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Special cell
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The special cell is a very large prison cell inhabited by Ryōken Hōinbō, an assassin who wielded a knife with a custom-made bell attached to it. It is among the many special privileges granted to him.

Prison privilegesEdit

Hōinbō's special treatment was due to his threats against prison warden Marī Miwa and her family, telling her that he had henchmen outside doing his bidding. To meet his demands, she gave him a large prison cell and five chisels. She also arranged to have various goods smuggled to Hōinbō every week for the benefit of the other prisoners. Hōinbō's dog Kuro would deliver the smuggled goods to the special cell. This earned Hōinbō the nickname "the Supplier".

Hōinbō took up wood carving using his chisels and played correspondence chess with Sōta Sarushiro, an associate from outside. Sarushiro performed in a circus animal show for the prison every month, but since Hōinbō was barred from attending the shows, he would never get to see and recognize him. Miwa would regularly summon the assassin to her office and interrogate him, but no matter what she did, she could not gain any more information out of him that could free her from his coercion. This built tension between the two that would lead her to take drastic measures.

A murderous deliveryEdit

Main article: The Imprisoned Turnabout

In March 2019, Hōinbō was in for a shock when Kuro delivered to him the dead body of Manosuke Naitō, a friend of Sarushiro's who had been arrested and detained in the detention center two days prior. A small chisel was stuck in the victim's neck, and attached to it was the bell from the knife that Hōinbō had used to carry out his hits. Realizing that someone was trying to frame him, the assassin ordered his dog to take the body to Workroom A and take out the apparent murder weapon there. The body was soon discovered, and the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee (P.I.C.) placed Hakari Mikagami and Yumihiko Ichiyanagi in charge of the ensuing investigation. They searched the entire prison for the murder weapon, but Hōinbō was able to have Kuro hide the chisel inside his mouth.

The next day, Hōinbō received a visit from Miles Edgeworth, the prosecutor who had convicted him and was in charge of Naitō's case. The two discussed the case at hand, with Edgeworth learning that the charges against Naitō had been altered without his knowledge. This was Edgeworth's first hint that the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee was doing more than simply meddling in his affairs. Later, while Hōinbō was being interrogated again, Edgeworth visited the cell in his attempt to determine how the victim's body had gone from the detention center to the prison. The police dog Missile was momentarily distracted by the smell of chocolate cake inside the special cell, and eagerly gobbled it up before following the scent of the body back outside.

Hōinbō later returned to his cell only to be questioned again by Mikagami, Ichiyanagi, and later Edgeworth, who believed that the prisoner had killed the victim using one of his chisels. The prosecutor had video footage seemingly showing someone being attacked by a dark-colored animal, and accused the assassin of using Kuro to bring Naitō to him. Edgeworth had a memo of the chess game that Hōinbō was playing with Sarushiro, but to Hōinbō's surprise, the memo belonged to Naitō. Hōinbō insisted that it was just an astronomical coincidence, but Edgeworth pressed on and found the chisel inside Kuro's mouth. Nonetheless, Hōinbō was vindicated when a fingerprint test showed only Naitō's prints on the supposed murder weapon.

It turned out that the man in the footage was Shūji Orinaka, an inmate who had escaped from his cell, and the animal was Mark, his pet polar bear cub, covered in mud packs. When Miwa entered the special cell, Mark again leaped onto one of her bodyguards, revealing him to be Orinaka in disguise. Through grilling Orinaka on his escape plans, Edgeworth learned that the body had been transported through a tunnel connected to a well in the prison courtyard. Edgeworth would go on to catch the real killer, Miwa, who had killed Naitō using Hōinbō's knife due to mounting paranoia of him being one of the assassin's henchmen.

Temporary escapeEdit

Main article: The Grand Turnabout

Five days after Miwa's arrest, Hōinbō decided to escape from prison to look for Sarushiro. Another assassin, Shelly de Killer, visited the cell to talk to Hōinbō about Sarushiro, only to find it empty. It was eventually revealed that Sarushiro had instigated Naitō's murder through actions convincing Miwa that Naitō was working for Hōinbō even though they did not know each other. Sarushiro had given the small chisel to Naitō inside a chessboard during a visit, and had gotten Naitō and Hōinbō to play chess against each other, with each believing that Sarushiro was his opponent. Sarushiro was eventually caught and arrested, and Hōinbō returned to prison with his new prison buddy.

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