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Sal Manella
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Sal Manella
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Sal Manella Portrait
Occupation Television director at Global Studios
Names in other languages
Japanese* 宇在拓也 (Takuya Uzai)
French Sal Monello
German Sal Manella
Spanish Sal Manella
Italian Sal Manella
Biological information
Designated birth year(s)? 1984
Age 32*
Status* Alive (March 2019)
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Height* 5'5"; 167 cm
Family None mentioned
Friends None mentioned
Affiliates Dee Vasquez (former Global Studios producer)
unnamed studio "big-wigs"
Will Powers (Global Studios actor)
Jack Hammer (Global Studios actor; deceased)
Penny Nichols (Global Studios stagehand)
Wendy Oldbag (Global Studios security guard)
Debut episode Turnabout Samurai
Leitmotif "The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo"
Phoenix Wright
(ROFS? Rolling on the Floor... Starving?)
Turnabout Samurai

Sal Manella is a director at Global Studios best known for directing the TV show The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo and creating its sequel The Pink Princess: Warrior of Little Olde Tokyo.

Creator of a heroEdit

Main article: Turnabout Samurai
Dee and Sal

An unhealthy relationship.

Manella found success at Global Studios with the massive popularity of the action show The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo, with himself as the director, Dee Vasquez as the producer, Will Powers in the titular role, and action show veteran Jack Hammer as the Steel Samurai's nemesis, the Evil Magistrate. The show spawned a loyal following and plenty of merchandise, including trading cards, balls and "Samurai Dogs". A Steel Samurai-themed amusement park was even opened.

Accomplice to manslaughterEdit

During a board meeting at Studio Two, Hammer, dressed as the Steel Samurai, attacked producer Dee Vasquez. However, Vasquez, in self-defense, pushed her attacker onto a spike-tipped fence which killed him. Manella helped to cover up the crime by cleaning up the crime scene. They then incinerated the bloodied Steel Samurai costume and dressed Hammer in the Evil Magistrate costume. The head of a giant caricature of the Global Studios mascot, Mr. Monkey, had broken off during a storm and blocked off the only path out of Studio Two, trapping Vasquez and Manella. However, once the path had been cleared, they moved Hammer's body via a studio van to Studio One and planted the Samurai Spear nearby to make it look like Powers had killed Hammer with the prop.

Lawyer Phoenix Wright took on Powers' case. Wright, along with his assistant Maya Fey, soon met Manella. Fey, who was a massive fan of the show, was upset to hear that Hammer's murder would cause the show to end, but her spirit medium clothing inspired Manella to create concepts for a sequel to The Steel Samurai, which would become The Pink Princess: Warrior of Little Olde Tokyo. Eventually, however, Wright uncovered Manella and Vasquez's guilt in court, and Powers was found not guilty.



Manella at Hope Springs Airport.

Despite being an accomplice to manslaughter and lying in court, it appears that no severe charges were brought against Manella as two months later The Pink Princess was a hit television show. Not only that, but two years later, Manella himself was seen at an airport happily eating some food and talking to himself about his next television show, including plans for a Steel Samurai film.


Manella has a penchant for speaking in L33T and reciting internet memes. He has been seen referencing Yakov Smirnoff's "Russian reversal" jokes, as well as the "Over 9000!" meme. Once under pressure, however, he speaks normally. He sweats a lot and comes off as a little creepy due to his "nerdy" personality, especially to women such as the unsuspecting Maya Fey. He begins drooling when he encounters attractive members of the opposite sex. He also has a great liking of food, salivating as much at the mention of food as at the sight of a pretty girl. Manella was submissive to Vasquez, with her treating him like dirt. He didn't seem to mind, however.


  • "Uzai" (宇在) means "annoying" in Japanese, and "Takuya" (拓也) comes from the word "otaku". Therefore, his name literally means "annoying otaku".
  • The names "Sal Manella" and "Sal Monello" are plays on the name of the bacteria genus "Salmonella", likely a reference to his less-than-attractive personality.
  • "Sal" is also a nickname for the male given names "Samuel", "Salvador", and "Salvatore".


Manella's design was based around the geek/otaku stereotype, with the designers hiding a number of icons within his clothes.[1]


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