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Simon Blackquill
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Simon Blackquill
Young Blackquill


Twisted Samurai*
Insomniac prosecutor*

One-off nicknames

Mr. Blackjack*
Your Darkness*
Black-eyed Samurai*
Dread Pirate Nostache*
Prosecutor Nostache*
Mr. Samurai*
Mr. Birdman*
Mr. Jailbird Prosecutor*
The Rogue Prosecutor*
The head honcho among delinquents*
Simon the Psycho-Slasher*
Little boy*
Occupation Prosecutor
Convict (October 2020 - December 18, 2027)
Names in other languages
Japanese* 夕神 迅 (Jin Yuugami) 
ユガミくん (Yugami-kun)*
夕神さん (Yuugami-san)*
ユガミちゃん (Yugami-chan)*
Biological information
Born 1999
Age at debut 28
Eye color Grey
Hair color Black, with a white patch on the front right
Height* 6'2"; 188 cm
Family Aura Blackquill (Older sister)
Friends Metis Cykes (Mentor; deceased)
Athena Cykes (Mentor's daughter and rival defense attorney)
Taka (Pet hawk)
Affiliates Bobby Fulbright (Partnered detective; deceased)
Phantom (Investigative target)
Miles Edgeworth (Superior)
Judge (Presided over at least five of his cases)
Apollo Justice (Rival defense attorney)
Phoenix Wright (Rival defense attorney)
English Troy Baker
Japanese* Shunsuke Sakuya
Debut episode The Monstrous Turnabout
Leitmotif "Simon Blackquill ~ Twisted Samurai"
Simon Blackquill
...............Hmph. ......Enough jabbering. Get on with it, already.
The Monstrous Turnabout

Simon Blackquill is a prosecutor who stood in court despite serving a murder sentence for the UR-1 Incident. As well as using psychological manipulation techniques to his advantage in court, he also frequently uses his pet hawk Taka to intimidate others.

Early investigationsEdit

For much of his early career as a prosecutor, Simon pursued an international spy only known as "the phantom". As it was said that the phantom showed no emotions, he learned analytical psychology from Metis Cykes, who worked at the Cosmos Space Center alongside his older sister, Aura Blackquill.

False convictionEdit

Main article: UR-1 Incident
AthenacykesAdded by Athenacykes

On October 7 2020, Simon Blackquill went to visit Metis Cykes after she claimed to have discovered crucial information about the phantom. When he arrived at the robotics lab, however, he found Metis lying on the robot repair bench, dead from a stab wound in her chest. He was horrified to discover Athena, her eleven-year-old daughter (who did not understand the difference between humans and robots at the time), standing next to the body, who explained that she intended to use the automatic repair bench "take her apart so she could be fixed". Fearing that Athena had killed her own mother, Blackquill dismantled a robot who had witnessed the crime with the katana that had been used as the murder weapon. He then put the pieces of the robot into a wheeled parts container, picked up the blood-covered Athena in arms, and took both robot and little girl out of the lab. However, while he was still at the crime scene, Blackquill was inadvertently caught on camera by a visiting journalist and subsequently arrested for the crime.

Although Blackquill soon found himself on trial for Metis' murder, he put up little resistance and even outright claiming that he had stabbed her. Athena desperately tried to explain that Blackquill was innocent, but her cries fell on deaf ears and the prosecutor was found guilty. This incident, along with the disbarring of veteran defense attorney Phoenix Wright a year previously for unintentionally using forged evidence, began what became known as the "Dark Age of the Law", in which public perception of the legal system fell.

Permission to prosecuteEdit

Main article: The Monstrous Turnabout
Simon Blackquill
Justice-dono, long has it been since I've been forced to draw my blade. You had best say your prayers.
The Monstrous Turnabout

Simon Blackquill Anime
Returning to the courtroom as a prosecutor, but still a prisoner.
Gold DarknessAdded by Gold Darkness

Simon Blackquill got his license to practice law back after Miles Edgeworth became the Chief Prosecutor. His first case after seven years was against Apollo Justice, who was defending Damian Tenma, mayor of Tenma Town, for the murder of Rex Kyubi, alderman of Nine-Tails Vale. During the trial, Blackquill broke his shackles, causing everyone in the courtroom to panic. Although he was provided with sturdier shackles the following day, he still broke them.

