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The Grand Turnabout
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Case data
Date April 6, 2019
Victim Teikun Ō
Time of death April 6, 2019
Murder weapon/
cause of death
Crushed to death by a hot air balloon
Miles Edgeworth
Kay Faraday
Dick Gumshoe
Yumihiko Ichiyanagi
Shi-Long Lang
Questioned witnesses
Shi-Long Lang
Hakari Mikagami*
Yumihiko Ichiyanagi*
Bansai Ichiyanagi*
Shimon Aizawa
Ryōken Hōinbō
Sōta Sarushiro
Hakari Mikagami
Shimon Aizawa
Sōta Sarushiro
Phoenix Wright
Maya Fey
Other characters
Tateyuki Shigaraki
Franziska von Karma
Teikun Ō*
Lotta Hart
Penny Nichols
Mikiko Hayami
Regina Berry
Marī Miwa
Shelly de Killer
Will Powers
Ema Skye
Gai Tojiro*
Isaku Hyōdō*
Manosuke Naitō*
Yutaka Kazami*
Ryūji Kamei*
Tsubasa Kagome*
During credits:
Shūji Orinaka
Frank Sahwit
Tsukasa Oyashiki
Issei Tenkai
Tyrell Badd
Delicy Scone
Tōko Mutō
Otome Itami
Global Studios Filming Lot
Yatagarasu's badge
Anonymous letter
The key to the studio
Monster movie poster
Commemorative photo
Ō's autopsy record
Survelliance footage
Big Tower
Head of Borumosu
Stuffed Borumosu
Monster footprint
Lotta's testimony
Blue truck
Shimon's rehearsal footage
Mechanic gloves
IS-7 article
Report on Naitō
Naitō's belongings
Listening device
Hayami's tape recording
Sleeping pills
SS-5 Incident notes
Kamei's autopsy record
Anonymous eyewitness's testimony
Bloody button
Kamei's photo
Victim's shoes
Mysterious bloodstain
Child's drawing
Paper chess correspondence
Lion balloon
Prosecutor's badge

Episode 5: The Grand Turnabout is the fifth and final episode of Gyakuten Kenji 2. Still reeling from the resolution of his previous investigation, Miles Edgeworth and Kay Faraday are thrust into yet another murder scene, this time of President Teikun Ō of Zheng Fa. In addition to this, a child is kidnapped, and the duo go on a mission to find him before time runs out. This final case takes Edgeworth on a soul-searching journey as he helps Yumihiko Ichiyanagi confront his father, investigates a 12-year-old murder case, and finds the mastermind behind the events of the game.


Intro glowingshimon

The child.

Intro cowmonster

The monster.

In the dead of night at the Big Tower, steady tremors can be heard. As the view moves to the hidden evidence storage room, the noise becomes louder and more regular, sounding almost like giant footsteps. A giant eye suddenly comes into view, leering through the window of the room. The tremors became even more violent as the camera pans over the viewing platform. The next scene is a lone child with horns, standing outside the skyscraper's entrance, glowing an eerie red. Afterward, the mighty Borumosu appears and lets out a moo-like bellow.

Beginning, Part 1Edit

Shelly de Killer
I received a request from a curious individual, to take the president's life...
Turnabout Target
10:02 a.m.

Miles Edgeworth, Kay Faraday and Lotta Hart finally left the Big Tower, each wondering what Edgeworth would do next. The loose ends from the case that he had just solved, as well as Shelly de Killer's words, were still nagging at his mind. Suddenly, a terrified Penny Nichols ran up to them, screaming for help. The three followed her to a nearby Global Studios temporary film lot.

King's Pawn GameEdit

10:05 a.m.

Hart seemed particularly obsessed with Borumosu. She explained that she had seen Borumosu's eye peering through the storeroom window as she was taking the photo of Tsubasa Kagome. Edgeworth decided to leave her alone, and noticed a camera crane and a waterproof sheet nearby. Nichols said that the sheet had been used to cover the camera the previous day due to the overcast weather.

According to Lang, he had heard a scream coming from inside the film lot, so he had run inside through the rear entrance from the Big Tower lot. He had arrived to see Nichols racing out of the front entrance. Edgeworth took a closer look at the rear entrance. The chain locking it had been cut, and the fence beside it had been struck by something heavy, denting it.

