Luke Triton
Somehow... listening to them talking... is making me feel all profound.
Maya Fey
Me too... I suddenly have a profound feeling that I'd like to eat some spaghetti right about now!

Episode 10: Shady Types is the tenth special episode for Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. There are reports of two suspicious individuals lurking about in Nulwitch Woods, so the main characters set out to investigate.

Reunion in the forestEdit

Word spread of a couple of shady characters at Red Flower Lake, and Hershel Layton, Phoenix Wright, Espella Cantabella, Maya Fey and Luke Triton set off to find them. They suspected that they were Robbs and Muggs, but instead they found the former judge and Wordsmith engaged in a philosophical discussion. It seemed as though Wordsmith was trying to get the judge to buy him dinner.

It turned out that the judge had no idea what Wordsmith was talking about, and just wanted to know where he should proceed in life. After learning that even his beliefs were being manipulated as part of Project Labyrinthia, he felt that the world was so incomprehensible. Because of this, the judge was trying fortune-telling to advise people on how to find a brighter future. However, it was more difficult than he had imagined.

The group then started talking about puzzles, with Layton providing an easy one as an example of how refreshing it could be. They then ended up talking about puzzle strategies. Fey would just guess the answer. Wright would scour every place for hint coins, but would never actually used them even when he was stuck, because he would always feel like he was wasting them. In contrast, Wordsmith would look at the Super Hint before even starting.

References to popular cultureEdit

  • The puzzle in this special episode (Puzzle 80: Short Round Ride 2) features Fey riding on a minecart, and is a follow-up to Puzzle 23: Short Round Ride (which is found in Mysterious Labyrinthia). The titles of these puzzles and the presence of minecarts are references to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, the second instalment in the Indiana Jones franchise, which has a character called Short Round and features a high-speed minecart chase at the film's climax.