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The Grand Turnabout
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Case data
Date April 6, 2019
Victim Teikun Ō (imposter)
Time of death April 6, 2019
Murder weapon/
cause of death
Miles Edgeworth
Kay Faraday
Dick Gumshoe
Yumihiko Ichiyanagi
Shi-Long Lang
Questioned witnesses
Shi-Long Lang
Hakari Mikagami (Logic Chess only)
Yumihiko Ichiyanagi (Logic Chess only)
Bansai Ichiyanagi (no rebuttal)
Shimon Aizawa
Ryōken Hōinbō
Sōta Sarushiro
Hakari Mikagami
Shimon Aizawa
Sōta Sarushiro
Phoenix Wright
Maya Fey
Other characters
Tateyuki Shigaraki
Franziska von Karma
Teikun Ō (allusions)
Lotta Hart
Penny Nichols
Mikiko Hayami
Regina Berry
Marī Miwa
Shelly de Killer
Will Powers
Ema Skye
Gai Tojiro (allusions)
Isaku Hyōdō (allusions)
Manosuke Naitō (allusions)
Yutaka Kazami (allusions)
Ryūji Kamei (allusions)
Tsubasa Kagome (allusions)
During Credits
Shūji Orinaka
Frank Sahwit
Tsukasa Oyashiki
Issei Tenkai
Tyrell Badd
Delicy Scone
Tōko Mutō
Otome Itami
Global Studios Production Set
Yatagarasu's badge
Anonymous letter
The key to the studio
Monster movie poster
Commemorative photo
Ō's autopsy record
Survelliance footage
Big Tower
Head of Borumosu
Stuffed Borumosu
Monster footprint
Lotta's testimony
Blue truck
Shimon's rehearsal footage
Mechanic gloves
IS-7 article
Report on Naitō
Naitō's belongings
Listening device
Hayami's tape recording
Sleeping pills
SS-5 Incident notes
Kamei's autopsy record
Anonymous eyewitness's testimony
Bloody button
Kamei's photo
Victim's shoes
Mysterious bloodstain
Child's drawing
Paper chess communicating
Lion balloon
Prosecutor's badge

Episode 5: The Grand Turnabout is the fifth and final case of Gyakuten Kenji 2. After receiving a call from Shelly de Killer at the resolution of their last investigation, Miles Edgeworth and Kay Faraday are accosted by Penny Nichols, who makes her first appearance since Turnabout Samurai, who takes them to a Global Studios set near the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee Headquarters where the body of Teikun Ō has been found. Shelly de Killer, Regina Berry, Lotta Hart and Mikiko Hayami make their second appearances of the game and Will Powers make a reappearance.


Intro glowingshimon
The kid.
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Intro cowmonster
The monster.
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In the dead of night at the Big Tower, steady tremors occurred. As the view changed to the evidence room, they became louder, more regular, like footsteps. The screen switched to a close up of an enormous eye looking into the evidence room from the window. The tremors became even more violent as the exterior was shown. A lone child with horns appeared outside the headquarters and then glowed an eerie red. The source of the crashing footsteps is apparently revealed as a towering bull-like monster and it let loose a moo-like bellow.

Beginning, Part 1Edit

Construction YardEdit

After exiting the Prosecutorial Investigations Committee, Miles Edgeworth, Kay Faraday and Lotta Hart are summoned by an afraid Penny Nichols to a nearby Global Studios filming set. There they find the crushed body of the Zheng Fa President, Teikun Ō. They investigate the ground and the roof and deduce that the body was crushed by the huge Borumosu doll on the roof. They also meet Shimon Aizawa , Ō's biological son and Mikagami's adopted son who works as an actor.

Lang's LogicEdit

After investigating, Miles Edgeworth hears the argument of Interpol agent Shi-Long Lang. Lang suspects Judge Hakari Mikagami of Ō's murder. Edgeworth breaks Lang's testimony and destroys all suspicions about Mikagami. Miwa 's trial was supposed to begin soon with Shigaraki as defense and von Karma as prosecutor.

Beginning, Part 2Edit

Miwa's TrialEdit

Miwa's trial started for the murder of Manosuke Naitō in the prison. Edgeworth and Franziska von Karma were about to connect Miwa with Bansai Ichiyanagi's illegal activities who also murdered a defense attorney. That's why Ichiyanagi threatened judge Mikagami with kidnapping her son so that she gives an acquittal to both him and Miwa. Both defense and prosecution are desperately trying to prolong the trial.

Logic Chess: MikagamiEdit

During the recess, Edgeworth plays a game of Logic Chess with judge Mikagami and learns everything about the kidnapping. The team must take action soon and save Shimon!

Parking LotEdit

Edgeworth explores the area around the building and meets again Mikiko Hayami and Lotta Hart. Regina Berry and Sōta Sarushiro also come to testify as witnesses against Miwa. He also talks to another actor, Will Powers to gain further information. After that, they enter a nearby garage because they find a glass of milk, possibly dropped by Aizawa outside. They search around and discover the kidnapped prosecutor Yumihiko Ichiyanagi, Bansai's son. Bansai's men accidentally kidnapped him instead of Aizawa!

Logic Chess: IchiyanagiEdit

Edgeworth plays a game of Logic Chess with Yumihiko and learns more information. Yumihiko tells Edgeworth that his father threw the evidence against Miwa in the trash. Yumihiko retrieves the evidence and Edgeworth sends Faraday and Gumshoe to find Shimon Aizawa who was kidnapped by an entirely different person. Miwa's trial is about to start and Edgeworth and Yumihiko are about to convict both Miwa and Yumihiko's father, corrupt prosecutor Bansai Ichiyanagi.