Lang explained that the president had been close to his family, especially his father. President Ō had even entrusted his will to the Lang clan. However, 12 years ago, the president had changed drastically, and stopped trusting the police force of Zheng Fa, opting for private security. Even so, Lang respected the president for carrying Zheng Fa on his strength, and vowed to bring the criminal to justice.

It appeared as if the body had been stepped on by a monster. There was a yellow stain on the chest area. Edgeworth also made note of the three "footprints" made by the broken concrete that exposed the ground.

At first, Nichols had believed the "footprints" to be a new addition to the set. Her eyesight was not very good even with her glasses, so she had to get up close to discover the dead body. Apparently, Global Studios was making a film based on the Mighty Borumosu TV series. It would be a revival of the series after 12 years, featuring Gourdy as a rival monster.

A combination lock had been used on the front entrance. Nichols confirmed that it had been undisturbed. Edgeworth deduced from this that the culprit had not known the combination to the front entrance, and had used the rear entrance instead. This meant that whoever had broken into the set was not part of the film crew.

Edgeworth noticed a horn near the body. Nichols confirmed that it was part of a horn belonging to a Borumosu head prop from the studio roof. Edgeworth thought about the dent again and concluded that the head had fallen off the roof. He speculated that the head had crushed the president to death, and requested an investigation of the roof.

Lang eventually left, and as he did so, Shimon Aizawa, the lead actor in the movie, arrived on the scene. Faraday introduced herself to him and learned from Nichols about his role in the movie. Apparently, the president had been scheduled to make a small cameo in the film. Aizawa gave Nichols a photo of the film lot that had been taken the day before. The footprints were nowhere in sight.

Edgeworth investigated the studio roof. According to Nichols, the head prop was based off of Borumosu's original design, and could be dismantled for easy transport. Edgeworth recognized this design from the Borumosu doll that the president had. The head was supposed to be on a table, but the table's legs had burnt off. Edgeworth determined that a small fire had occurred, causing the table to break off and the head to fall to the ground below.

Lang returned with some officers and the president's bodyguards. The local police had agreed to allow Lang to assist in the investigation. He had obtained security footage from the Big Tower viewing platform, showing the president and Hakari Mikagami entering on April 4 at 11:05 p.m. The president had specifically requested that the viewing platform be restricted to him and Mikagami. That was the last that anyone had seen of him.

Lang had learned that Edgeworth was no longer a prosecutor, and asked why he was still trying to investigate. Edgeworth answered that his title did not motivate him to investigate. Just as Lang had a stake in the investigation regardless of his status as Interpol agent, Edgeworth was chasing someone who was hiding in the shadows. Lang felt it fitting that he and Edgeworth were still butting heads, despite having lost their prestige.

Dragon VariationEdit

Lang argued that Mikagami had pushed the president off the roof. However, Edgeworth showed Aizawa's photo from yesterday, and no body was in sight. Moreover, the chain to the back entrance had only been broken the previous night, so Mikagami could not have entered the film lot to hide the body. Nonetheless, Lang said that the security footage showed Mikagami leaving alone, but not the president.

Edgeworth suggested an alternative route: the 51st floor storeroom. The idea of the president being somehow involved with the black market auction offended Lang greatly, and Edgeworth remembered that only a select few people had seen President Ō's true self. Nonetheless, Hart testified that the president had never passed through the storeroom. It seemed that there was more to President Ō's disappearing act than it first seemed.

When the police came to take the body away for autopsy, one of the officers informed Lang that small footprints had been found nearby. Suddenly, Nichols told them that she had entered the film lot last night to check up on Aizawa, who was practicing. There, she had seen him talking to a long, white neck, like Gourdy. Edgeworth and Lang knew that they had to talk to Aizawa, but it seemed he had slipped out moments ago.

En passantEdit

10:54 a.m.

Aizawa was nowhere to be found. Outside the Big Tower entrance, Edgeworth encountered Dick Gumshoe, who ran as soon as he saw him. Lang left to continue to look for Aizawa. Faraday noticed that one of Lang's MiBs was standing nearby. The man explained that Lang's team had been disbanded after he almost aided and abetted a criminal. He also mentioned Lang chasing a ghost from 12 years ago, but would not elaborate on it.

