En maya note

The bloody receipt.

The Receipt is a piece of evidence in the investigation of Mia Fey's murder.

Descriptive TextEdit

A department store receipt with letters written in blood on the back.

The other side of the receipt.

Updated Descriptive TextEdit

Receipt for a glass light stand. The date of purchase is the day before the murder. 

Role in Mia Fey's murder investigationEdit

Main article: Turnabout Sisters

When Phoenix Wright examines the receipt that fell from Mia Fey's hand, the receipt will be added to the Court record. When Detective Dick Gumshoe sees the receipt, he jumps to the conclusion that Maya Fey is the killer, as her name is written in blood on the receipt. Gumshoe then testifies that the receipt is "hard evidence" that Maya was the killer, but was contradicted by Phoenix presenting the old autopsy report. On the final day of the trial, Redd White testified, but Phoenix could not find any contradictions. Maya then channeled Mia for help, and Mia tells him to turn over the receipt, which revealed to be vital evidence in proving White to be the true killer.

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