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Prosecutorial Investigation Committee
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Organization type Legal association
Headquarters Big Tower 50F meeting room (since 2018)
Leader Bansai Ichiyanagi (after 2007 - April 6, 2019)
Hierarchical structure Ten other members:
Affiliated groups Bar Association
Prosecutor's office
Notable dates April 4, 2019 - Tsubasa Kagome is murdered in the building.
Kay Faraday is attacked.

"Teikun Ō" is murdered.
April 5, 2019 - Miles Edgeworth resigns as a prosecutor.
April 6, 2019 - Bansai Ichiyanagi is arrested.
April 8, 2019 - Miles Edgeworth is reinstated as a prosecutor.
Status Active

The Prosecutorial Investigation Committee is a group of 11 individuals who are appointed by various political leaders and legal figures to investigate the activities of prosecutors. The P.I.C. has ties to the Bar Association and functions similarly, though the Bar Association regulates defense attorneys instead. The chair of the P.I.C. has tremendous power over the group, to the point that it has trouble functioning if the chair is out of commission. With the appointment of Bansai Ichiyanagi as the chair, the P.I.C. launched a so-called "Prosecutor Purge", aiming to remove and replace problematic prosecutors. The P.I.C. meeting room was originally located in the Prosecutor's Building, but was moved to the 50th floor of the Big Tower when it opened in 2018.

Targeting EdgeworthEdit

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In March 2019, Miles Edgeworth boarded the seaplane of President Teikun Ō of Zheng Fa during his investigation into an alleged assassination attempt, and ordered a search of the president's officials. Two days later, Edgeworth's murder suspect, Manosuke Naitō, was found murdered inside the prison. Edgeworth began to investigate the murder, but the P.I.C., under Bansai Ichiyanagi's direction, sent committee member Hakari Mikagami to the prison to take the prosecutor off the case and replace him with Bansai's son Yumihiko. Despite repeated threats to have him fired, Edgeworth continued to investigate as an assistant to Naitō's lawyer, Tateyuki Shigaraki. Through his efforts, prison warden Marī Miwa was arrested for the murder. On April 2, Bansai sent Mikagami and Yumihiko to the 12 Constellations Art Gallery to investigate a poisoning incident, but they met Edgeworth and Shigaraki once again. Despite Mikagami's attempts to take them off the case, they proved helpful due to the case's connection to the IS-7 Incident, which eventually led to the arrest of Tsukasa Oyashiki for the incident, and the arrest of Yutaka Kazami, the victim, as the culprit behind the IS-7 Incident.

Edgeworth's hearingEdit

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Bansai ordered a hearing on April 5 to determine Edgeworth's future. On that day, however, committee member Tsubasa Kagome was found murdered in the meeting room. Bansai forcefully tried to have Kay Faraday arrested for the murder, but Edgeworth opposed him, even giving up his prosecutor's badge so that he could no longer be threatened with it. This caused Faraday to run away, with Edgeworth in hot pursuit. Both were later found and arrested after they were found conducting their own investigation of the murder. Edgeworth's hearing was postponed to the next day.

Many secrets were exposed during the hearing. Both Edgeworth and Franziska von Karma had independently discovered that the meeting room was secretly being used for black market auctions of police evidence, and Edgeworth accused Bansai of being the auction conductor. Several people came forward, such as Tōko Mutō, who had been coerced by the auction conductor into being an accomplice to Kagome's murder. It turned out that both Kagome and Mikagami had joined the P.I.C. to bring Bansai down for his role in the auction and in manipulating various cases, such as the IS-7 Incident and the SS-5 Incident. Edgeworth proved that Bansai was the one behind all of these accusations, and the chair was arrested, relinquishing his authority. On April 8, Edgeworth decided that he would continue as a prosecutor, and Mikagami returned his badge.