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The SL-9 Incident Files.

The SL-9 Incident Files is a report file about the SL-9 Incident, colloquially known as the "Joe Darke Killings"; a series of murders at the hands of Joe Darke that culminated in the killing of prosecutor Neil Marshall in the Los Angeles Criminal Affairs Department. This last incident allowed Darke to finally be caught and put on trial. He was promptly found guilty and executed.

Two years later Chief Prosecutor Lana Skye, a witness in Marshall's murder, was accused of murdering Bruce Goodman, the head investigator in the incident. Her superior, Damon Gant, made her think that he had evidence that proved her younger sister had accidentally been the one who killed Marshall and used it against her to take the fall for Goodman's death. However, when her defense attorney Phoenix Wright began to show signs that he could defeat Gant, she acquired the SL-9 Incident Files for him. The files proved to be vital to Wright's case, allowing him to prove that Gant had not only murdered Goodman, but also Marshall two years previously.

The most notable thing about the SL-9 Incident Files is that, excluding the SL-9 victims themselves, every person mentioned in the file was involved in some way with Lana Skye's trial, albeit with different roles.

The SL-9 Incident FilesEdit

page 1Edit

- Incident No. SL-9 -

  • Criminal: Joe Darke
  • Crime: Serial murder
  • Sentence: Death

page 2Edit

- Victims -

  • Edward Jones
  • Jason Knight
  • Edith Kirby
  • Rachel Moss
  • Jeb Bates
  • Neil Marshall

page 3Edit

- Trial Data -

page 4Edit

- Investigation Task Force -

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