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Room 1203 was the 12th Floor Hallway office of Jacques Portsman until his arrest.


Portsman kept a basketball hoop outside his office that he used to play games with his partner, Buddy Faith. However during these games, only Portsman was allowed to make any shots, with Faith only being allowed to pass to his superior.

The interior presumably contains a secret safe, like other offices for prosecutors in the Prosecutor's Building.

Murder on the 12th Floor HallwayEdit

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On the night of Faith's murder, Portsman moved the basketball hoop in front of Room 1202 and switched the number plates on the 1202 and 1203 doors, to trick the security guard Maggey Byrde into unlocking Room 1202 for him. The door knob was afterwards wiped clean, making it impossible to prove if Byrde had opened this door, or that of Room 1202.

Some time after Byrde left, he placed the hoop and plates back. Faith returned from a job that Portsman had given him and, finding that his superior was out, left a note for him under the crack of the door. As he was doing this, he heard a commotion from next door in Room 1202. Upon investigating, he discovered Portsman ransacking the room and was then shot by his superior. Although Portsman tried to frame Dick Gumshoe, and then Byrde for the crime, he was soon uncovered as the true culprit by his neighbour in Room 1202: Miles Edgeworth.

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