Edgeworth and Faraday decided to question Mikagami. At the moment, she was presiding over the trial of Marī Miwa for the murder of Manosuke Naitō. The duo headed to the courthouse.

Beginning, Part 2Edit

Bansai Ichiyanagi
When you get to where I am, you can just create your own truths. Anytime you want.
11:23 a.m.

Court was in session. Franziska von Karma and Tateyuki Shigaraki had taken over Yumihiko Ichiyanagi and the late Tsubasa Kagome, respectively. Marī Miwa was called to the stand, acting confidently. As von Karma was making her opening statement, she found that the murder weapon and Ryōken Hōinbō's chisel had both gone missing. To everyone's surprise, Hakari Mikagami moved to end the trial, even though she knew that the evidence existed. Shigaraki eventually convinced her to adjourn the trial.

The swindleEdit

11:38 a.m.

Miles Edgeworth and Kay Faraday met the two attorneys in the 3rd Floor Lobby. Regina Berry and Sōta Sarushiro had also come to watch the trial. Edgeworth tried to calm von Karma down while discussing the situation with Shigaraki. It was agreed that the attorneys would stall the trial until Edgeworth retrieved the key evidence. As the attorneys left, Edgeworth made to look for Yumihiko when Mikagami entered the lobby. He informed her of the situation with the president, but she refused to talk about her meeting with him.

The queenside flankEdit

Mikagami said that she was not obligated to answer Edgeworth's questions. Edgeworth determined that he should not confront her while she was hiding her feelings. She claimed that everything that she did was part of her duties, including her meeting with the president. Edgeworth pointed out that she had given Faraday's Promise Notebook back to him, purely as a gesture of kindness. Moreover, she had shown distress upon learning of the president's death. It turned out that Mikagami knew about the film lot.

Edgeworth wondered why Mikagami was more flustered than usual. He decided to talk about Yumihiko's disappearance, but Mikagami insisted that she had to render a verdict regardless of what Yumihiko was doing. She did admit that she was worried about Yumihiko's whereabouts "as well," prompting Edgeworth to ask whether she was also worried about someone else. She tried to insist that she was not swayed by personal feelings, but she was no longer convincing. Edgeworth reminded her that she was only human, but this made her even more distraught.

Edgeworth asked if she was looking for Yumihiko. She replied that Yumihiko had to deal with his problems on his own. He could always come back when he was ready, but it seemed that that was not true for a certain child. Edgeworth also asked about the president's death. It seemed that she had been surprised by the location of the death. She said that she was worried about the film crew, but Edgeworth replied that they had already found the body. Edgeworth determined from Mikagami's reactions that she was looking for Shimon Aizawa.

Edgeworth suggested that Mikagami was a fan of Aizawa's, to which she agreed. She mentioned that she had heard that the crew would be filming all day. It sounded to Edgeworth that Aizawa had told her this himself, and that she was not merely a fan. Edgeworth used this to prove that she and Aizawa were acquainted. Edgeworth asked her where he was now, but she still would not talk about it. Edgeworth realized that Aizawa had been kidnapped.

Mikagami admitted that Aizawa was her son. His kidnappers had one request: an acquttal for Miwa. For all that she had said about not letting feelings cloud her judgment, she was about to pronounce an unfair judgment based entirely on her feelings. Faraday and Edgeworth assured her that nobody would sacrifice their child for impartial judgment, and Faraday offered to steal Aizawa back. Mikagami thanked her and said that she would do her part to prolong the trial. However, the trial could only go on for two more hours, until 2:00. Edgeworth and Faraday set off posthaste.

Mysterious rook moveEdit

12:10 p.m.

Edgeworth looked around for witnesses and found Will Powers, a Global Studios actor who was to play the role of Borumosu. Edgeworth learned that filming had to be done quickly, as construction was about to start in the area soon. Powers had seen Aizawa leave the filming lot and enter the nearby studio trailer, but he had disappeared thereafter. Moreover, a box had been stolen from the trailer. Edgeworth found a videotape inside the trailer, which showed Aizawa practicing by himself. A monster's footprint could be seen.

