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Sniper is a female Little Penguin (Eudyptula minor) chick that lives at the Shipshape Aquarium, specifically in the hair of the aquarium's vet Herman Crab. Although her mother is Rifle, she has imprinted upon Dr. Crab, and thus spends all her time with him.


Both Sniper and Rifle's names come from "sniper rifle". In game, Herman Crab named them both.


Sniper was very excitable and full of energy, frequently popping out of Crab's hair and cheeping. Simon Blackquill once made a rude comparison of Sniper to his own pet hawk Taka, saying that Taka was far more calm and less excitable then the penguin chick. She is also shown to be quite fast, being able to escape Crab's attempts to pull her out of his hair.


Despite being called a Little Penguin, Sniper's beak color is anatomically inaccurate; it is yellow rather than the dark grey-black of the real-life species.

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