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Rouge is a tavern owner in the more disreputable part of Labyrinthia. Phoenix Wright, Luke Triton, and Espella Cantabella came to her for help following the events of Maya Fey's witch trial.


  • "Rabure" (ラブレ) is the Japanese romanization of "lovely".
  • Her English name "Rouge" is French for "red", referring to her hair color. It may also be a play on "rogue".
  • "Barbara", her given name in the German and Dutch versions of the game, originates from the Ancient Greek "barbaros", meaning "foreign/strange". In Latin, the word "barbara" means a "foreign/savage/uncivilized woman".
  • "Rosso" and "Rossa", her German and Dutch surnames, respectively, are Italian for "red".
  • "Fonda", her Spanish name, is a Spanish word for either "a small, inexpensive restaurant", "a boarding house, inn, or tavern providing lodging and meals", or "a stall or canteen where food and drinks are served".
  • Her Italian name "Ginger" is likely in reference to her hair color.

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