According to a nearby police officer, only a taxi and a blue truck had come through the plaza this morning, both of which were currently in the area. According to the taxi driver, the only people he had picked up were two men in black. The truck was empty. Edgeworth touched it to determine that it had been here for a while.

The poisoned pawnEdit

12:33 p.m.

Edgeworth suddenly saw Mikiko Hayami and Lotta Hart snooping around. Apparently, Hayami had been investigating Borumosu and had been in the vicinity. Edgeworth was about to show her the photo of Aizawa, but she apparently already knew who they were looking for. She claimed to have seen the boy being carried away by two men in black.

Edgeworth figured that these were the same men that had gotten into the taxi. They had stolen the box to hide the boy inside. The taxi driver confirmed that the two men had had a box with them. He offered to take Edgeworth and Faraday to the place at which he had dropped off the men.

The woodpusherEdit

12:57 p.m.

Edgeworth and Faraday found themselves at Bansai Ichiyanagi's house. The garage was open, so they decided to take a peek inside. A motorcycle greeted them, and a pair of mechanic's gloves was on the floor nearby, beside the stolen box. The gloves were stained with dirt, and had letters spelling "DEATH" on its fingers. As they were looking at the shovel on the wall, they heard a thumping noise from behind the back door. They looked inside to find Yumihiko Ichiyanagi tied up!

Yumihiko had shut himself off, and was on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Edgeworth had to find out why Yumihiko had been tied up in his own house, but in order to do that, he had to listen to Yumihiko first. Scolding or mocking Yumihiko would only cause him to blow Edgeworth off and never trust anyone again. Edgeworth had to convince Yumihiko that he was genuinely willing to listen to him.

Edgeworth said that he understood that Yumihiko was in a lot of pain because of what had happened. Edgeworth told Yumihiko that if he could not believe in others, he could at least believe in himself. Yumihiko wondered if he was incapable of being a prosecutor. Edgeworth said that it was difficult for anyone to judge his or her own abilities, but he assured Yumihiko that he was improving.

Yumihiko seemed to have calmed down somewhat. He did not know why he had been kidnapped, but he had heard one of the kidnappers say to blame the owner of this house. Bansai had been behind the kidnapping. Yumihiko also said that the kidnappers asked him whether he knew Mikagami. Edgeworth realized that the kidnappers had mistaken him for Aizawa.

Suddenly, Yumihiko remembered something and became severely distressed again. Edgeworth determined that it was about Bansai, and Yumihiko commented that this must be the skill of a real prosecutor. Edgeworth asked why Yumihiko had chosen to be a prosecutor, assuring him that he, too, had become a prosecutor for personal reasons. It turned out that Yumihiko had wanted to earn Bansai's approval.

Edgeworth asked Yumihiko if there was some connection between Bansai and Miwa. Yumihiko replied that Bansai had given Miwa the prison warden job, and had known her from his days as Chief Prosecutor. Back then, Bansai would look over every piece of evidence that went through the prosecutor's office. Because of this, Yumihiko had given the evidence for Miwa's trial to him for safekeeping. Bansai had betrayed his son to secure Miwa's acquittal.

Edgeworth had all the information that he needed, but he decided to help Yumihiko decide what to do with his life. Yumihiko wondered if he even deserved to continue as a prosecutor, but Edgeworth told him that he had to decide that himself. Edgeworth also told Yumihiko that he, too, had once run from the truth, but a friend had shown him the error of his ways. Edgeworth offered that same support to Yumihiko.

Yumihiko decided that he wanted to continue as a prosecutor. He felt that, if he quit now, he would regret it for the rest of his life. However, he wanted to be different from his father, who continued to obfuscate the truth for his own selfish ends. Edgeworth encouraged Yumihiko to pursue the path that he had chosen by himself. Suddenly, Yumihiko ran away, leaving Edgeworth still with little to offer to Miwa's trial.

The three assassinsEdit

1:15 p.m.

Edgeworth decided to report to Tateyuki Shigaraki his findings on a possible connection between Bansai and Miwa. Shigaraki said that he would have Bansai take the stand. Meanwhile as Edgeworth and Faraday were talking about Bansai, Yumihiko exited the Big Tower. He bolted away as soon as he saw them. Wondering what he had been doing, the duo ended up heading back to the 51st floor to find that a safe had been opened.

