwards on the stage backdrop at the same time the dragon set piece fell.

Skye then assisted Justice in dusting the coffin for fingerprints. The only prints on the inside belonged to the victim, and were positioned on both sides of the coffin. Oddly, they were facing backwards, despite the fact that he had been facing forward when he fell out of the coffin, and it was too small for an adult man to turn around in. Bonny's fingerprints were on the front lid – which was to be expected, as she had closed the coffin with it during the show – but a third set of unidentified fingerprints was found on top of the coffin, which Skye said did not match the prints of any of the people involved with the case.

Lastly, Justice and Cykes investigated the backstage area. There, they found a fire bucket, which, according to Skye, had been bought especially for the show, yet it was not only empty, but covered in dust. The backstage area also contained the two winches that operated the stage's pulley system, which included cushions placed in the catwalk above the stage to absorb impact when something was hoisted up. Mr. Hat was lying on top of one of these cushions, still attached to the wire, but his cape appeared to have been torn as if by a blade. The other winch was attached to the dragon set piece.

Having finished their investigation, Justice and Cykes asked Skye whether they could investigate the understage area. She said they would need permission from one of the magicians.

References to other casesEdit

  • Inspecting the flowers in Trucy's dressing room, Justice reads that they come from Jinxie and Damian Tenma, from The Monstrous Turnabout, Klavier Gavin, and Lamiroir. Justice mentions to Cykes how she was involved with a case that he and Trucy worked.
  • If answering "The Bonny onstage is a fake", Sahdmadhi and the Judge question to Justice "Oh! Maybe YOU are the fake, and your attorney's badge is made out of cardboard!". Justice asks: "No, no! I'm the real thing, I swear! ...And why cardboard, specifically...?", which the Judge responds: "Let's just say I had an infurating experience once thanks to one...", referencing when he dealt with someone, who fooled the entire court with it. This is a reference to Recipe for Turnabout.
  • The judge comments on how he plans to be on the bench for another ten years, which Cykes openly doubts. Justice scolds her, telling her to remember what they discussed about inner monologues. This is a reference to a similar conversation Cykes and Justice had in The Cosmic Turnabout.

References to popular cultureEdit

  • The name of Trucy's magic show, "Trucy in Gramarye-Land", is likely a reference to the novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, commonly referred to as Alice in Wonderland.
  • While explaining investigation to Justice, Cykes tells him "Ten points to House Justice." This is a reference to the Harry Potter series.
  • At one point, Betty threatens Retinz by saying he's going to get it, "POW! Right in the kisser!" This is a reference to a line from The Honeymooners.


  • Bonny and Betty's testimony in this case is the only instance of two witnesses testifying at the same time in the Ace Attorney main series. Although Lamiroir and Machi Tobaye also take the stand together in Turnabout Serenade, Lamiroir was only acting as a translator for Tobaye in that case and not as a witness herself.
  • Excluding trial-only cases, The Magical Turnabout is one of only two cases in the Ace Attorney series to have a single trial day, the other being Turnabout for Tomorrow.


  • Japanese - 逆転マジックショー (Gyakuten majikkushō; lit. "Turnabout Magic Show")

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