Tōko Mutō
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Tōko Mutō
This calls for an injection, stat! Please roll up your sleeves!

Tōko Mutō is a nurse at the Itami Hospital, where her grandmother Otome Itami is the director. The two are normally seen together, with Mutō acting as Itami's assistant.

Unwilling accompliceEdit

Main article: The Forgotten Turnabout

Itami and Mutō.

The conductor of a black market auction got into contact with Mutō in order to coerce her into being his accomplice in the murder of Tsubasa Kagome. By threatening to reveal that her grandmother, Otome Itami, had falsified an autopsy report for the IS-7 Incident years prior, Mutō felt she had no other option but to cooperate.

On the night of April 4, as the auction began, Mutō hid in a costume trunk in the secret evidence storage room used by the auction on the hidden 51st floor of the Big Tower. After the conductor (who wore one of the masks with a built-in voice changer that all participants in the auction wore in order to conceal their true identities from each other, and so Mutō did not know who he was) successfully struck Kagome before she was able to do so first, he had Mutō switch places with her by putting on her clothes and a wig that was similar to Kagome's own hairstyle. While the conductor was otherwise occupied, Mutō covered Kagome with a red raincoat. She noticed a wavy wig nearby as she was doing so, but dismissed it due to the more important events that were taking place.

Mutō then replaced Kagome in the auction. Since all auction participants wore masks with voice-changers on them, it was easy enough for her to put on the mask Kagome had worn and take her place, due to their similar physiques. She successfully bid on the costume trunk which contained Kagome and then returned to the storage room with the conductor. However, by this time, Kagome had managed to escape from the box and climb a ladder out of the storage room to the top of Big Tower before succumbing to her wound. Kay Faraday, who had stumbled across the dying woman, managed to fall down the hatch Kagome had used, knocking herself unconscious on the floor of the storage room. Mutō took the raincoat off Kagome before the conductor could see it. Mutō and the conductor then dressed Kagome's body in a replica of the conductor's clothes.

Both Faraday and Kagome were locked inside the costume trunk until the end of the auction. Believing that Faraday was an accomplice of Kagome's, the conductor decided to plant evidence on her to implicate her in the murder. The whole time, Mutō could not identify the conductor, as he always wore his mask. All she knew was that he had a mark on his chin.

Mutō took initial care of Faraday after she was found in an amnesiac state at the Big Tower. Despite her physical injuries being only minor, Mutō wrapped a number of bandages around her patient. Faraday's clothes were sent to a forensics lab for testing. Mutō then brought her to Miles Edgeworth's office; as Faraday had Edgeworth's business card on her person, he was the only person who the nurse could think might know her. Mutō then accompanied Itami to the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee (P.I.C.)'s meeting room, where Kagome's body was found and where the auction had taken place. Itami relayed her autopsy report orally to Mutō, but Mutō intentionally wrote it down incorrectly. While the head wound was the cause of death and the stab wounds found on the body were post-mortem, Mutō switched the order of events so that the stab wounds were the cause of death. Grandmother and granddaughter then bought cotton candy at the viewing platform at the top of the tower before leaving.

Mutō and Itami were summoned the next day to Edgeworth's P.I.C. hearing to determine his fate as a prosecutor. However, Edgeworth's deductive skills quickly allowed him to reveal Mutō's role in the forgery and murder. Edgeworth attempted to expose Bansai Ichiyanagi, the chair of the P.I.C., as the killer and auction conductor, and eventually the mark that Mutō had seen was identified as a burn mark. Through this, it was discovered that the wavy wig Mutō had seen was actually a fake beard worn by Ichiyanagi to conceal the burn mark on his face.

Faraday regained her memories soon after Ichiyanagi's arrest. Mutō gave her back her original clothes and removed all her bandages. Mutō and Itami would later be tried for their respective crimes, but received lenient punishment due to the fact that they had both been blackmailed.


Tōko Mutō
Better safe than sorry! A pound of prevention is worth an ounce of cure! That's my motto!


Mutō is excessive with her precautions, as summed up in her corruption of the saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." She applies excessive bandages (such as with Kay Faraday, despite her injuries not being very severe), offers injections to anyone she feels is under the weather, and has a poor bedside manner. She has a strong bond with her grandmother, and so was willing to resort to crime in order to protect her. Although Itami would occasionally hit Mutō on the head with her walking cane when irritated with her, Mutō would be just as likely to respond by slapping her grandmother's hair bun.


  • Her full name is a play on "budoutou" (ブドウ糖) and "mutou touko" (むとう とうこ), which are the Japanese terms for "glucose" and "grape sugar", respectively. This may be a reference to the sugar pills used as placebos in medicine.
  • "Muto" (ムトウ) is also a major manufacturer of medical supplies in Japan.
  • Mutō's name in the unofficial English fan translation patch for Gyakuten Kenji 2 is "Karin Jenson". "Karin" may be intended to be a play on "caring" or "carrying", while "Jenson" may be a play on "injection."


The kanji on her nurse cap is "安全第一" (anzen dai ichi), which translates into English as "safety first." It was translated as "Safety 1st!" in the unofficial English fan translation.

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