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The Adventure of the Great Departure
AoGD Title Card
Trial data

Nov. 22, 1899

Courtroom No.


Presiding judge


Defense team leader

Ryūnosuke Naruhodō

Defense team assistants

Kazuma Asōgi (co-counsel)


Taketsuchi Auchi


Ryūnosuke Naruhodō


John Watson

Time of death

November 19, 1899

Weapon/cause of death

Poisoning caused by curare (Initially thought to be blood loss from the gunshot wound)


Not Guilty

Satoru Hosonaga (not cross-examined)
Sanmon Sonohigurashi
Taizou Uzukumaru
Jezail Brett (Put on trial in Shanghai)
Other characters
Yūjin Mikotoba
Susato Mikotoba
Kuroumaru Uzukumaru
Supreme Court Defendant Lobby No. 5
School Badge
Watson's Autopsy Report
Photograph of the Victim
Waiter's Business Card
Photograph of the Crime Scene
Watson's Medical Report
Photograph of the Handbag
Bottle of Carbonated Water
Jezail's Report
Beefsteak Dish
Ryūnosuke Naruhodō
T... The.. The acting attorney for the accused. F-For this trial, is... M-m-me. Ryūnosuke Naruhodō!
Episode 1: The Adventure of the Great Departure is the first episode of the game Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken and follows Ryūnosuke Naruhodō's first appearance in court. In his first trial, Ryūnosuke is tried for the murder of a British professor, Doctor John H. Watson, despite having no knowledge of law. Ryūnosuke Naruhodō, Kazuma Asōgi, Taketsuchi Auchi, Satoru Hosonaga, Yūjin Mikotoba, Susato Mikotoba, Sanmon Sonohigurashi, Taizou Uzukumaru, and Jezail Brett all make their debuts in this episode.

Out of all tutorial episodes in the Ace Attorney games, The Adventure of the Great Departure is the longest of all the games, consisting of three trial segments.


Decades after the historic opening of the Japanese Empire to the world, under the grand declaration of a cultural revolution, Western culture rushed into this far east island nation. Suffocating under this booming energy of "change" and "revolution", citizens of the Imperial Capital are being swallowed whole by the whirlpool of changing times. ...And now. The curtain rises over the stage, from one such story of the era.
John H Watsons Crime Scene

A British man's body slumped over in his chair.

In the 18th century, the Meiji period in Japan has begun, it is time of revolution where the Western countries come to see it change. However, at dinner time in the western restaurant, La Quantos, a gunshot rang through the establishment. All of the patrons looked to see a body of a deceased English gentleman. As the authorities arrive, a young Japanese man is found holding a gun and was standing in front of the victim. He looks like Phoenix Wright, and yet he's not Phoenix Wright.

Ryūnosuke's Trial Edit

Before the Trial Edit

8:43 AM

Three days after the murder, the suspect, Ryuunosuke Naruhodō, great-grandfather of Phoenix Wright, is waiting for his trial to begin, awaiting his fate to be decided by the court. One of the bailiffs called him a murderer. His friend and defense attorney, Kazuma Asōgi, tells the bailiff that the verdict has let to pass, so calling Naruhodo guilty is wrong even if he was a bailiff. Asogi brings up that the incident has published in the newspaper and asks Naruhodo if he did it. Naruhodo says that he would never commit something like murder. Asogi then tells Naruhodo to keep his chin up and that he has faith in him.

My Beautiful Mophead Husband

Asougi's going on a trip.

Naruhodo then thinks back to just before the incident had just occurred. He was congratulating Asogi on receiving news that Asogi's overseas studies were confirmed. He wants to go overseas to see in Great British Empire to change the judicial system of Japan. Asogi offers Naruhodo to accompany him on his trip, but Naruhodo is unsure so Asogi offers to ask another time. Naruhodo decides to stay while Asogi leaves.

Naruhodo then snaps back to the present as someone calls for Asogi. The person was Yūjin Mikotoba and accompanying him was his daughter, Susato. Yujin tells Asogi to go see the judge in his chambers, since Asogi sent an application for a change of the defense attorney fairly recently, that it caused some disarray. Susato accompanies Asogi to the Judge's chambers.

As the two left, Yujin tells Naruhodo that while Asogi's overseas studies are confirmed, if he loses today's trial, the program will be suspended and Asogi will never get another chance. Naruhodo is shocked and asks how this decision came to be. Yujin says that the Japanese Empire selected Asogi from a large amount of candidates to study abroad.

Naruhodo then states that he is not guilty. But Yujin says that with the evidence mounted against him and given the fact that today's trial is unique, it would be very difficult. Naruhodo asks what he can do so Yujin tells to him that after the judge asks a question towards the defense, Naruhodo must say "I am" before anyone else.

