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A prosecutor's badge.


The design on the office floor of the chief of police.

A prosecutor's badge is a badge used as identification for prosecutors. It depicts a blazing sun looming over winter frost. It is allegedly designed to portray the severity of the punishment system. Every prosecutor carries a badge, though many don't wear it openly in the way defense attorneys do. Manfred von Karma for example, believed in keeping his badge in his pocket at all times and taught Miles Edgeworth, and most other district prosecutors, to do the same. There may be less of a need for prosecutors to display their badges openly because they are state-appointed. However, Chief Prosecutor Bansai Ichiyanagi and his son Yumihiko Ichiyanagi wear their badges, presumably because von Karma had no influence on his superior.

The symbol of the prosecutor's badge can be seen on the floor design of the office of the chief of police.

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