Taketsuchi Auchi
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Taketsuchi Auchi
A slice it shall be
Into the wind it scatters
Carrying my hopes
Endless for one cannot count
Farewell it presents
- Taketsuchi.

Taketsuchi Auchi was a prosecutor in Japan during the Meiji period. He was an ancestor of Winston Payne and Gaspen Payne. He was arrogant and self-confident like his descendants after him would be. He used a fan in court, which was decorated with the kanji for "Guilty" (罪), and later for "Punishment" (罰).

Facing against rookies Edit

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Taketsuchi Auchi was the prosecutor in Ryūnosuke Naruhodō's secret trial for the murder of John Watson. His best friend, Kazuma Asōgi was originally the defense attorney but Naruhodō decided to defend himself so it doesn't affect his friend's trip abroad. Auchi presents a photograph of Watson's body and submits it as evidence. He almost denied Naruhodō's cross-examination when Asōgi says that the defense has a right to perform one. Auchi then presents a photo that shows that the table Watson was sitting at was set for one, getting rid of Naruhodō's claim that there was someone else. But once he presents a medical report that states the victim just had a tooth pulled from the Hotta Clinic and was given instructions of not eating any food for the next three hours, it proved that there was indeed someone else there. Auchi comments on how Japan's ties with Great Britain could worsen by this trial. When Naruhodō points out that the photo depicting the table has only one wine glass for Jezail Brett, Auchi believes that the missing wine glass is trivial, but Asōgi exclaims that the police probably disposed the wine glass to cover the woman's tracks. When Naruhodō points out that the burn mark on Watson, Auchi tries to dismiss it but Asōgi exclaims that a burn would had not slip by the restaurant due to public concern. Prosecutor Auchi tries to defend the British woman but receives a "Shut up!" from her. Near the end of the trial Asōgi cuts Auchi's hair saying that, even after a thousand year, his family will never rival Naruhodō's.

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Some time later he prosecutes Taizou Uzukumaru for stealing the koban of Sanmon Sonohigurashi.

Loss to another rookie Edit

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When Jezail Brett was killed before she left for Shanghai, Haori Murasame became the suspect and Taketsuchi Auchi was the prosecutor. Susato Mikotoba disguised herself as Naruhodō's cousin, Ryūtarō Naruhodō, Auchi saw this as his chance to humiliate the Naruhodō clan just like he did to him nine months ago. He adds a fountain pen Brett was holding her hand when she died, and it had the initials H.M., which are Haori Murasame's initials. When "Naruhodō" theorizes that Murasame was just pulling out the blade, Auchi counters this by saying Murasame was probably going to stab her again even if that didn't kill Brett, the blood doesn't matter. He asks why she would pull the knife out of Brett in the first place, so Susato says it was to actually save the victim, but everyone else finds that ridiculous. Prosecutor Auchi then argues that the poison has no relevance to the case unless Murasame suspected it was there. So "Naruhodō" notes that the coroner's report says that Brett's pupils were contracted instead of enlarged which is a result of the poison's effect. When Taketsuchi Auchi mocks Yūjin Mikotoba for not noticing the poison was gone, Murasame defends him by saying she was trying to get the poison back from Brett. That's when Auchi presents a photograph inside the hut with the knife in Murasame's hand and Brett body. Susato points out that whoever to this picture must also be a witness, but Auchi admits that this picture reached the Teito Police Force via express mail just yesterday with no name attached.

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Later he found out about Ryūtarō Naruhodō being a girl and tried to press charges against Susato Mikotoba.

Name Edit

  • His surname "Auchi" (亜内) is a Japanese romanization of the English word "ouch".
  • His given name "Taketsuchi" (武土) is visually similar to the Japanese word bushi (武士), meaning samurai.

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