The safe contained Manosuke Naitō's ring and chessboard. There was also a report ostensibly written by Miwa, detailing her intention to interrogate Naitō on his connection with Ryōken Hōinbō. Since the safe could only belong to Bansai, this established some kind of connection between the three of them. The report also mentioned retrieving something from a flowerbed from 12 years ago.

As Edgeworth and Faraday climbed back to the viewing platform, they encountered Shelly de Killer. He cryptically told them that many attempts on the president's life had been made, but he would keep coming back. He also said that his client had betrayed his trust by giving him a false target, so he had revoked his contract to kill the president. As he left, he added that Hōinbō had escaped from prison three days earlier, just as de Killer had wanted to visit him.

As the duo returned outside, they received a call from "the one in the red hood," who told Edgeworth about a plan to have Bansai kill Tsubasa Kagome, then have Edgeworth catch him by getting Faraday involved. The voice also admitted to kidnapping Aizawa, and began taunting them, expressed a wish to see the looks on their faces. The figure knew secret details like Mikagami's meeting with Edgeworth at the detention center. An explosion was heard before the call ended.

Edgeworth and Kay were shocked that this person knew so much about what they were doing, including the kidnapping. Since Aizawa's kidnapper could not see their faces, Edgeworth concluded that they had been bugged. He also remembered that all of his evidence had been confiscated during his stay in prison, save the Yatagarasu's Badge. Surely enough, a bug was found inside the badge.

The passed pawnEdit

1:40 p.m.

Faraday angrily shouted at the bug, startling a nearby Hayami. Faraday told her that her information had led them the wrong way. Apparently, she had not looked at the photo properly. In an effort to redeem herself, Hayami gave them a recording of what she claimed was Borumosu spewing flames. It turned out that she had recorded this by intercepting wireless communications, which also explained why Faraday had startled her. She had unwittingly intercepted the bug as well.

Berry and Sarushiro then appeared. They had been searching for Yumihiko at Sunshine Coliseum, where there were events like fireworks displays going on. Sarushiro was glad that Yumihiko had been found so soon. Edgeworth realized that the explosion from the phone call had been a fireworks explosion. The kidnapper had been near Sunshine Coliseum.

Edgeworth spotted Dick Gumshoe lurking near the taxi. He said that he was capable of investigating on his own. He had heard the conversation between Edgeworth and Bansai in the holding cell, and then had gone to examine the evidence again to produce the updated autopsy report for Kagome. As he made to leave, Edgeworth asked him, not as a prosecutor, but as a friend, to help him, even bowing to him. Unable to take Edgeworth being in this state, Gumshoe agreed.

The detective had obtained some key information. Firstly, the analysis of Faraday's clothes had revealed traces of an extremely powerful sleeping drug. Secondly, the footage of the security camera at the viewing platform did not show Faraday coming up from the elevator at all. Lastly, Gumshoe expressed his gratitude for being able to work with Edgeworth again.

Edgeworth told him about Aizawa's kidnapping. Gumshoe remembered seeing him walking into the Big Tower's garbage pickup area. Edgeworth headed there and found Aizawa's milk carton on the ground. A sign indicated that the garbage had been taken out at 11 a.m. Edgeworth deduced that the blue truck from earlier must have picked up the garbage.

Edgeworth worked through the kidnapper's plan. The blue truck had to have been a real garbage truck, since the door to the garbage storage space was locked. The kidnapper had put Aizawa into a box, so that the garbage truck would unwittingly take him to a dump. The kidnapper had then gone to the dump to collect the box, claiming that it had been thrown away by mistake. There were two garbage dumps in the vicinity, but only one was near Sunshine Coliseum.

It was almost 2:00. Gumshoe headed for the garbage dump with Faraday, while Edgeworth went to the courthouse.

Time controlEdit

2:16 p.m.

