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Sōseki Natsume was a Japanese exchange student studying English literature in London during Ryūnosuke Naruhodō's time in the city. He was the defendant of in two of Ryūnoksuke's trials, having been suspected for the attempted murders of an English woman and an English man

 Accused of attempted murder Edit

Main article:The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro

 Continued accusations Edit

Main article:The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro

 Witness to Murder Edit

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  • Sōseki Natsume was a real-life Japanese author who lived from February 9, 1867 – December 9, 1916. Like the character in Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken, Natsume also visited the United Kingdom as an exchange student to study English literature. Unfortunately, he did not enjoy the majority of his time in the country and became somewhat reclusive. However, he did learn a great deal during his time abroad, and eventually became a professor of English literature at the Tokyo Imperial University when he returned home. Natsume went on to become one of Japan's most notable authors, with one of his most famous works being I Am a Cat (吾輩は猫である Wagahai wa Neko de Aru), a satirical novel about Japanese society during the Meji period written from the point of view of a supercilious house cat; the Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken version of the author owns a cat named Wagahai, referencing this novel.

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