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Satoru Hosonaga
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Satoru Hosonaga was a waiter for La Quantos who appeared as a witness in the trial of Ryūnosuke Naruhodō for the murder of John H. Watson.

He was in actuality the Teito police first squadron investigation leader, detective, and Department Chief. His true identity was uncovered because the restaurant layout he scribbled on the back of his business card was submitted as evidence to the courtroom.

It would appear as if he has a lung disease, as whenever he coughs, his mouth begins to dribble blood.

A detective in disguiseEdit

As a waiterEdit

Main article: The Adventure of the Great Departure

On November 19 at the restaurant, Hosonaga witnessed Naruhodō holding a gun and standing in front of the corpse of Dr. Watson, prompting the detective to arrest the student on charge of murder. After bringing Naruhodō into the kitchen, Hosonaga confiscated all of the evidence he could find, which included beefsteak dishes that were eaten by two witnesses. This was to preserve the crime scene as much as possible.

Three days later, Hosonaga appeared in court as a witness for Naruhodō’s trial. When he submitted a card depicting the layout of the crime scene, his cover is blown when it was discovered that the card was his business card as a detective. Later, Naruhodō figured that Jezail Brett was present during the time of the crime, so Hosonaga was sent to bring her to court. He initially served as a translator for Brett, but was later surprised that she could speak fluent Japanese without his help. Later, Hosonaga brought out Brett’s beefsteak so Naruhodō and Kazuma Asōgi could find the bloodstain that he saw, but to no avail. However, it was revealed that Taizou Uzukumaru switched his beefsteak with Brett’s before Hosonaga confiscated them in order to hide the coin that he stole from Sanmon Sonohigurashi. So Hosonaga brought in the second beefsteak, which contained the bloodstain that Naruhodō and Asōgi were looking for. Thus, the defense proved that Brett murdered Dr. Watson and framed Naruhodō for the crime.

Later, Hosonaga informed Naruhodō and Asōgi that Brett was heading for Shanghai and would not be put on trial in Japan due to the “trial consul’s authority. Regardless, the detective invited the students to La Quantos to celebrate their victory with Y and Susato Mikotoba.

As a sailorEdit

Main article: The Adventure of the Unbreakable Speckled Band

Hosonaga was assigned to escort Asōgi on his journey to London as a bodyguard, infiltrating the steamship and disguising himself as a sailor. But about a month later, the exchange student was found dead in his cabin. Furthermore, Naruhodō was found by the Great Detective, Sherlock Holmes, unconscious inside the closet and was once again arrested for murder. Hosonaga was ordered by the captain to keep an eye on the crime scene and Naruhodō. Feeling guilty for not being able to protect Asōgi, Hosonaga allowed Naruhodō and Susato to inspect the cabin next door for clues while he tried to persuade the captain to let them do so. Unfortunately for the detective, he was severely beaten by the captain, who did not listen to his request. Regardless, Naruhodō was able to prove his innocence and figured out that it was the ballet stowaway, Nikomina Borschevic, who took Asōgi’s life.

Naruhodō was cleared of all charges against him, but Hosonaga informed him and Susato that they had to return to Japan because they no longer have an exchange student. However, Naruhodō proclaimed that he would take Asōgi’s place and study the law.


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