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The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story
AoUS Card
Trial data

April 15-17, 1900

Courtroom No.

Old Bailey

Presiding judge


Defense team leader

Ryūnosuke Naruhodō

Defense team assistants

Susato Mikotoba (investigative partner)
Iris Watson (investigative partner and co-counsel)
Sherlock Holmes (investigative partner)


Barok van Zieks


Gina Lestrade


Hatch Windibank
Sherlock Holmes (non-lethal)
Cosney Megundal

Time of death

April 16, 1900
February 18, 1900 (Megundal)

Weapon/cause of death

Gunshot to the back (Hatch)
Stabbed in the stomach by an exploding test tube (Holmes)
Immolation (Megundal)


Not Guilty

Tobias Gregson
Nemmy Tinpillar
Tully Tinpillar
Robert Crogley (arrested)
Gina Lestrade
Other characters
Hart Vortex
Mortar Milverton
John Garrideb (Juror No. 1)
Dmitri Demiglaski (Juror No. 6)
During credits
Taketsuchi Auchi
Sanmon Sonohigurashi
Taizou Uzukumaru
Judge (Japan)
Satoru Hosonaga
Sōseki Natsume
Patrick O'Malley
Rola O'Malley
Naruhodō Law Consultation Office
Holmes's Room
Baker Street
Hatch's Pawn Shop
Detention Center
St. Entre-Deux Hospital
Chief Justice's Office
Storage Room
Old Bailey
Defense Armband

Deposit Receipt (Small Box)
Gina's Written Request
Blood Discrimination Samples
Deposit Receipt (Coat)
Iris's Manuscript
Megundal Case Materials
Today's Newspaper
Autopsy Report
Crime Scene Photo
Crime Scene Floor Plan
Hatch's Pistol
Tinpillars' Pistol
Shop Interior Recording Photo (Gina)
Shop Interior Recording Photo (After the Incident)
Music Box Disc
Holmes's Pouch
Third Bullet

Barok van Zieks
That incident two months ago... was quite the interesting one. To think I would once again meet the people connected to that trial once more like this...

Episode 5: The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story is the fifth and final episode of the game Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken and follows Ryūnosuke Naruhodō's fourth appearance in the British court. It has been two months since Ryūnosuke and Susato Mikotoba arrived in London, and both are living in Holmes' Attic. While there, he becomes acquainted with Hatch Windibank and once again meets Gina Lestrade.


Megundal Death

Megundal attempting to break free of the burning omnibus.

Hutch Shot

Hatch's body after being shot in the back.

Sherlock Shot

Sherlock on the floor after being wounded during the crime.

Gina on the floor

Gina on the floor next to Hatch, clutching Hatch's revolver.

It all started after Cosney Megundal was found not guilty of the murder of Mortar Milverton. Only minutes after his acquittal, Megundal burned to death inside the omnibus. Two months later, a pawn shop owner was shot to death in his shop. The famed detective, Sherlock Holmes, doubled over in pain after being stabbed in the stomach. A third party, shot in the shoulder. Only one person remained unharmed, but armed: Gina Lestrade.

Where are they now? Edit

  • Holmes ended up buying a mountain's worth of music boxes from all over Europe, with the papers saying that he uses them to solve cases. He noted that they've been selling like hot cakes.
  • Iris had been working on her new novel all night to finish before the deadline. Luckily, Holmes tried to make breakfast for her, but believed she'd end up getting sandy toast and muddy coffee, missing the wonderful Japanese breakfasts Susato made her.
  • Taketsuchi Auchi declared Sanmon Sonohigurashi's testimony a complete contradiction. The latter objected to this statement, asking if his koban let itself be stolen, but Taizou Uzukumaru pleaded his innocence, saying his son Koroumaru believes in him. The judge politely told them he would rather not have the Supreme Court be involved with this fight.
  • Satoru Hosonaga decided to infiltrate the Steamship Alicare, and remain a sailor after sending Nikomina Borschevic to Shanghai. He ended up picking up the very suspicious Sōseki Natsume. Natsume was enraged that holding a mere kitten that Wagahai had was an offense.
  • Hart Vortex stated that scientific investigations are the symbol of a new era for the police. He compared his ideal world of law and order to one hundred clock gears moving together without deviation. He had to cut his speech short, citing that he only had two minutes and thirty-seven seconds until his next meeting.
  • Tobias Gregson ended up making another appearance in the newest issue of the Strand Magazine. He stated he could already hear the cheers from the pub when he speaks his line "Rather good, for an amateur." He stated he must look ever upwards to Iris.
  • John Garrideb has been meeting with Joan Garrideb every day since her arrest. Since he's been using the stairs so much, his legs have started to regain their strength. He tried out being a maid for himself, but was baffled when no one realized it was him.
  • Rola O'Malley was excited that her husband, Patrick O'Malley returned to her thanks to Barok van Zieks. Pat found himself picking up small changes on paroles more than anything else, stating that his duty is to protect London and make Rola happy. The two held each other in a loving embrace.
  • Gina had to stay in prison for a while, but doesn't seem to mind, as Iris comes to play with her every day. She states that Iris always has a Holmes story or two ready to tell her, making her think that investigating crimes might be fun.
  • Robert Crogley decided that he had no regrets about taking the path that he did, but Nemmy and Tully tell him to take it easy and that they should bring back their milk business.
  • Susato says she will never forget the time she spent in London with Naruhodō, Holmes and Iris, understanding that life consists of farewells and meetings. She promised that one day, she will return, and hopes that Naruhodō will keep her in his memories until then.
    Happy Family

    The photo of Holmes, Naruhodō, Susato, Iris and Wagahai.

Notes Edit

  • All of the Jurors for this trial, except No. 3, have appeared in the game previously, as Ryūnosuke notes.
  • Aside from Vortex, Lestrade, Iris and Gregson (the latter two whom appear briefly and unnamed), no other character introduced in The Adventure of the Runaway Room appear in the credits.
  • Holmes' deduction of Benedict's plan in the pawn shop is the actual plot of the second Doyle short story "The Red-Headed League."
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