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Shūji Orinaka is prisoner D-259 in the prison adjacent to the detention center. A boxer before his incarceration, Orinaka continues training in his cell, and he can almost always be seen with his pet polar bear cub Mark hanging onto his chest. Orinaka attempted to escape captivity twice during Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murder of Manosuke Naitō.

Escape planEdit

Main article: The Imprisoned Turnabout

First attemptEdit


Trying to escape.

At some point prior to Edgeworth's visit, Orinaka discovered a hole in the floor of his cell, which led to a tunnel that ended at the bottom of a well in the prison courtyard. Over a period of weeks, he began to extend the tunnel beyond the well using tools provided by fellow convict Ryōken Hōinbō (who acted as the prison's "supplier" and had previously supplied him with exercise equipment), eventually digging through the floor of the detention center's holding cell. On the day before the murder, Orinaka sneaked into the holding cell, which was housing Manosuke Naitō, and knocked out both Naitō and a guard who was with him. Orinaka then stole the guard's cell key and wiped the floor to remove a bloodstain from the assault. He then returned to his own cell, so that the guards would think that Naitō had assaulted the guard and stolen the key. He then requested a guard uniform from Hōinbō, who had one of the guards steal one.

CCC guardassault

Mark's affection caught on camera.

On the day of the murder, Orinaka left Mark behind with Frank Sahwit for a mud treatment, went to Naitō's empty cell, and put on the stolen guard uniform. Just as he was about to leave, however, he was surprised by Mark, who had run after his owner while covered in dark mud. With the bear jumping on him, Orinaka's uniform was covered in mud, causing him to panic and return to his cell for fear of having his cover blown.


Orinaka's cell.

Upon his return, Orinaka heard from a neighboring inmate that Naitō had been discovered dead in one of the workrooms. Soon, the prison was paid a visit by the prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, who was supposed to prosecute Naitō for murder. Edgeworth questioned Orinaka and managed to outmaneuver him and see through his lies about hearing the victim scream for help, which the boxer had concocted to cover up what he had really been doing. The questioning began to cause unrest among the prisoners, but they were quickly silenced by the arrival of Yumihiko Ichiyanagi and Hakari Mikagami, who had Orinaka dragged away to the disciplinary cell. Ichiyanagi then took over the investigation.

Second attemptEdit


Foiled again.

Orinaka executed his guard disguise successfully the following day, though he still could not leave the building yet due to an electronic bracelet that inmates had to wear. By the time Edgeworth had discovered his tunnel, Orinaka had seemingly disappeared. He was able to blend in with the other guards, and even escorted prison warden Marī Miwa. Unfortunately for Orinaka, however, while Hōinbō was being questioned in his cell, Mark once again made straight for his owner and latched onto his chest, blowing his cover. Edgeworth figured out the details of Orinaka's escape plan and accused him of being involved in the murder along with Hōinbō. Mikagami had a competing theory that Orinaka was an accomplice for her suspect, Sōta Sarushiro. Although Orinaka was soon incarcerated once again, the information he provided proved vital to Edgeworth, as it allowed him to eventually deduce that Naitō's true killer was Miwa.




Orinaka is obsessed with his boxing training, and uses Mark as a weight along with two more conventional training weights. Although he is affectionate toward Mark, he did become angry at the polar bear cub when he twice foiled his escape plot. He didn't appear to like Miwa very much, as he had a picture of her on a punching bag in his cell. He has somewhat of a flair for the dramatic, introducing himself to others by hiding his face in a hood and staying silent for a while before taking it off in a showy fashion.

Orinaka confronts people with a fighting stance when trying to hide information. When Edgeworth began to best him, he took off his training weights to show off his speed. However, he eventually tires out, leaving him open to probing questions.


  • His full Japanese name is a play on "ori no naka shūjin" (檻の中囚人), which means "prisoner in a cage".
  • Orinaka's English name in the unofficial fan translation of Gyakuten Kenji 2 is "Jay Elbird", which is a play on "jail bird".

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