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Susato Mikotoba
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Susato Mikotoba was a judicial assistant who lived in Japan during the Meiji period.[3] She has something of a sweet tooth and enjoys reading law books.

First encounters with NaruhodōEdit

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As Naruhodō's assistantEdit

First trial in LondonEdit

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Defending a fellow JapaneseEdit

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Return to JapanEdit

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Acting Defense AttorneyEdit

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Return to EnglandEdit

Main article: The Return of the Great Departed Soul


On default circumstances, Susato would have the personality similar to a typical Yamato Nadeshiko. However, as Susato finds herself slowly growing closer to other people, she would begin to assume a much more cutesy and casual way of speaking, which includes her speaking in third person. She also has a fondness for reading and likes to learn, and is highly intelligent. However when she is suspicious, she does not let her personal feelings rule over her train of thought, hence still suspecting Naruhodo in The Adventure of the Unbreakable Speckled Band. Susato is also shown to be quite strong in a physical sense, having performed several "Susato Throw"s and "Susato Drop"s on Ryūnosuke Naruhodō.


Susato Mikotoba is designed around the yamato nadeshiko archetype, with a somewhat believable, but ultimately impossible, hairstyle. Overall, her design is fairly subdued to contrast with Sherlock Holmes and Iris Watson.[4] It can also be noted that her outfit draws inspiration from the typical Meiji period jōgakusei image, which consisted of mainly a kimono, hakama, and boots.


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