Edgeworth entered Courtroom No. 3 to find Bansai denying any connection between himself and Miwa. Edgeworth presented Miwa's report on Naitō to prove the existence of a connection. However, Bansai stated that, without having proven that he was the black market auction conductor in court, Edgeworth's accusations were invalid. As long as Aizawa was still missing, Mikagami would continue to agree with Bansai.

Just then, some timely intervention arrived to scupper Bansai's plans. Yumihiko had finally arrived to confront his father. Moreover, the phone calls came in: Aizawa had been found! Yumihiko told the court that his father had thrown the evidence away, wrapped in a newspaper. Yumihiko had set off to the garbage dump to try and retrieve the evidence, only to find a piece of newspaper.

As Bansai laughed at his son's failure, Yumihiko examined the newspaper. Inside was a bell with no traces on it. Yumihiko decided to examine the newspaper itself to find a peculiar left handprint, which turned out to be from a glove. Yumihiko recognized the smell of the handprint; it was composed of motor oil.

Yumihiko realized that he could not bring himself to bring down his father. However, with Edgeworth's help, he regained his resolve and showed that Bansai's mechanic's gloves fit the handprint. The worn-out "A" on the left glove fit the handprint perfectly, and an analysis of the dirt on the gloves and newspaper would seal the deal. Yumihiko thanked his father for everything up to this point, but he no longer needed him.

The matter of Bansai Ichiyanagi's concealment of evidence would be settled at a later trial. Moreover, a search of the garbage dump would be conducted to find the knife and chisel. Mikagami moved to end the trial at that, but suddenly, Shi-Long Lang interrupted. He had no objection to the trial, since Miwa and Bansai were responsible for the events of the SS-5 Incident 12 years ago, and they had evaded justice until now. However, he wanted to investigate the scene of President Ō's murder with his two suspects, Mikagami and Aizawa.

Middle, Part 1Edit

2:52 p.m.

Shi-Long Lang asked Hakari Mikagami about her meeting with the president, but she still refused to answer, even under suspicion. Lang turned to Shimon Aizawa and asked him about his activities the previous night, during his rehearsal. Aizawa insisted that there was nothing out of the ordinary, but Miles Edgeworth showed the practice video that Aizawa had made, where the monster footprints could be seen. Moreover, the Borumosu head had fallen due to a fire. It seemed that Aizawa also had something to hide.

Lang noticed in the practice video that a monster costume was unzipped. Will Powers said that it would usually be zipped up when not in use. Lang argued that Aizawa was an accomplice to his mother's crime, and had hidden the body inside the monster costume. Edgeworth looked inside the costume to find dirt inside the front of the costume. This contradicted the fact that the front of the body was spotless save for the yellow stain.

Given that there were also bits of concrete in the costume, the dirt pattern matched up what was found on Bansai Ichiyanagi's mechanics gloves, meaning it was the P.I.C. Chairman himself who was hiding inside the costume. Edgeworth deduced that Bansai took his hammer and shovel from his garage, broke one of the locks in order to get inside the film lot, and used his tools to create the three "footprints", all in order to dig up something. When Aizawa came in to practice, Bansai quickly hid himself in the costume to avoid being spotted. Lang demanded proof that the ex-Chief Prosecutor there at the time, and Edgeworth pointed to the bag seen in the practice video, the same bag that was now in Bansai's garage.

The reporters quickly interjected, saying that it was Borumosu who made the footprints and nothing else. They even pointed to Penny Nichols' claim that she saw Aizawa speaking to Gourdy. Edgeworth revealed that what Nichols saw wasn't Gourdy, but the camera crane that was covered up with a protective sheet. It only looked like Gourdy to her due to her glasses not being up to snuff.

Parent-child accomplice theoryEdit

Agent Lang has a theory about Aizawa's motive: "He killed his biological father to take revenge". However, Edgeworth was able to clear Aizawa's name with supporting evidence. He then stated that Ō's murder had something to do with the SS-5 Incident, an old police incident in which a reporter called Ryūji Kamei was found dead outside the Happy Family Home orphanage after witnessing Teikun Ō's kidnapping for ransom.

Recreating the crime scene: OrphanageEdit

With the help of Faraday and Little Thief Edgeworth was able to examine the old crime scene and uncover many new facts about the SS-5 Incident.