The bailiff then says that the trial is about to begin and they must head towards the courtroom. Yujin say that Asogi should not stand as defense, but Naruhodo is the one that ultimately decides. As the bailiff calls for the defendant, Naruhodo is thinking about the situation. If his is found guilty, Asogi will loses his chance to study abroad. As Naruhodo enter the courtroom, he is joined by Asogi.

The Trial Edit

9:00 AM

The trial is conducted under absolute secrecy due to the recent Japanese-Anglo Alliance treaty between Japan and the Great British Empire. As the trial starts, the judge asks who is standing for the defendant. Naruhodo realizes that this is the question Yujin was talking about. He notices that if he replies with "I am" he would have to defend himself, but Naruhodo goes thought with it because he doesn't want to ruin Asogi's dream. Everyone is shocked that and Asogi asks what is Naruhodo is trying to do. Naruhodo explain that he heard from Yujin about what would happen if Asogi were to lose this trial. The prosecution, Taketsuki Auchi, comments on how the defendant's attorney is abandoning him, but Asogi exclaims that the one who knew of the defendant's innocence was the defendant himself.

The judge beings to see if Naruhodo is fit to do the job by asking some questions about the incident. The victim's name is John H. Watson. Since the victim was British, the Japanese government is looking to put the blame on someone, it's being considered a hate crime. Naruhodo was the prime suspect due to him being at the scene of the crime and was holding a gun. Naruhodo thinks back to just after Asogi left on the day of the incident. Naruhodo noticed the victim at the restaurant and went up to him to say hello.

Naruhodo snaps back to the trial and is asked to present what was the caused of death. The autopsy report states that the cause of death was blood loss from the gunshot wound. Auchi also presents a photograph of the body and submits it as evidence.

The First Witness Edit

The first witness is called to the stand. His name is Satoru Hosonaga and he is a waiter at the restaurant. He has a habit of coughing up blood but he says that it's nothing. In his testimony, the victim was spending time at the restaurant a little after 2 pm. After the victim finished eating, three groups of people came. Hosonaga was cleaning utensils in the kitchen when he heard the gunshot. He then came out of the kitchen to see the victim dead and the defendant with a firearm in his hand. No one else stood close to the victim and the defendant.

My Cute Ancestor Son

Who is that woman?

Naruhodo then remembers a woman sitting at the same table as the victim on the day of the incident. Naruhodo objects and states it to the court but was dismissed due to him being the accused. The waiter presents a card with the seating arrangements at the time with where the victim was marked on it. The card was handed over as evidence but Hosonaga begs them not to look at the other side.

The judge and prosecution offer that if Naruhodo pleads guilty, his sentence will be reduced slightly. Naruhodo asks Asogi if he should pleads guilty but Asogi says that he has faith in him and is he willing to betray his faith. Then he hits the desk with a karate chop and states that the defense is here to prove the defendant's innocence and that the trial should continue.

The Next Witnesses Edit

The next two witnesses are Taizou Uzukumaru, a soldier of the Japanese army, and Sanmon Sonohigurashi, an antique dealer who owns a shop called the Hall of Discard. They were both present at the restaurant talking about rare treasures when the crime occurred.
Ryuunosuke With A Gun

Is this Watson's gun?

Taizou saw the accused fire the gun killing the victim and then Sonohigurashi got onto the floor. Naruhodo tells Asogi what happened. After greeting the victim, Naruhodo went back to his table to finish his coffee. When he started to leave, he noticed an English made pistol next to the victim. He thought it was the professor so he stood up to give it to him when he heard the gunshot.

Asogi then tells Naruhodo to request a cross-examination quickly. As the prosecution was about to have the trial conclude, Naruhodo requests a cross examination. Auchi was about to deny it when Asogi comes in and says that the defense has a right to perform one. As the cross examination begins, Naruhodo notices a contradiction. He tries to point it out by presenting the photo of the crime scene, but gets tongue tied. Asogi then hits the desk and tells the court that the in the photo the victim was shot in the chest. Taizou said he was shot in the back so it was a contradiction. Taizou then explains that he was actually looking the beefsteak so he didn't witness the crime when the gun was shot. Sonohigurashi, at the time, was looking for a valuable koban coin he lost. Due to those statements, Asogi states that the testimony is inconclusive.

They continue with the trial and it is revealed that Taizou brought along his son, Kuroumaru. The two witnesses claim that it doesn't change anything because there was no one else. Naruhodo exclaims that there was someone else there, but Auchi presents a photo that shows that the table was set for one. Naruhodo was about to give up when Asogi tells Naruhodo to keep his head high. Auchi presents a medical report found in the breast pocket of the victim. The report states that the victim just had a tooth pulled from the Hotti Clinic and was given instructions of not eating any food for the next three hours. This is a contradiction, as there a beefsteak on Watson's table, proving that there was indeed someone else there with the victim.

