Pub O' Danger & Vet Lab
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Pub O' Lab
People to meet Norma DePlume
Bobby Fulbright
Herman Crab
Linked locations Wright Anything Agency
Entrance (Shipshape Aquarium)
Aqua Tunnel
Orca Pool
Stage Show
Detention center

Shipshape Aquarium's "Pub O' Danger" and adjoining vet lab.

An illegal TORPEDOEdit

At an unspecified time, Jack Shipley and Herman Crab purchased a top-of-the-line high-tech animal monitoring system. Called the TORPEDO for short, it had already been approved in numerous European countries, but not yet in the US. However, Shipley and Crab believed that the health of the aquarium's animals was far more important than following the law to the last detail. Phoenix Wright pressed Crab on the monitoring system he used, but further questioning revealed two Psyche-Locks. Wright quickly broke the locks using his newly recharged magatama, and Crab revealed his secret about the TORPEDO system. Wright used the information to bolster an argument of his in court the next day, and Crab was promptly reprimanded by the presiding judge. However, thanks to the actions of nonfiction writer Norma DePlume, the TORPEDO was legalized and Crab was not punished for his actions.

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