Ryūji Kamei
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Ryūji Kamei
Hello, Tsubasa? Are you asleep already? I'm in front of the facility now, but... something's not right. President Ō is here of all places. And what's more... Crap. The light just went off. I can barely see a thing now. I can't believe it, but it almost looks like he's been kidnapped. I thought I'd let you know...

Ryūji Kamei was a freelance journalist who died during the events that came to be known as the SS-5 Incident.

Wrong place, wrong timeEdit

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Kamei's corpse.

In 2007, Ryūji Kamei was investigating Chief Prosecutor Bansai Ichiyanagi's illegal activities. His investigation led him to the Happy Family Home orphanage, where he stumbled upon Ichiyanagi and the orphanage owner, Marī Miwa, moving the lifeless body of President Teikun Ō of Zheng Fa. Confused by the scene in front of him, Kamei called his girlfriend, defense attorney Tsubasa Kagome, and started a voicemail message describing what he believed was a kidnapping in progress. One of the nearby lights went out, and then the message was abruptly cut short when someone crept up behind Kamei and hit him fatally with a brick to the back of his head. As Kamei fell, he grabbed a nearby snowman, but nonetheless fell dead on the ground, with one of the snowman's button eyes in his hand.

Kamei's killer was a body double of the president, who had conspired with Ichiyanagi to have the president assassinated so that the body double could take his place. The three co-conspirators realized that they now had to fake a kidnapping, just as Kamei had described in his voicemail. The body double moved Kamei's corpse, replaced Kamei's shoes with his own, and removed the film from his camera to replace it with a staged photograph of the "kidnapper" aiming his gun at "Ō". As the prosecutor later placed in charge of the case, Ichiyanagi then tampered with the evidence to divert suspicion away from himself and his co-conspirators. Although Miwa was the prime, and only, suspect in the "kidnapping", Ichiyanagi's meddling allowed her to walk away cleared of all charges, leaving the case unsolved.

Kagome later had her suspicions of Ichiyanagi's involvement in her boyfriend's death confirmed by an anonymous source, but her attempt to avenge him left her dead at Ichiyanagi's hands. However, the murders of both Kamei and Kagome were eventually solved by Miles Edgeworth, thus finally bringing Bansai Ichiyanagi to justice.


  • His surname, "Kamei" (亀井), means "turtle well". Taken with his girlfriend's name, this may be a reference to the traditional Japanese children's game Kagome Kagome, in which a turtle is mentioned.
  • Additionally, his full name is a play on the Japanese word for "anonymous".
  • Kamei's English name in the fan translation of Gyakuten Kenji 2 is "Jack Cameron". His given name may be intended to harken back to the Kagome Kagome meaning by referring to the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill (backed by Kagome's given name being changed to "Jill"), while "Cameron" may be a play on the camera he carried.