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Taelende hidden on the cover of the Grand Grimoire.

Taelende is the name given to the final "spell" in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It is a trigger word that breaks all the townspeople out of their hypnosis and enables them to see "invisible" objects. Unlike the other "spells", Taelende is not listed within the Grand Grimoire itself, but is hidden on the cover of the book.


  • The spell's Japanese name is "Lostoria", which may be a play on "lost story".
  • "Taelende" is a play on "tale end", in reference to it being the spell that ends the Story.
  • The spell's French name is "Fabula Finis", meaning "tale" and "end" in Latin, respectively.
  • The spell's German name is "Nostoria", which might be a play on "no story".

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