First case against WrightEdit

Main article: Turnabout Reclaimed

After Phoenix Wright agreed to defend an orca accused of murder, he initially struggled to find a anyone willing to prosecute the case. However, Blackquill was intrigued by the case, and agreed to face Wright in the courtroom. Wright managed to prove not only the orca innocent, but when Blackquill accused her trainer of the crime instead, he cleared her of all charges as well.

Versus AthenaEdit

Main article: Turnabout Academy
Simon Blackquill
Are you prepared to give up on all you have worked for thus far? It would not do to have you disappoint you-know-who!
Turnabout Academy

Blackquill took the reins on the first case against, Athena, now a defense attorney. He used this case to challenge her, to make sure she was worthy of her badge, and see how hard she would work if she truly wished to save him from his fate.

During this case, Blackquill acted somewhat like a troublesome student; falling asleep and not waking up during Aristotle Means' speech, not saying "here" when Means did his "roll call", and walking out of the court without permission. Justice even commented that "there is always one", in reference to Blackquill's behavior in court mirroring that of a bad student.

However, when Athena started to fall into a mental breakdown, he helped pull her out of it by telling her that she was going to let down "you-know-who" (referring to himself).

Return to the Cosmos Space CenterEdit

Main article: The Cosmic Turnabout
Simon Blackquill
...Not yet. I'm... not quite ready yet.
Simon Blackquill
Ngh... Graaaaaaagh! [breaks shackles]
The Cosmic Turnabout

Eight years after his own trial, a new case drew Blackquill back to the Cosmos Space Center. He had a feeling that this case tied into his own, and he felt he could finally capture the "phantom" that has been looming over him for eight years.

When the trial began, the judge noticed that both Justice and Blackquill were acting different from their usual selves; Justice was far more serious due to the personal nature of the case, while Blackquill broke his shackles at the start of the trial and delivered his own opening statement, rather than making the judge do it for him.

UR-1 resolution and catching the phantomEdit

Main article: Turnabout for Tomorrow

Following the arrest of Athena in place of Solomon Starbuck, Simon Blackquill was visited by Aura in the detention center. With only one day left before his execution, Simon was determined to protect Athena to the end out of respect for his mentor, and refused to attest to his innocence. Angry that her brother was so intent on hiding the truth at the expense of his own life, Aura launched a rebellion at the Space Center with her robots, holding several visitors hostage in exchange for a retrial of the UR-1 Incident and indicting Athena for the crime of killing her own mother.

In the retrial, Simon was called as a witness, and continued to insist that he had killed Dr. Cykes for what she had done to Athena for the sake of her research. Eventually, after Athena cross-examined him with the Mood Matrix, he finally admitted to the truth of what he had seen: a bloodstained Athena looking at her mother on the robot assembly device. Simon bitterly told Wright off for forcing him to reveal the truth he wanted to protect, but Wright went on to prove that neither he nor Athena were responsible for the murder, and that they were both innocent.

In the defendant lobby, Chief Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth declared Simon a free man and unlocked his shackles for good. Simon thanked Aura and apologized for the trouble he caused, properly expressing his gratitude for the first time in years. Edgeworth then granted him special permission to take over as prosecutor for the case. Once the true culprit - the phantom - had been found out, Simon arrested him and put him under the protection of the prosecutor's office, declaring that he was wanted for questioning for all the crimes he had committed.

After the case was resolved, Simon visited the Wright Anything Agency to ask Wright to represent Aura in court. Although the defense attorney wasn't present, he did meet an unknown individual who was looking to have Wright defend her father. With a grin, Simon Blackquill told the visitor that if that was the case, they may very well meet again in court.


Simon with Hawk
Simon Blackquill and Taka.
Gold DarknessAdded by Gold Darkness

Simon Blackquill is a calm and collected man who speaks in an old-fashioned style of English and has a dark and somewhat mischievous sense of humor. He addresses his rival attorneys with the (somewhat outdated) honorific "-dono", while everyone else tends to get a nickname that plays on their real name or their appearance (e.g., Bobby Fulbright is usually referred to as "Fool Bright"). Blackquill will sometimes refer to other prisoners, such as a surgeon or a captured ninja, to explain away whatever he is objecting. He is also an Iaijutsu practitioner, flicking his finger at the defense whenever he is annoyed, causing a "slicing" effect which has been seen to slice a feather in half, and was even able to cut off a piece of Wright's hair. Although he seems dismissive of the supernatural, he did genuinely thank Jinxie Tenma for giving him a ward meant to stave off insomnia caused by the yokai Azukiarai.

