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The Adventure of the Runaway Room
AoRR Card
Trial data

Feb. 18, 1900

Courtroom No.

Old Bailey

Presiding judge


Defense team leader

Ryūnosuke Naruhodō

Defense team assistants

Susato Mikotoba (Legal Assistant)


Barok van Zieks


Cosney Megundal


Mortar Milverton

Time of death

February 15, 1900; 10:00 p.m.

Weapon/cause of death

Knife stab to the stomach


Not Guilty

Oscar Fairplay
Adam Redifast
Gina Lestrade
Cosney Megundal
Other characters
Hart Vortex
Iris Watson
Tobias Gregson
Kazuma Asōgi (allusion)
Chief Justice's Office
Old Bailey
Defense Armband
Hart Vortex
...Very well. As you wish, I will grant you an opportunity. An examination acknowledging you as a specially approved attorney.
Episode 3: The Adventure of the Runaway Room is the third episode of the game Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken and follows Ryūnosuke Naruhodō's first appearance in the English court. In his first trial there, Ryūnosuke is asked to defend well-known British businessman and philanthropist, Cosney Megundal, for the murder of an East-End Brick Maker, 'Thrice-Fired' Mortar Milverton. Barok van Zieks, Cosney Megundal, Oscar Fairplay, Adam Redifast, Beppo, Hart Vortex, and Gina Lestrade all make their debuts in the episode.

This episode introduces the Jury Trials. All trials held in Britain have a jury consisting of six jurors, who can declare the defendant guilty when they all believe the trial has produced enough evidence.


Milverton Dead

Milverton's body with the knife embedded in him.

In the middle of a cold winter's night, in the foggy city of London, an omnibus strolled down the street. Suddenly, a murder in the carriage occurs, both passengers on top of the omnibus claim to have seen the murder occur.


Ryūnosuke Naruhodō and Susato Mikotoba arrive in London, they take a carriage to get to the Chief Justice. After being amazed by the office, they prepare themselves to tell the chief about Kazuma Asōgi's death and how they will be substituting for him. The chief arrives, he is a large, time-obsessed man named Hart Vortex. After talking about London, Vortex announced that the incident on the ship reached him and the British government. In spite of his condolences, however, Vortex has to suspend Asōgi's trip. But after he hears Naruhodō will take his place, Vortex reluctantly agrees, despite Naruhodō just studying only appearing in court once. But first, he must prove himself by defending someone in court. No one else is taking this person as their client.


In the defendant lobby in the Old Bailey, Naruhodō and Susato meet the client, a very rich businessman by the name of Cosney Megundal.

The British Judge announces that court is now in session. Naruhodō is quite intimidated by prosecutor Barok van Zieks. The judge then announces the jurors of this trial: A stocky man, a young maid, an eccentric barber, an indifferent woman typing, a carriage driver drinking, and an elderly lady knitting. Those six jurors and the judge will determine the fate of the defendant, most unlike Japan's court system.


  • When inspecting the omnibus, its back is labeled "Phoenix Wright Omnibus."
  • This case has similarities to Farewell, My Turnabout. In both, the clients are — or at least, in the case of The Runaway Room, are very heavily implied to be — guilty, and the protagonist lawyer must go against defending his client in order to point out the truth. Unlike Farewell, My Turnabout, however, this case ends with an unjust not guilty verdict.

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