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Selden was a prisoner put on death row for being a serial robber and murderer.

Stealing a TreasureEdit

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Natsume's room

His former flat

Selden used to live in a flat owned by John Garrideb. An undisclosed time back, he had charges of eighteen cases of robbery and six cases of murder, was arrested and put on death row. However, before Selden could actually be given his punishment, he fell mysteriously ill of a fever. One single prisoner, William Petenshy, looked after Selden until his death. As a result of this loyalty, Selden decided to give his treasure, thousand pounds worth of jewels, to Petenshy, telling him he could find it in his old flat, and gave him the key with which to open the treasure. Petenshy escaped, but Selden's flat was already owned by Duncan Ross, so Petenshy filled his pipeline with gas. He was intending for Ross to just run away but he was killed and his investigation cause Petenshy to still be unable to get Selden's treasure. Sōseki Natsume took up the flat after the investigation, William Petenshy thought about killing him but he was soon arrested for the accidental murder of Duncan Ross. Selden's thousand pound jeweled treasure was later revealed to be the dog collar of Klimt van Zieks' dog, Balmung.

Name Edit

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