In court, Blackquill will use psychological tricks to manipulate witnesses and the judge into doing and saying what he wants via flattery, suggestive persuasion, and outright death threats, which is more or less the reverse of Athena's psychological methods; while Athena reads emotions and looks for contradictions, Blackquill instils emotions and forces a reaction. He will also send his pet hawk Taka to attack attorneys and witnesses alike whom he believes are attempting to use underhanded tactics or being obstructive (such as Justice attempting to use his bracelet during cross-examination, or Aristotle Means when he started throwing chalk at Athena to disrupt her own cross-examination), but will also use him to deliver evidence to other parties. He also does not tolerate lying, attacking any witnesses who lie in court. Although he and Taka share a close bond, he appears to like birds in general, stating that he believes that penguins are the top attraction at aquariums and becoming angry when Dr. Herman Crab "belittled" Rifle the penguin.

Athena has stated that, in the past, he was a good-hearted man who always followed the rule of law and, despite his somewhat intimidating appearance, deeply cared about Athena as his mentor's daughter; even when facing execution for the murder of Metis Cykes, he never spoke about what he saw that day, instead being willing to die for Athena's sake. After the case was finally resolved by Wright, Justice, and Athena, he still acted in his usual manner, but did genuinely thank his sister Aura for her efforts to save him and apologized for the suffering he caused her.

Simon Blackquill did not seem to have a high opinion of defense attorneys, likely caused by his own brush with the law and conviction. In his first case against Wright, he openly suggested that Wright had chosen to defend Orla Shipley not out of altruism, but to benefit from the publicity the trial brought. He seemed surprised when Wright went on to not only prove the orca and her trainer innocent, but also fought to get the true culprit absolved of the accidental murder. It seems that his former opinion has now somewhat changed, as he would go on to approach the Wright Anything Agency for help in defending his sister.


Simon Blackquill's mugshot.
  • His Japanese surname is possibly a play on the word "yugami" (歪み), which means "a warp/distortion".
  • His Japanese given name, "Jin", means "swiftness".
  • His English given name "Simon" comes from the Classical Hebrew "שִׁמְעוֹן" (shim'ón), meaning "hearkening" or "he has heard". In game, it may come from his psychological manipulation, which other characters have compared to the children's game "Simon Says". Another possibility is a reference to the bestselling psychology author George K. Simon, who published a book about manipulation titled "In Sheep's Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People".
  • "Blackquill" is a combination of "black" (dark colors being prominent in his character design) and "quill" (a writing implement made from the molted flight feather of a bird). It could also be read as "black will" - a possible reference to his impending death sentence.


  • Blackquill has the unique interjection "Silence!", which he uses in court. In the Japanese version, this is "Dama ri nā!" (黙りなァ!). Additionally, Blackquill is the only "rival" character in the series to have multiple voiced interjections whilst fulfilling the rival role; Miles Edgeworth has had multiple voiced interjections, but only while acting as the playable character.
  • The concept for his character was that of a contradiction: someone who worked as a prosecutor, but was also a criminal.  His initial designs focused on the criminal element, but for the final design this was switched more towards the prosecutor side, with only some small bearings of his criminal background (his shackles, color scheme, and ragged hair). His use of a hawk was to reflect a samurai vibe, since falconry was a sport conducted by samurai.
  • As shown in his concept art, he used to wield a sword which interacted with the shackles much like his "finger technique". However, this was dropped as "too unrealistic", as swords are illegal for the general public to own in Japan, let alone a criminal.
  • During his initial concept, he was the one who had Athena's ability to read emotions (shown by his wearing headphones in an early draft). While this was eventually given to Athena, he was instead given the ability to manipulate people.
  • His speech style in the original Japanese version uses an old dialect of Japanese which sounds rough and slightly rude. In the English version, this was represented with a combination of British English and the (somewhat outdated) Japanese honorific suffix "-dono"

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