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Sherlock Holmes
Deduction is the art of logic. It doesn't matter if you're "right" or "wrong".
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Sherlock Holmes was a legendary English detective known for his rapid-fire abductive reasoning and deductions. He was the primary detective who assisted Ryūnosuke Naruhodō with criminal investigations, and was himself assisted by a young girl called Iris Watson.[3]

 Detective career Edit

Befriending a Japanese Edit

Main article: Professor Killings

Sherlock Holmes was a detective in London. As part of an exchange program Klimt van Zieks established, a Japanese man Yūjin Mikotoba became friends with the detective. They solved many mysteries together and Yūjin wrote all about them. But then there was a drastic incident where Klimt was killed. Yūjin had Holmes take care of his daughter he just help deliver and name Iris since he had to go back to Japan. Iris grew up in Holmes' flat thinking he was her father.

A few year later, Iris found a paper regarding the Professor Killings and wrote a story about it. When Holmes read it he was horrified, he thought that if it was published Iris would find out that Klimt was a serial killer and he didn't think she could handle it. So he gave the manuscript to Hatch Windibank, the pawn shop owner, to lock up in his vault.

Learning of a conspiracy Edit

Holmes' habit of listening to other people's business lead him to learn about telegram from England to Japan. It said: K. Asōgi, A. Sasha, T. Gregson, J. Watson and THE ABOVE FOUR. Since he heard about Dr. John Watson's death in Japan, and given notorious assassin Ann Sasha has been reported missing for about half a year, Holmes thought these four people had to be killed as part of some sort of conspiracy. With this knowledge, he notified Yūjin who wrote him letters telling him that Kazuma Asōgi will be coming to England on the S.S. Alaclaire. Holmes decided to board the ship and stop his study abroad to save him.

Aboard the S.S. Alaclaire Edit

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When the Alaclaire passed through Shanghai, Asōgi somehow lost consciousness which gave Holmes a chance to get him off before it arrived at England. But first, he had to find out who almost killed him. Holmes' first encountered Ryūnosuke Naruhodō after he named him the culprit, also calling him Dmitri Demiglaski. He, Naruhodō, and Susato Mikotoba investigated Kazuma Asōgi's supposed death. Twice he did his famous Joint Reasoning but got the incorrect deductions. Naruhodō helped him recheck his deductions just like Yūjin did. Nikomina Borschevic was discovered to be the culprit after Holmes found her earring in Asōgi's hand. Although he told Naruhodō and Susato that Asōgi had died, he survived in actually. Holmes told Mitrov Stroganov and the rest of the sailors after the ship had stopped, he was also able to get Borschevic her asylum in the United States. However, Asōgi managed to escape Holmes before he could be dropped off at the Japanese embassy in Hong Kong, the embassy was going to send him back to Japan.

Investigation of the Garridebs Edit

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Sherlock Holmes met Naruhodō and Susato again during his investigations at the Garridebs' flat, as well as the relaxation of reading Sōseki Natsume's books. Natsume was accused of stabbing a young schoolgirl named Viridian Green on Briar Road. Holmes helped Naruhodō prove that the Garridebs had an argument on the night of Viridian Green's attack.

Main article The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro

He later continued his investigation of the flat after William Petenshy was poisoned. He and Iris developed a new fluid that determines whether or not tea leaves are fake. If they are real, the tea turns black but is unable to be drank. Holmes also developed a fingerprint spray where he uses special to see what people have touched.

Attempt on his life Edit

Third Bullet

What caused his injury

Main article: The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story

In an attempt to help stop a robbery in progress, Holmes was shot at by the Tinpillar brothers and hospitalized.

Investigations at the World Fair Edit

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Six months after his hospitalization, he investigated Connette Rozaic's wax museum.

During this time, he also revealed the truth about hiding Asōgi's death from Naruhodō and Susato.

Finding a missing husband Edit

Main article: Twisted Karma and His Last Bow

Soon after, Holmes was hired by Anna Mittlemont to find her missing husband, Everyday.

Reuniting with Yūjin Edit

Main article: The Resolve of Naruhodō Ryūnosuke

Holmes was reunited with his partner, Yūjin Mikotoba, during Tobias Gregson's murder case, and the two investigated the S.S. Barabrook.

Personality Edit

Sherlock Holmes can be quite eccentric, often leading to insanely wrong deductions. He also has the this habit of finding out things that aren't his business, that even includes listening to transmissions between England and Japan.

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Development Edit

Shu Takumi
For this game, it was already planned that it would be about "correcting the wrong deductions of the great detective." So I'm terribly sorry, but Dai Gyakuten Saiban's Holmes was destined to never say anything correct.
  • Holmes is based on the character of the same name from Arthur Conan Doyle's crime fiction novels, as well as various parodies of the character. The version of Holmes in the game is one that Shu Takumi had always had in his mind, emphasizing a non-serious angle.[5]
  • Several Holmes designs were proposed, described by art director Kazuya Nuri as depressive Holmes, cute Holmes, adventurous Holmes, dark Holmes, and sleepy Holmes. The final design is a slightly arranged take on the canonical Holmes, used to accentuate the contrast between the Holmes of the books and the "real" Holmes seen in the game. Holmes also possesses a pistol as a contrast to Ryūnosuke Naruhodō's sword.[6]
  • Holmes' inclusion in the game is a likely culprit for its lack of an official English localisation, due to rights issues with the portrayal of the Sherlock Holmes character in American media.

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