Middle, Part 2Edit

The Truth of the SS-5 IncidentEdit

Edgeworth revealed that the truth behind the SS-5 Incident was that it wasn't a kidnapping at all; it was a murder. Teikun Ō had actually been assassinated by Ryōken Hōinbō during the incident and then replaced by his body double. Ryugi Kamei had witnessed the whole thing only to be murdered. With the truth uncovered behind the incident, the only mystery left was the identity of the body double's murderer.

Hōinbō's testimonyEdit

Upon exiting the reconstruction of the SS-5 Incident crime scene, the group were approached by Ryōken Hōinbō himself, who had managed to escape from prison. They heard his testimony and determined that the body double's murderer was the Berry Big Circus worker Sōta Sarushiro, who was apparently Yutaka Kazami's son. During the IS-7 Incident he had been locked in a freezing car with Manosuke Naitō, who had been forced by his father to tie up his friend. They were saved by Ryōken Hōinbō, who then who took them to the orphanage. Sarushiro then witnessed the whole SS-5 Incident and drew a picture of it. He then warned Hōinbō, who was about to get betrayed and killed by the three conspirators. The two developed a father/son-like bond, with Sarushiro being determined to take revenge against everyone who did harm to him (Naitō, Miwa, Ichiyanagi, and Ō).



The real Sōta Sarushiro.

DeKiller vs Ryouken

The two assassins.

The team arrived at the Berry Big Circus to confront Sarushiro. When Sarushiro realized that they suspected him, his whole personality changed from innocent and meek to more mocking and callous. However, Edgeworth was eventually able to prove that he had actually crushed Ō's body double with his balloon by finding traces of the rare flowers that the victim had been holding as he died attached to the base of the balloon. After Sarushiro finally broke down and admitted his guilt, Shelly de Killer suddenly appeared to kill him due to Sarushiro betraying the assassin. Before he could do so however, Hōinbō blocked his way with his own knife. After a brief conversation, de Killer agreed to spare Sarushiro's life and escaped, with Shi-Long Lang chasing after him. Hōinbō then offered the chance Aizawa to get revenge upon him for killing his father, but the boy refused. Sarushiro was then arrested for his crimes and Hōinbō returned to his cell.


  • Shelly de Killer returned to his ice cream selling cover, albeit with it now being a crêperie.
  • Frank Sahwit had his prison sentence extended due to acting as an accomplice to Miwa.
  • Regina Berry was still shocked by Sarushiro's actions, but tried to put it behind her to carry on her next circus show.
  • Ryōken Hōinbō quietly returned to his cell and was happy to have Sarushiro as a fellow convict.
  • Delicy Scone schemed to develop new diet drugs to use with Tenkai's sweets.
  • Larry Butz's drawings managed to net him another new girlfriend.
  • Due to her being forced to aid Bansai, Tōko Mutō was not seriously punished, and returned to act as a coroner's assistant to her grandmother, Otome Itami.
  • Ema Skye returned again to her studies abroad.
  • Franziska von Karma empathized with Yumihiko, as both of them had to overcome the legacy of a skilled, but criminal, father.
  • Shi-Long Lang decided to follow the will of his father and protect his country. He declared that he would revitalize the Republic of Zheng Fa.
  • Thanks to all the publicity due to the murder of the body double, the Borumosu movie received a great reception.
  • Shimon Aizawa bought yellow Shishiyuri flowers for his late mother and father.

Edgeworth's pathEdit

Two Paths

The two Edgeworths.

With the case now over, Edgeworth was left to decide his path. Recent events had made him realize that he was like Sarushiro in a way; he too had grown dissatisfied with the apparent uselessness of law enforcement and the law, but unlike Sarushiro, Edgeworth had his mind changed by the actions of a certain man.

Shigaraki had previously asked Edgeworth if he wanted to fight crime as a prosecutor or save people as a defense attorney. Edgeworth now had his answer; he would save people as a prosecutor by pursuing the truth. With that, he returned Faraday's Yatagarasu badge and Mikagami handed him back his prosecutor's badge. However, despite where his path would take him, he would never forget his father.


  • This case has the most evidence carried by the player at one time; four pages with one piece of evidence on the fifth page. It is also the case with the most profiles in any one case, almost completing three pages.

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