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Seishirou Jigoku
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Seishirou Jigoku was the Meiji period Japanese judge who presided over Ryūnosuke Naruhodō's trial for the murder of John Watson and Haori Murasame's trial for the murder of Jezail Brett.

Forced to commit murderEdit

In the year 1890, exchange student Genshin Asōgi found out that serial killer Klimt van Zieks (also known as the "Professor") was being blackmailed by Hart Vortex. After this, Vortex pinned the "Professor"'s murders on Asōgi, ultimately resulting in Asōgi being tried and found Guilty of the murders. Asōgi was subsequently given the death sentence. However, he was alive when buried. When Vortex saw Asōgi rising from the latter's grave, Vortex forced Jigoku to kill Asōgi.

Trial of a university studentEdit

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Jigoku presided over the trial of Ryūnosuke Naruhodō when he was accused of murdering university professor John Watson. Although Kazuma Asōgi was originally going to act as the defense attorney for the case, Naruhodō opted to defend himself against Prosecutor Taketsuchi Auchi. Ultimately, Watson's actual killer was revealed to be an exchange student named Jezail Brett. Jigoku subsequently acquitted Naruhodō.

Trial for Brett's murderEdit

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About nine months later, Jigoku presided over a similar case, where Brett was murdered and university student Haori Murasame was accused of the crime. Auchi also acted as the prosecutor for this case, and Murasame's defense attorney was her friend Susato Mikotoba; a judicial assistant disguised as "Ryūtarō Naruhodō". The actual killer of this case was eventually revealed to be journalist Heita Mamemomi, and Murasame was subsequently acquitted.

Murdering a legendary detectiveEdit

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Jigoku later murdered Detective Tobias Gregson. It was only in the subsequent trial that he was finally brought to justice and arrested.

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