As the defense continue to press, Sonohigurashi let slip that they were ordered to testify that there was no lady at the scene. It appears that someone scared them into silence. Naruhodo believe it was the waiter and the card that the waiter presented says that Satoru Hosonaga is actually a detective. As they were about to confirm if Hosonaga ordered them to keep silent, he appeared. He explains that he was working undercover at the restaurant due to a string of incidents that occurred at the restaurant. Hosonaga avoided sat that the woman was there due to orders at the police headquarters saying to release the British woman there. The reason why was because they wanted to keep a good relationship with the Great British Empire. Asogi remembers that there was an exchange student from Great Britain and the student was a female and was under the victim's research facility in the medical block. Hosonaga confirms this and the judge sends the inspector to get the female exchange student.

The Phantom Woman Edit

11:38 AM

A break was taken. Asogi comments on how Naruhodo can still find contradictions will being very nervous. Asogi suggests maybe Naruhodo is suited to be an attorney. Naruhodo brushes it of, claiming he doesn't want now frightful thoughts. Asogi asks if Naruhodo noticed anything about the lady, but Naruhodo says no. Yujin then comes up to congratulate the two on how well they work together. Asogi then talks to Yujin on how he thinks that this was a set up. Yujin didn't want Asogi's studies to be suspended so he intervened. Asogi feels pathetic because he can't save his best friend so he resigns from the trip if Naruhodo is found guilty. Then Yujin reveals that he offer the position of professor to the victim was him. Yujin tells the two that since the person is part of the Great British Empire, it would be very difficult. As the break was about to end, Naruhodo says thank you to Asogi for putting faith in him. Asogi says he did it as a man, attorney, and friend.

12:09 PM

As the trial starts up again, Taketsuchi Auchi comments on how might their ties with Great Britain could of had worsen by this trial. Asogi and Naruhodo comments on how justice is put behind in favor of politics and good ties. The trial commences and the exchange student, Jezail Brett, arrives. However, she can only speak English so Hosonaga is acting as a translator. She was there at the scene of the crime and was having a late lunch with the victim. She ordered a beefsteak for herself. Then Naruhodo came over and it evolved into a dispute. He pulled out a gun and shot the victim. Naruhodo exclaims he did do it, Asogi says that he hasn't learn anything. Brett is wearing the same clothes as the one she wore at the day of the incident and there is no way for her to conceal a hand gun.

The defense cross-examines Brett, they find out that the victim had carbonated water. Naruhodo points out that in the photo depicting the table has only one wine glass. Auchi believes that the missing wine glass is trivial, but Asogi exclaims that if the police disposed the wine glass to cover the woman's tracks. Satoru then says he did nothing of the short. Brett explains she took the second wine glass away because she was in shock and hide it in her small handbag. Naruhodo then realizes that a handgun could of had been hidden in the handbag. Asogi then says that there must be a second gun at the time of the incident. Naruhodo asks the detective if he inspected the handbag. He did not so, but took a picture of Jezail's handbag. It has an open side and the only thing visible was the wine glass. It was handed over as evidence.

The judge was about to hand down his verdict when Naruhodo interrupts, saying that they need to inspect the photo. They inspect the photo to find that the victim has a bull shaped scar on his hand. It was left out due it being deemed not the cause of death. Naruhodo points out that the burn mark is an exact replica of the bull insignia on the iron plate that the beefsteak was on. Auchi tries to dismiss it, but Asogi exclaims that a burn would of had not slip by the restaurant due to public concern. Also, Satoru Hosonaga states that a burn like that would of had caused intense pain, but has not heard any loud scream. Naruhodo agrees that he heard no screams so that must mean he got it after he was dead.

Jezail Brett agrees to talk to preserve the relationship between Japan and Britain and she said it in Japanese. The reason why she wanted a translator was because she thought that Japanese was unfit for a lady of her station to speak. She didn't know about the burn mark and was shocked that a gunshot stole the life of the victim. She also believes that the police can't produce any new evidence. She wants to increase the defendant's punishment, but Asogi says that Naruhodo is exceptional.

As the two press the witness, they notice that Hosonaga is reacting strangely to Brett's testimony. They question Hosonaga and find out that since the police force is still developing, he may have took some stuff from the crime scene. He presents the bottle with carbonated water and gives it as evidence. Naruhodo believes that in order to not leave a trace, the victim has to be poisoned. Brett says "Shut up!" to Prosecutor Auchi who tries to defend the British woman, Hosonaga then states that the police investigated the bottle and found no poison. Naruhodo is about to give up when Susato Mikotoba shows up.