District CourtEdit

Edgeworth and Yumihiko Ichiyanagi prosecute against Miwa. Bansai Ichiyanagi takes the stand and denies any connection regarding Miwa. However, Edgeworth proves the connection between them with Bansai's mechanic gloves and they are both convicted and are possibly given the death penalty. After the end of the trial, Agent Lang arrives alongside Kay, Gumshoe and Shimon. Lang announces that Aizawa is the new suspect of the murder of the president. They continue their investigation regarding Ō's murder.

Middle, Part 1Edit

Aizawa's TestimonyEdit

A new suspect was found by Agent Lang. It was Shimon Aizawa. Edgeworth hears Aizawa's testimony about what he knew regarding the day of the murder. Edgeworth still doesn't have any evidence to free him from the suspicions.

Parent-Child Accomplice TheoryEdit

Meanwhile, Agent Lang has a theory about Aizawa's motive: "He killed his biological father to take revenge". Edgeworth though, with supporting evidence clears Aizawa's name. He then presents that Ō's murder had something to do with the SS-5 Incident, a forgotten incident where a reporter was found dead in the Happy Family Orphanage while witnessing Teikun Ō's kidnapping for ransom. Little Thief was about to take action to recreate the scene...

JmcdunceAdded by Jmcdunce

Recreating the Crime Scene: OrphanageEdit

With Little Thief's help, Edgeworth examines the scene and discovers many unknown facts about the SS-5 Incident.

Middle, Part 2Edit

The Truth of the IncidentEdit

Moments before the assassination.
JmcdunceAdded by Jmcdunce
The true SS-5 Incident was very compIicated. Teikun Ō wasn't kidnapped but was actually murdered by an assassin Ryōken Hōinbō . Then his body double, the mastermind of the plan continued as the real Ō. Ryugi Kamei witnessed the whole thing and was murdered by the body double for it. The team learned everything about the three conspirators, Teikun Ō's double, Miwa and Ichiyanagi. What's left was to find Ō's murderer.

Hōinbō's TestimonyEdit

They were approached by Hōinbō himself, who actually escaped prison. They heard his testimony and found out that the murderer was the circus worker, Sōta Sarushiro who was apparently Kazami's son. During IS-7, he was locked in a freezing car with Holic's son, Manosuke Naitō who was the one who tied him up. They were saved by Hōinbō who took them to the Happy Family Orphanage. Then Sarushiro witnessed the whole SS-5 and drew a picture of it. He then warned Hōinbō who was about to get murdered by the three conspirators. He then became like a son to Hōinbō and decided to take revenge against everyone who did harm to him (Naitō, Miwa, Ichiyanagi and Ō).


The real Sōta Sarushiro.
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Sarushiro's TestimonyEdit

The team arrives at the Berry Big Circus to confront Sarushiro. When Sarushiro realised they suspected him, his whole personality changed and he became evil and merciless. After many testimonies, Edgeworth finally proved he was the murderer. Sarushiro actually crushed Ō with his balloon. Edgeworth proved it with Ou's flowers stuck at the base of the balloon. After Sarushiro's breakdown, Shelly de Killer arrived to kill his client, Sarushiro due to the events of Turnabout Target. However, de Killer was stopped from a stab by Hōinbō. He escaped with Shi-Long Lang chasing after him.
DeKiller vs Ryouken
The two assassins fight
JmcdunceAdded by Jmcdunce
Then, Hōinbō offers revenge to Shimon Aizawa for killing his father, but he refused, because he would be a murderer himself.


Where are they now?Edit

  • Shelly de Killer pretended to run the ice cream shop, calling it a crêperie now.
  • Frank Sahwit expressed his anger - as an accomplice to Miwa, he got his prison sentence extended.
  • Regina Berry was still shocked from what happened with Sarushiro, but she was to appear on the stage that day already.
  • Ryōken Hōinbō quietly returned to his cell. He said he was not bored thanks to Sarushiro.
  • Issei Tenkai was released. He came to visit Tsukasa Oyashiki every day. For 18 years, he had continued to make candy in prison, now he was allowed to distribute the sweets in jail and prison.
  • Delicy Scone was scheming to develop diet drugs to use with Tenkai's sweets.
  • Because of his drawing of women, Larry Butz got himself a new girlfriend again...
  • Detective Badd was to testify again in the reopened IS-7 case. Shigaraki was happy with such praise for Badd.
  • It was proved that Tōko Mutō was threatened to work with Bansai, so her crime was taken lightly. And even that day, she was to autopsy a corpse as a coroner assistant to her grandmother, Otome Itami.
  • Ema Skye, who helped with forensics, returned again to her studies abroad.
  • Franziska von Karma worried about Yumihiko, who now had to overcome a great father, just like herself.
  • Lang decided to follow the will of his father and protect his country. He declared that he would revitalize the Republic of Zheng Fa.
  • Thanks to all the gossip, the Borumosu movie had great reception.
  • Shimon Aizawa bought yellow Shishiyuri flowers for his mother and father...

Edgeworth's PathEdit

Two Paths
The final scene with the two Edgeworths.
JmcdunceAdded by Jmcdunce

With the case now over, Edgeworth has finally decided his path.

The case had him realized that he was like Sōta too, He used to think that he killed his father, but thanks to a certain man, he realized he didn't.

Edgeworth decided to continue his path as a prosecutor, and go his own way to pursue his goal of the truth. With that, he returned Kay's Yatagarasu Badge and Mikagami handed him his badge back.

He won't forget his father, however...


  • This is the case that has the most evidence carried by the player at one time filling one space on the fifth page. It is also the case with the most profiles in any one case, almost completing three pages. The game overtook Rise from the Ashes of this title.
  • This is the second case in the series where a child is accused of murder, the first being Turnabout Serenade.
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