1:14 PM

Susato was about to be thrown out when she gives Asogi and Naruhodo Brett's research notes. They request to look at the notes and research lab because they found out that Brett was researching a poison that has no current methods to detect it. The victim would not scream or wither in pain because the poison would paralyze the victim's muscles. Not only that, but the muscles that control breathing would stop so it was death by suffocation.

Brett takes a drink from the bottle and is fine. But Naruhodo points out that in the research paper, the poison has to enter a wound to be deadly. Brett then points out that the professor could of had drank it and would of had been fine. Ryūnosuke Naruhodo thinks it over and states that since the victim had his tooth extracted then the poison could of had entered through that wound, he's now starting to act like real attorney just like his descendant. But Brett then takes the bottle and drops it. They can't pick up the water because the floor is carpeted. Brett explains with the poison evidence destroyed, the gun evidence towards Naruhodo still exists.

This Steak Is Suteki In Color

Blood stain of steak plate.

Naruhodo then remembers a clue, there was blood on the plate of the beefsteak. He asks Satoru Hosonaga if he has the plate. Brett tries to pin it on Naruhodo, but he points out that the plate is completely behind the victim so the shot came from the back. Hosonaga brings the meal tray and it has no blood. The defense inspect it and find that this plate has a koban coin underneath it, Naruhodo realizes that this is the coin that Sanmon Sonohigurashi lost.
Taizou broken down

Taizou Uzukumaru, the Las Quintos thief after the very first breakdown.

Hosonaga then explain the incidents that occurred at the restaurant was of thief from foreigners by using the food so Hosonaga had to go undercover to see who was the perpetrator. When the two witnesses return to the stand, it turns out to be Taizou Uzukumaru because he gets little pay and needs to provide for his son. Kuroumaru pulls on his father's mustache, does a horse back ride, and salutes with him.

Brett commits on the soldier's eating habits and actions as barbaric and Naruhodo points out that the beefsteak have bite marks so it must have been put there. Naruhodo then says the beefsteak that was presented belongs to Taizou so he must of had switched the plates. Naruhodo demands that the other beefsteak be presented. Brett tries to say that it is irrelevant, but Asogi pushed it because of Naruhodo's memories. Hosonaga presents the steak and there is blood on the plate, so that means the victim's back was towards him and the only one who could have done it was Brett. Jezail Brett went crazy with birds and went to "heaven". She confesses and reveals that she was about to leave when Naruhodo showed up and in order to keep the body from falling order, she used the chair. She then thought of a plan, she has two handguns hidden under her skirt so she dropped one for Naruhodo to pick up and used the second to shoot the victim's body. As Hosonaga detains Naruhodo, she rotated the chair. After a silent pause, she says that is her whole crime.

As the trial concludes, Auchi swears vengeance against Naruhodo. Asogi says that prideful will be uprooted by the next generation and uses his sword to cut Taketsuchi Auchi's hair, making it come undone. Asogi then states that even in a thousand years, Auchi's family will never be an adversary towards Naruhodo's. The judge then gives Naruhodo his Not Guilty verdict.

After the Trial Edit

2:46 PM

Yujin Mikotoba and his daughter congratulate the two on their victory. Yujin explains that he came to knew Professor Watson when he was studying forensic science in Great Britain and worked with him in a hospital. Yujin then states that Jezail Brett will not be tried here. Satoru Hosonaga then comes in and explains that the Japanese courts can't judge a foreigner's crime due to the consular courts. She will be sent to Shanghai, China soon but the British government is following so they can try Brett for her crimes. Asogi thought Japan-Anglo treaty should've rendered those consular courts void, he thinks there is something going on between England and their country.

As they go to celebrate, Naruhodo thanks Asogi for his help. Asogi the replies that he only helped in the beginning and that Naruhodo has a talent for being an attorney. Naruhodo then exclaims he doesn't want to go through another situation like that ever again. Asogi then tells Naruhodo that an attorney's greatest power is believing. Believing in your client and in yourself. They then go to celebrate. As the episode end, Naruhodo reflects on how something changed his life.

Trivia Edit

  • This trial eventually has the defendant defend himself like how Phoenix defended himself in Turnabout Sisters.
  • The trial, along with the later trials in the game and its sequel, includes interviewing multiple witnesses at a time, like in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.
  • Asogi comments on how Auchi's descendants will never be an advisory against Naruhodo's which comes true as the Paynes never won a case against the Wright Anything Agency
  • Instead of confetti after the trial, there are cherry blossoms.

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